An Easy Guide to Ayurveda frontcover
An Easy Guide to Ayurveda:
The Natural Way to Wholeness

Since our awareness expresses more freely when our mental, emotional, and physical
states are
at their most favorable levels of functional efficiency.
Roy Davis explains in this book how to experience inner balance and authentic spiritual

$6.90 CAD / ~ US $4.95 US


The Self-Revealed Knowledge that Liberates the Spirit frontcoverThe
Self-Revealed Knowledge That Liberates The Spirit:
A Handbook of Essential Information for Experiencing a Conscious Relationship
with the Infinite and Restoring Soul Awareness to Wholeness.

In this important book, Roy Eugene Davis explains why authentic spiritual
awakening that provides
a new perception of reality and makes possible a clear view of exceptional possibilities
is of primary importance for our total well-being and for the nurturing and support of the
collective consciousness
of Planet Earth.

Hardcover, 156 pages $11.50 CAD / ~ $7.95 US


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– Wellness for Body and Soul

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