Introduction To Self-Realization.Com

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Anything that deals with spiritual growth, yoga, or self-awareness is ultimately about God., with its seemingly wild mix of various yoga systems, philosophies, metaphysics and religions, is really all about unlocking the Truth. This site tries to promote and cultivate knowledge, because knowledge is always better than simple belief, leaving no room for nagging questions.

Direct proof comes through the attainment of pure Awareness. Seeking to establish a condition of pure Awareness is the goal of all spiritual exercise, whether it is jnana yoga, kriya yoga, bhakti yoga, raja yoga, all the other yogas, metaphysics, meditation, any kind of religious exercise, philosophy, or any other genuine method.

The terms spiritual enlightenment, spiritual awareness, self-awareness, self-realization, satori, sahaja samadhi, other samadhis, holy trance, pure heart, heavenly bliss, etc., refer all to one and the same condition, shared by all who have reached this condition of eternal bliss.

“I am in every religion as a thread through a string of pearls.”

Bhagavad Gita

Once we start to understand one single system or religion, we suddenly understand all systems and religions. If there is a God then there is only one God, despite the many names given. God is the same God for all people and all religions. Yoga or any religious system are all tools for seeking self-realization, self-awareness, and knowledge of God.

The greatest problem most people have with circumstantial – or any other – proof for the existence of God is that they picture God as a person, which then brings up the question: Where is He?

Picture not God as a person, but instead as self-energetic Mass-awareness (Awareness and Energy). Once God is understood as all-pervading Awareness, knowledge of God has suddenly become a possibility.

Unfortunately, already naming what can only be described as an all-pervading Awareness/Beingness tends to personify the impersonal and, in doing so, we split Oneness into many. Where, then, do we fit in? Pointing towards self-awareness or self-realization, an indirect answer is given to us by a great number of saints, sages, and self-realized persons. A direct answer is to be found at the center of our own Being. The price for such knowledge is the Ego, which amounts to nothing once it is seen for what it is – or, better yet, not is.