The use of crystals has gained huge and mainstream popularity. Individuals who use certain crystals believe they’re effective in creating positive energy and offering to heal. Thus, users feel crystals help immensely to treat depression.

While there’s no scientific proof supporting this, the use of stones for healing is not a new thing. While professional and medical assistance offer medicinal solutions, many people nowadays try crystals to deal with depression.

But still, whatever method you choose to help you to heal or deal with depression, healthy and holistic practices of any type can be improved and amplified with the use of the healing powers of crystals or stones for depression.

We have mentioned a few stones at the end of this article below that can help you in absorbing negative energies that impact your life negatively. To be true, their primary job is to defend their energies. What is more, the crystals absorb the negativity that’s directed at you as well as let go of unhappiness coming in you.  However, in case you or somebody you know is suffering from depression, here’s the list of the best crystals for depression that you can use.

However, before you check out the list of the best crystals for depression, let’s know what is depression, how crystals can help reduce the impact of depression, and also other details related to crystal’s effect on dealing with depression.


What Is Depression?

When you feel sadness, worthlessness, loneliness, grief, helplessness, irritability, and abandonment become a loss of interest in friends, family, life, and also activities, then one thing is for certain, you might be experiencing or dealing with a mental issue called depression.

Depression is a basic mental health disorder that negatively impacts how you feel, think, act, or work. It can be mild or severe and it can even cause a loss of interest in dealing with things you adore or a lengthy feeling of sorrow. Finally, depression can exemplify both psychologically and physically in various ways. The basic symptoms of depression may differ widely from person to person but some common symptoms are as follows:

Psychological Symptoms Of Depression

  • Loss of concentration or mental ability
  • Loss of interest in your hobbies
  • Deep sadness
  • Negative thoughts
  • A feeling of hopelessness or helplessness over how the life is going
  • Being more irritable or cranky than usual
  • Overwhelming worry
  • Feeling guilty uncontrollably
  • Recklessness
  • Feeling worthless
  • Having trouble focusing or concentrating
  • Irritability, etc.

Physical Symptoms Of Depression

  • Having a sleeping disorder or becoming insomniac
  • Feeling empty, anxious, or sad
  • Tight muscles or pain in muscles
  • Loss of libido
  • Loss of appetite
  • Losing interest in sex
  • Fatigue
  • Self-negligence
  • A loss of energy
  • Weight loss, etc.
  • A change in hunger as you will not feel as hungry as before (entirely losing your appetite or often being way more starving)

In case any of the above-mentioned sounds like you, then you may have to consider if you can deal with depression or not. Noticing as well as acknowledging that there’s an issue you can take action immediately.

It is always recommended to consult a psychiatrist as soon as you find yourself to be depressed. And besides your medicinal treatment for depression, you can also try crystals.

Let’s know if crystals work against depression and negative energies or not.

Do Crystals Work Against Depression & Negative Energy?

Crystals or stones are among several popular holistic guidelines for treating psychological and emotional health.

Yet, there’s no scientific proof to back any declarations for the healing energy of crystals.

Modern, or western, treatment as we know it, started just after the Industrial Revolution (18th century).

Several of the medical approaches and therapies that our community is acquainted with today stem from scientific discoveries and inventions that first appeared during this time.

Before the beginning of modern treatment, however, societies utilized a wide range of holistic therapies to boost emotional and physical health.

Nowadays, some individuals are increasingly disappointed with modern treatment. Experts suggest that those patients might be more skeptical of the possible negative side effects of medications, and encouraged to try out a holistic procedure because of factors such as the financial expenses, their unbelief in physicians, or concerns that the conventional health care strategy is too unbiased.

The research noted nearly 40% of individuals in the U.S.A use some type of complementary medication, although this contains supplements and vitamins.

Non-traditional or alternative medication tends to concentrate on healing the person — spirit, mind, and body— and usually relies on treatments or practices from the period before modern medication.

Those who try crystals for depression or psychological healing are using a practice that individuals have utilized for thousands of years.

It means, that scientific proof increasingly indicates that crystal or stone is used for depression and anxiety isn’t effective. Instead, it’s an individual’s faith in the ability of crystals or stones that plays a role in each individual’s experience. Practically, any practical effects individuals feel are not more than the placebo effects.

Crystal Properties/Effects
Carnelian Crystal Boosts motivation and energy levels, encourages positive life choices
Rose Quartz Crystal Promotes self-love, emotional healing, and feelings of inner peace
Lemurian Seed Crystal Assists in emotional healing and deep meditation, promotes spiritual growth
Shungite Crystal Absorbs negative energy and electromagnetic radiation, helps with stress relief
Aventurine Crystal Calms anxiety and enhances emotional balance, fosters a sense of well-being
Ocean Jasper Crystal Soothes stress and promotes relaxation, encourages self-acceptance
Amber Crystal Alleviates symptoms of depression, brings warmth and positivity
Blue Lace Agate Crystal Relieves anxiety and promotes tranquility, aids in clear communication
Amazonite Crystal Balances mood swings, fosters emotional healing, and enhances self-expression
Emerald Crystal Promotes mental clarity and emotional balance, instills a sense of hope
Charoite Crystal Reduces stress and worry, facilitates spiritual transformation and insight
Citrine Crystal Boosts self-confidence and creativity, enhances feelings of joy and abundance
Rutilated Crystal Dispels negative energy, promotes mental clarity and spiritual growth
Bronzite Crystal Provides grounding and protection, alleviates feelings of self-doubt and anxiety

How Can Healing Crystals Help Depression & Bring Positive Energy?

Depression is a quiet pandemic haunting the world for more than a few centuries.

There appears to be no particular catalyst for healing depression, leaving its stimulus open to all from existential concern to something as fundamental as the climate.

Crystals are kinds of rocks that appear naturally under the Earth. They’re charged with electromagnetic power stemming from the core of the Earth, and also power from all other minerals & elements that crystals come into contact with throughout their formation stage.

This offers the crystal unique vibrations and energies that are measurably higher as compared to the vibrations of maximum physical things available in the whole world: i.e., humans as well as other physical entities.

Science may yet be to give stones or crystals the time, but science also hasn’t disagreed that vibrations or powers can have an impact on a matter that comes directly into contact with crystals.

And this’s precisely how the healing process of crystal works. Science neither supports the use of crystals for depression nor denied the effects of crystals.

The myriad of crystals found under the crust of the Earth means there’s essentially a crystal for everything. A few people use specific crystals to dispel evil energy as a condition of protection. On the other hand, other people use crystals that attract an opportunity and amplify love.

Some crystals can balance physical discomfort in the body, and they’re also crystals that appear to have a favorable effect on signs of anxiety and depression.

In case you need more data before you are capable of believing in certain kinds of healing, then possibly crystals aren’t the cure for you. Stone healing needs a level of concession to the unnoticed: faith in the effective existence of power, and its proficiency to impact our spirit, mind, and body.

Without an unobstructed mind, you are most likely to intercept any form of usefulness from stones from reaching your way.

Gemstones work by impacting the power of entities and beings within immediate closeness to the crystals themselves.

As soon as you select a crystal for personal usage, it begins to adjust to your vibrant body, and via the procedure of intention, it’ll be capable of attracting, repelling, or neutralizing the things you desire it to.

Crystals are made in such a way that after wearing them or carrying them with you help to calm your body and mind.

And when your body and mind become calm, you can pay attention to your life, become more concentrated, and thus you can think properly. Thus, this helps you deal with mental health issues like depression.

How Can Crystals Make Your Mind Calm?

In case simply being around a crystal or stone is not sufficient to bring you to calm then you can try other ways to calm your mind using crystals.

In case you perform meditation, holding crystals or gemstones in your hands or simply keeping them close to your body can be super effective for your practice.

Crystals like Amethyst, Spirit Quartz, Apophyllite, Lepidolite, as well as any of the crystals from the quartz family are remarkable stones to practice this with.

When meditation is not your cup of tea, you can even try holding the crystal simply in your hand as well as taking some minutes to breathe during envisaging the therapeutic benefits of the crystal encompassing you.

There’s a comprehensive category of gemstones and crystals dedicated to reducing stress and relieving anxiousness. They are fittingly understood as calming crystals.

To be precise these crystals “settle your spirit down. These crystals connect with your energy field in such a way that allows you to cleanse as well as get centered.

Part of the cause stress and anxiety can be so consuming, draining, and also seems certain is due to the process of spiraling that usually happens. Tuning into the power of a calming stone inhibits thought waves before they crash.

Just having a bodily object that you make a sense of way around can allow your mind to concentrate on something else. We are explaining below which crystals or stones generally help you deal with depression by calming your mind.

How You Can Use Crystals To Deal With Depression?

There are several ways to use crystals or gemstones to calm your mind and thus deal with depression. Different ways work for different people. There is neither a single crystal that suits all nor a single method that works for everyone out there. That is why we have mentioned several options or uses to deal with depression with healing crystals.

You can meditate with crystals, carry them in your purse/wallet/pocket, you can wear them as your favorite piece of jewelry, or just simply decorate your new home or workplace with healing crystals. So, here are the uses that can help you deal with depression…

Hold A Crystal During Meditation Practice

This’s among the best methods to reduce depression and anxiety by bonding with crystals through meditation. One can begin by simply holding crystals in your hands, closing your both eyes, and also do not forget to concentrate on your breathing cycle.

While you do this, try to direct your mind to the optimistic things, as well as get rid of the evil things that present you stress or make you sad. You may feel some type of lightness like you are sinking into the ground, but remember that you may not feel anything at all. As we’ve mentioned above, some practices and crystals might not suit you, and that’s why you have to keep experimenting and trying out other methods.

Place Crystals or Stones On Your Body

Instead of simply holding crystals, putting them on your body functions quite differently. Placing stones on your chakras that you have to heal from is particularly effective. Thus, in case you need healing from depression or anxiety, the priority should be your sense, this means the third eye chakra (which is your head), as well as the root chakra (base of the spine), is where you must place your gemstones.

Use Crystals As Home Decor

It’s no wonder that gemstones have become more prevalent in home decorations over the past few years. Some anti-social characteristics are major signs of depression and anxiety, this means that when you are depressed or have anxiety, you’re most likely at house more often. You’ll need gemstones in your house in this case, which can assist you to be more positive about the future.  Additionally, their healing properties and beautiful gemstones can just boost your mood generally.

Wear Crystal Jewelry

This is one of the easiest yet most effective ways of using crystals to deal with depression. Wearing crystals not only helps you deal with depression but also gives you a stylish look. So, wearing crystals not only heals you but also makes you look gorgeous. So, why not try this way of dealing with depression using crystals!

Bathe With Crystals To Deal With Depression

We all know that a depressed person needs relaxation more than anything else in the world. And we also know that bathing is a relaxing practice. So, why not incorporate this relaxing practice with crystal to deal with your depression.

Although there is no scientific backing behind this, also there is no harm in trying it out. So, consider bathing with crystals like smoky quartz and see the result yourself.

How To Select The Right Type Of Crystals For Healing?

To get the most suitable crystals or gemstones you should listen to your intuition. Only your intuition can guide you to the most suitable crystals for yourself. When you will see the right crystal for yourself, you will know it as your inner self will let you know that.

One more thing, you should never buy crystals from an untrusted source. Always buy crystals from trusted websites or stores. This way you will rest assured to get genuine crystals.

What Crystals Are Best For Anxiety & Depression?

Individuals who use crystals believe that they promote spiritual, mental, and physical health. The belief that gemstones could open chakras was held widely. Chakras are power centers in our human body, and spiritual, physical, and also mental issues result from the imbalance in these lead to sorrow, pent-up anger, denial, or even emotional disruption.

When you use crystals during treatment for depression and anxiety, they work differently for different persons. Different kinds of crystals or stones are thought to have different energy centers and characteristics to deal with mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

While a few crystals promote physical uplifting, others are utilized to enhance mental health. A few of the common crystals or gemstones used for anxiety and depression are listed below. Crystals that may work on relieving the symptoms of your depression include the following…

Carnelian Crystal

It’s known as the “crystal of Motivation & Endurance.” Carnelian crystal is a reddish-brown mineral that’s commonly utilized as a semi-precious crystal.

Carnelian helps you to take immediate action with its motivating and empowering energy to deal with your mental health issues like depression.

If you simply need a power boost or deal with depression, this’s the crystal to turn to. It comes with the ability to help you bring positive changes in your life.

The bold energies and warmth this crystal has can shred fatigue, reduce anxiety, and also boosts feelings of courage and passion.

Rose Quartz Crystal

The amazing Rose Quartz crystal comes with a hexagonal system, generally with a pale pink color. Rose quartz boosts kindness, calming, compassion, and love.

The Rose quartz crystal and also clear quartz crystal mainly has been used as a gemstone for love; however, it comes with many other effects that can help in reducing the effects of depression & anxiety.

It’s also a crystal that lets love flow in, letting you connect more intimately with the heart chakras. This crystal offers you a sense of comfort, seasonal affective disorder, and healing.

Lemurian Seed Crystal

As soon as you are dealing with depression and anxiety, fighting negative energies, or other mental health issues, then it feels like you have fallen into a hole that’s so deep that getting out is quite impossible. There comes the Lemurian Seed Crystal.

Lemurian Seed Crystals, also called Lemurian Quartz, are a type of Quartz that’s found in a distinct locality of Brazil. Simply holding a Lemurian Seed Crystal or meditating with it will aid in stabilizing your senses. Also, it’ll ground your mind when you start overthinking.

Shungite Crystal

Shungite crystal is a carbon-based gemstone that was sourced in a small village of Shunga first in Karelian, Russia, where it’s still mined now.

Many people believe that shungite crystal can help you lower anxiety and stress because it soaks negative energy.

This’s an uncommon concept and is not revealed in any evidence ever. Simply holding and touching objects can assist you to move through sorrow. This could comprise touching or holding a shungite crystal too.

Aventurine Crystal

Aventurine crystal is a highly treasured and sought-after crystal that brags a magnificent array of deep glistening green. This’s an exceptionally powerful crystal as soon as it comes to stimulating your energy.

Aventurine is splendid for individuals suffering from anxiety and depression. It has a nice green color and it comes with a calming effect that’ll aid you to get rid of the stress that’s linked to depression.

It’s a common healing crystal for people who need assistance to surround themselves with optimistic energies. This’s an outstanding way to achieve mental clarity! This crystal can help relieve any trauma or pain from your past as well as push you onto a way of new beginnings! This healing stone gives you another opportunity in life to concentrate on what makes you happy! These are among the best crystals that bring positive energies and thus help you fight depression.

Ocean Jasper Crystal

Among the several kinds of jasper, the ocean jasper crystal is a fellow of the quartz family. The Ocean Jasper Crystal is a very calming and soothing crystal that can aid you to reduce the stress and anxiety that comes with your depression effects. It’s even known to improve your self-confidence. Self-confidence is an essential step in overcoming disorders like depression.

Amber Crystal

Amber crystal isn’t technically a gemstone: it’s fossilized tree resin favored for its golden color as well as beauty. This crystal has been utilized in local medicine in ancient Greece and also in traditional Chinese medication.

This crystal is among the few crystals that ought to be in touch with your skin to function properly. These will not normally be used in any actual crystal session for healing; it’s more common for the crystals to be styled as jewelry.

Amber crystal’s properties and spiritual meaning are extensive, that is why the crystal is so coveted. This also brings good luck and helps you fight depression too. Some of the amber crystal’s other healing properties contain:

  • Clearing the mind
  • Relief of headache
  • Boosting immunity

Blue Lace Agate Crystal Healing

Simply like every member of the agate family, this blue lace agate crystal is a range of quartz minerals and a banded Chalcedony. This Blue Lace Agate crystal is a gemstone that works quite well as soon as it comes to managing insomnia which is a vital symptom of depression. It’s among the most useful favorite stones for depression since it helps to stabilize your mood.

It’s even known as a soothing crystal, which can assist with depressive episodes and worry. Blue Lace Agate crystal possesses some healing properties which can help you balance and also nurture your feelings. This can help keep your mind at peace all day.

Amazonite Crystal

Amazonite crystal is a range of potassium feldspar. This falls into the mineral class of Microcline, a sort of igneous rock construction. Amazonite crystal is famous for helping to relieve the anxiety and stress that you get from depression.

Its soothing energy helps a courageous and confident disposition. It’s even great for encouraging creativity, helping communication, and also bringing prosperity to your life. This crystal is even known to protect you against electromagnetic breakdown.

Emerald Crystal

The Emerald crystal emits nice green rays that enhance your mental health significantly. The stunning crystal also presents mental peace, emotional stability, mental clarity, etc.

It’s even known for its memory-boosting properties. Therefore, astrologers recommend students wear this propitious crystal to improve their memory and increase their confidence. This also acts as a great anxiety booster it removes the negative thinking from your mind and improves concentration.

Charoite Crystal

Charoite crystal is an incredibly rare gemstone found in Siberia, Russia only – and there, in the Republic of Sakha only (also called Yakutia). This crystal is fascinating to look at because of its white, black, and nice deep purple colors.

It is incredible at helping to relieve stress, facilitate better sleep, and also to calm your mind to make you more present. Charoite Crystal is called the “stone of transformation” thus, it is an outstanding ally in handling fears, energy, and obstacles blocks that may be keeping you from the goals of your life.

Citrine Crystal

Citrine crystal is a range of quartz that can be seen throughout the globe. Another name for this crystal is “The Happy Stone.” Its energy helps you to change your unhappiness, a mood that is often regarded with depression.

This crystal gives your positive energy and vibe by absorbing all your negative vibes and energy. Relieving anxiety and depression gives you self-confidence.

Rutilated Crystal

Rutilated quartz crystal is a kind of quartz having needle-like incorporations of rutile, a mineral formed mainly of titanium dioxide. This crystal comes with multiple advantages that make it among the finest stones for depression.

This’s an inspiring crystal that brings you joyful moods as well as subtlety in life.  It helps you to move forward in your life and its encouraging quality let you do whatever you want to do.

Bronzite Crystal

Bronzite crystal is called the “stone of courtesy” because of its energies encouraging love, protection, and equality to anyone within its surroundings. It is also known to be the best crystal for relieving depression.

It’s even known to obtain the courage in the soul and also gives you the power to defeat uncertainty, weakness, and fears. This crystal decreases long-lasted pressure, tiredness, and weaknesses.

When To Go For Professional Help?

If any of the methods or positive thinking does not seem to be working in reducing the effects of depression then you must consult a psychiatrist and seek other professional help.

You should not delay in this matter because depression often leads the patient to commit suicide.

Depression is a serious issue that needs immediate action or else anything can happen due to depression.

There are two ways to deal with depression with the help of a professional.

Here are the methods that you can choose from to deal with your depression and anxiety.

Medical Therapy

Conferring a therapist can offer you a means to treat your depression from a carious angle and also motivate you to take the necessary action. Therapies can even deliver you the insight and skills to prevent the issue from returning.


Well, medication may be crucial in case you are feeling violent or suicidal because of your depression. But when it can assist relieve signs of depression in a few people, it is not a cure and isn’t normally a long-term resolution to deal with depression.

Bottom Line

Although the usage of crystals has achieved popularity as holistic therapy for depression, there’s no scientific evidence they’ve any impact on mental health.

So, before trying them as an alternative for treating your depression symptoms, it’s essential to see medical treatment to get the best therapy for your situation.




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