Introduction (Pages 9 - 16)

Part One (Pages 17 - 120)
Circumstantial Evidence for the Existence of God

Evidence from Cultural Knowledge

    Sculptures & Pictures
    Speech, Sound, Gesture & Expression
    Epics, Myths, Fairy Tales & Parables
    A Toy
    Natives, Tribes & Early Civilizations
    Scripture, Religion & God's'

Evidence through Inference

    The Origin of Matter
    The First Impulse - The First Cause
    Relativity of Matter & Reality of Awarness
    God as Awareness
    Awareness of Humans is the Key to Prove God

Evidence through Probability (Our Origin - By Chance or By Design)

Evidence from Philosophical Arguments & Modern Physics

Historical Arguments

    Anselm, Descartes, Leibniz, Thomas Aquinas, Schindewolf, William Paley, Karl Jaspers, Aruni, Pope John Paul II, Spinoza

Evidence from the Account of Witnesses and through Direct Perception

    The Witnesses
    Contemporary Saints, Sages & God- or Self-realized Persons in their Role as Witnesses
    Interview with Shree Maa and Swami Satyananda
    Shibendu Lahiri, Ma Yoga Shakti, Sri Kriyananda, Swami Rama & Pandit Tigunait, Roy Davis, Mata Amritanandamayi and Daya Mata
    The Mystics
    Meister Eckehart, Jakob Boehme, Sri Ramakrishna, Yahja Mu'Adh Al-Razi, Mahmud Shabestari
    Direct Perception

Considering the Materialistic View

    Logical Arguments Against the Existence of God
    Some Definitions of God

Part Two (Pages 121 - 212)
The Quintessence - The Soul of Scripture

The Essence of the New Testament (N.T.) and the Essence of the Bhagavad Gita (B.G.)

    Bible, Gita and Yoga
    The Quintessence of Scripture

Light on Revelations

    The Seven Centers of Energy in Spine and Brain
    Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama
    Creation in 7 Steps
    Armageddon, The Final Judgement and 666

Jesus: Man or God?

Various Concepts and How they Relate to the Scripture

    Original Sin
    Revenge or Prevention?
    The Catholic's Center of the Universe & The Center of Masonry
    Evolution or Creation?
    The Materialistic View of Evolution
        1.) Cosmology (Big Bang, Plasma Cosmology & Timeline)
        2.) Chemistry & Physics
        3.) Biology
        4.) Anthropology
    A Spiritual View
    Eternal Life on Earth?
    The Star of Bethleham, The Eastern Star of Masonry, The Third Eye & The Single Eye

Part Three (Pages 213 - 284)
The Inquiry into the Self

The Inquiry into the Self

    What Happens During Meditation?
    The Essence of the Quest
    Experiences with the Awakening of Dormant Energies (Kundalini)
    Yoga & Science

Sri Ramana Maharshi

    Selections from "Talks" and "Day By Day with Bhagavan"

Common Questions

    How Many Selves? Can God be Pleased by Good Thoughts and Good Deeds?
    Can Consciousness be expanded with the Aid of Drugs?

The Devotion

Alternative Methods: Mantras, Yantras and Pranayama

    Observing the Breathing, Adding Vibration
    Mantra Magic
    Alternate Nostril Breathing
    Some Suggested Routines

The Main Obstacles to Realization of the Self

    Calming Nerves
    Increasing Intelligence & Improving Brain Functions

Fear and Spiritual Crisis

    Basic Existential Fear
    Fearing Loneliness
    Fearing the Results of Meditation
    Fearing the Self
    Help for Acute Anxiety
    Facing our Fears
    Kali Yantra

Part Four (Pages 285 - 306)
Sources of Knowledge

A Comparison of Different Systems

    Faith & Devotion
    Hatha Yoga
    Radja Yoga
    Jnana Yoga, The Quest, The Search, The Inquiry & Remembering
    Kriya Yoga
    Natural Evolution & Forced Evolution
    Mantras, Yantras & Invocation
    Laya, Nada, Karma, Bhakti & Kundalini Yoga
    Any Authentic Method
    Mind-Altering Drugs
    Which Path is Best?

The Influence of the East

    The Silk Road, Ur and Tiruvannamalai
    The Indo-European Languages

Part Five (Pages 307 - 328)
Psychic Powers

Psychic Powers

    Obtaining a Desired Condition
    Travelling Mentally
    Television & Telekinesis
    Reference Charts for the Seven Centers of Energy
    Examples of Psychic Abilities


Appendix I

    Highlights of Quantum-Mechanics
    Matter & Energy

Appendix II

    Recommended Reading



Yes, God can be proven:
indirectly through circumstantial evidence and
directly through personal experience.

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