When we talk about crystal bracelets for protection we are referring to stones worn around your wrist in a bracelet.

You must be thinking that why only a bracelet in the first place? Wearing gemstones close to your skin every day is a wonderful way to tap into and get used to their natural healing properties.

A bracelet will often be in close contact with your skin, while other types of jewelry (necklaces and earrings) may be difficult to keep close due to clothing, etc. Rings, even when they will be close to the skin – being small they can’t use as much energy and power as a bracelet.

The design of a bracelet can include many gems, and all of them can hum in harmony and send healing vibes along the way of the hand and throughout your body.

So there is nothing better than a crystal bracelet when you are trying to use it for protection. Let’s now know in detail about the triple protection bracelet in this article below…

Different Types Of Bracelets and Their Symbolism

We all know that there are a lot of types of bracelets available in the market. But do you know which type of crystal means what?

Many people do not know what the bracelet can offer to them besides being a stylish piece of jewelry. So, here we are describing it all…

Charm Bracelet

These are favored by women mainly. Since it gives a classy look to them and matches easily with any of their outfits. This type of bracelet has a deeper meaning.

However, the meaning depends on what’s decorated on the charm bracelet. These symbolize charm just as its name shows.

Beaded Bracelet

People believe that the beaded bracelet gives certain energy and luck to the wearer. It was even believed that this bracelet’s meaning depends on what color of the beads is used. These types of bracelets are more common in teenage people.

Gemstone Bracelet

Crystals are rarely utilized in bracelets. But it still offers this aesthetic and brilliant look that many individuals adore. Individuals often pair the crystal to purchase as per their birth month.

There’re plenty of beliefs that you might have heard of regarding picking the most suitable crystals. And wearing your suitable birthstone would surely bring you good fortune and luck.

Friendship Bracelet

This bracelet is a symbol of friendship just as the name shows. These bracelets can be made of anything.

Red String Bracelet

Red string spiritual bracelets are filled with protective grates. Drawing on power from artisans around the globe in Bangkok, Jaipur, Bali, and Istanbul, the red string bracelets emits protection for the soul and body.

What Does Spiritual Beads Bracelet Color Mean?

Each of the spiritual beads’ colors means to help you reach the expected goals. The spiritual beads can assist you to maintain your spirituality, enhancing communication skills as well as mental stability.

This can be more comfortable to connect with your friends, parents, and also your loved ones as soon as you practice mindfulness by using these bracelets for protection.

Mostly the material to produce the bracelet is equally significant. So here are the meanings of spiritual beads bracelets. Let’s have a look…

White Beads Bracelets

The white color defines holistic inner peace. It includes the rainbow’s all 7 colors, and that is why it’s considered to define completeness and spiritual purity.

The color is linked to angels and lets you to deeply connect with the spiritual world and offers your protection. Alternatively, the White color also conveys clarity, purification, Pristine, and efficiency.

Brown Beads Bracelets

Brown represents the earth element, which symbolizes mother nature’s love for earth and heaven and also the natural atmosphere. The brown beads improve the perception of your spirituality.

This can facilitate spiritual awareness and awakening. You become extra devoted to your faith as well as provide mental peace. It can boost self-confidence and enhances relationships with family and friends. It can assist you to forgive and releasing anger from your heart.

Black Beads Bracelet

This is a sign of success and protection. The color usually protects the wearer from negative energy and evil power, releases mental pressure, and encourages you to succeed in life.

The black color represents grounding power and improves your perception of possibility and potential. Using black colored triple protection bracelets means you are being protective and grounding power.

It’s empowering, powerful, dynamic, and strong. Black is perfect for both men’s and women’s bracelets. For your spiritual protection, you can wear a black obsidian bracelet or tiger eye crystal bracelet, or black volcanic stone wrap bracelets to get rid of negative energies around you.

Blue Beads Bracelets

This color fetched personal growth as well as increased opportunity for the wearer. The blue beads also represent money, prosperity, luck, and protection. As it’s seen to be one of the best protective stones, you can wear them for spiritual protection.

This color even has a strong connection to your heart chakra. It’s incredibly connected to your heart which seems to bring the energy for self-love as well as love for others around you. Blue beads can enhance your communication skills as well as makes you valid to yourself.

Benefits of Wearing a Bracelet for Protection

Many people combine spiritual bead bracelets or protection stones bracelets or crystal jewelry with stunning necklaces, rings, and classical healing crystals that add an attractive aesthetic touch to their outfit.

Nevertheless, spiritual jewelry isn’t just about the look. There’re many useful benefits to wearing protective stone bracelets.

Make You Feel Energized

Spiritual bracelets can help you feel energized. And we all know that energy is important for getting through our day.

Energy is even something that several people are lacking presently because of stress as well as other circumstances. Crystal jewelry comes with protective power that can help you give more energy.

Help You Get Better Night Sleep

Sleep-related issues are quite common nowadays. Unfortunately, sleep issues can lead to a lot of physical and mental problems in the long run. So, getting a sound night’s sleep is vital to staying healthy and mindful.

Wearing crystal bracelets can help you to get a better night’s sleep, which is get physical healing and improve your mental health.

Reduce Stress

Nowadays more or less everyone is stressed to some extent. Nevertheless, you can reduce stress by wearing crystal jewelry.

Besides helping you relax, decreasing stress can even improve your bodily health–particularly in case you have high BP or other diseases that are worsened by high stress.

Make You Feel More Grounded & Calm

Staying calm and grounded is important for your mental health. Feeling calm and grounded will lessen your anxiety, frustration, and other problems which make things more difficult for you.

Enhancing your capability to feel calm and grounded can even help you handle life’s tough determinations, whether they are personal or work-related.

Improve Mental Health & Focus

When you’re having trouble concentrating, then you’re not alone. Several individuals find that their capability to concentrate is affected by even the slightest changes, like not getting sound sleep at night or dealing with a disturbance in their daily schedule.

Wearing crystal jewelry can help improve mental health, enhance your concentration, and inner strength, which will allow you to succeed in your personal life and work.

Deal With Mental & Physical Ailments

When you’re dealing with mental or physical diseases, then you’ll have probably looked for methods to make yourself feel better.

Fortunately, wearing a crystal bracelet can help enhance a variety of diseases, thus, allowing you to feel better in both the long term and short term.

List Of The Best Bracelet For Protection

Crystal bracelets are beautiful, but it’s not only a pretty crystal that will complement your outfit. Rather, crystal bracelets have several practical uses.

In case you’re considering wearing crystal bracelets for your spiritual protection, ensure to keep the benefits in mind and choose a suitable crystal for yourself.

Below we have listed some of the best crystal bracelets that will offer you protection against negative energies and evil powers.


It comes in a variety of shades of pink. It is also known as one of the best crystal love stones. The waves emanating from Rose Quartz directly affect the mind and emotions. The person coming in contact with it is affected by its positive energy and good feelings develop in his mind.


Amethyst is a quartz crystal that comes in various shades of purple from light lavender to deep purple. According to practitioners, Amethyst has a spiritual quality and can be used to help individuals tap into higher levels of consciousness. In the world of crystal healing, amethyst is believed to help purify the mind and reduce stress and anxiety.


Citrine crystal is a widespread member of the quartz family often utilized in coexistence with feng shui to receive protection, prosperity, positivity, and abundance. Natural citrine crystal bracelets are quite rare found, as well as most citrine crystals are Amethyst crystals that have been highly heat-treated to change their color.

This crystal gets its name from a French word called ‘citron’, which means ‘lemon’. Just like citrus fruits, the citrine crystal comes in a sunny shade of orange and yellow.


Bonded to both the sacral and the root chakra, this crystal comes with an abundance of magnificent healing properties as well as benefits that support to balance of emotional and physical wellbeing.

The Tigers Eye acts as a reminder to improve inner strength, to stop damaging the self, and to stand strong because all the love and light that is required is already accumulated inside. Tiger’s eye protects you against bad energies, brings luck, feels protected, etc.


The onyx crystal comes in many colors, but it most commonly comes in black. It helps balance and ground yourself, and it even works perfectly as a protective gemstone for you.

Besides, the black onyx crystal even has numerous benefits associated with feng shui. The black onyx is a crystal that presents its bearer with incredibly powerful vibes of protection, focus, and willpower, protects you against evil power, and keeps you spiritually safe.


While the Black Tourmaline crystal may appear stripped of any shade, it is a highly powerful crystal for those people who want to have constant protection. The Black Tourmaline gemstone crystal means protection and grounding.

It helps you effectively be exonerated of dark feelings, shifting these anxious vibes into some positive spins that nurture your soul. Its atomic configuration is directly made to repulse negativity.


The kunzite crystal is among the few inherently pink gemstones in existence. The kunzite stone’s healing powers extend far beyond physical healing. Its cooling, soothing touch is thought to cool down hot heads as well as help to calm you when your emotions are sprinting high.

The peaceful energies linked with this kunzite stone represent absolute love and also will help in promoting self-care and self-compassion.


Lapis Lazuli stone is a stunning celestial deep blue crystal and is viewed as a semi-precious crystal with its passionate color array. It contains sparkly pyrite, deep blue lazurite, cloudy white calcite, as well as other minerals.

It’s believed to bring deep peace, be protected from psychic attacks, and harmony, and reveals honesty, inner truth, self-awareness, compassion, and also self-expression. Due to its healing abilities, the Lapis lazuli stone is observed as being “The Wisdom Stone”.


Jade gemstone is a famous one that is often referred to as the crystal of happiness and luck. Jade is thought to have many benefits, like grounding, increasing fortune, and improving maturity in a relationship.

Jade crystal has several purported advantages and maybe a strong gemstone to add to anyone’s crystal collection — especially in case you wish to work with more delicate energies.


Aquamarine crystal is a gorgeous blue-green gemstone with balancing and calming properties. It is utilized for several healing purposes. This stone comes with a protecting effect on your power field and has also been utilized for physical protection.

The gemstone is believed to assist you to sift through information and energy, creating mental transparency, and helping an overactive mind; it is also used to enhance the intellect.


Auralite-23 stone, also called Red Cap Amethyst stone, is a quite rare combination of crystals as well as one of the oldest minerals on the Earth. The number 23 refers to the number of minerals comprised in the stone, although an average Auralite 23 gemstone contains around seven minerals or often even less.

The gemstone can offer you a deeper connection and serenity to higher energy, which opens your mind to obtaining more positive powers. Through those advantages, those who use the Auralite 23 stone can also hope to have advancement in their intuitive powers.


Jasper stone is also known as a “supreme nurturer”.  This stone supports and sustains through times of anxiety, and brings wholeness and tranquility. Jasper delivers protection and also absorbs negative power.

It also balances yin & yang. This stone clears environmental and electromagnetic pollution, even radiation.  Jasper encourages openness with one’s self.

Delivers courage to tackle problems assertively. Helps in quick thinking as well as promotes organizational capabilities. This stone stimulates creativity and transforms concepts into action.


There’re several variants of apatite gemstones; they can be yellow, green, blue, brown, or grey hues. In particular, blue apatite stones are prized for their attractiveness, and blue apatite stone is often favored over those of other color options.

People have discovered that this stone can help them with ambition, motivation, self-acceptance, and self-confidence. Generally, blue stones are linked to the mind’s association with the spiritual world.

Bottom Line

So, you can see from the above list that there are plenty of crystal bracelets available in the market that offers you protection against negative energies and evil powers. However, not every crystal is suitable for everyone.

So, be careful while choosing a suitable crystal bracelet for yourself. Stay protected and happy!



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