Do you often feel overwhelmed by negative energy? Do people or situations frequently drain you of your emotional strength? If so, you may benefit from using a crystal stone for negativity.

These stones can absorb negative energy and release positive vibrations. They can also provide emotional protection against people or situations that tend to overwhelm us.

There are also a lot of crystals or stones that are particularly meant to deliver protection from bad spirits and fight negativity or negative energy and downer thoughts they get from others.

Below, we have prepared a list of crystals or stones for the negativity that helped many people to think and speak more positively after having these stones.

Our below-mentioned list of crystals or stones for the negativity is tried and tested by astrologists and common people so you can expect to get desired results from those stones.  So, without further ado, let’s swipe through the top stone for negativity below…


Why Use Crystals Or Stones For Negativity?

There are plenty of different styles of stones available out there to serve different purposes. Some individuals believe that stones have healing capabilities for the body, mind, and soul.

To be honest, several ancient cultures — even Egypt, China, and Greece — accepted that crystals or stones have some unbelievable healing properties.

More than a few people even claim that stones promote good energy flow and thus help get rid of your mind and body’s negative energy for both emotional and physical benefits.

Yet, it is significant to know that there is nearly no scientific proof to back the benefits of using crystals or stones. It is people’s beliefs mainly.

Stones have mostly been overlooked as pseudoscience, even though some investigations suggest they may deliver a placebo effect to bring positive energy.

An older investigation resented at seminars in 1999 & 2001 but not publicized in a journal presented that any healing miracles associated with tones were likely a consequence of the power of suggestion.

For example, research from the University of Waterloo (Canada) in 2005 discovered that an individual’s mind has more healing power as compared to its given credit. Nevertheless, some individuals believe it goes way deeper than that.

“Stones” are created of different compounds or elements, which your body reacts to in various ways. “Crystals are generally minerals that have energy, and just the way humans are created of energy, thus, we can swap energy using the stone when we wear or carry them with us.”

Some renowned astrologers claimed that stones are used to enhance the role of many ordinary objects and thus, it helps to fight negative energy and brings positivity. Below are a few reasons people choose to try stones on.

Absorbs Negative Energy

A few stones help to absorb negative energies and bring positive vibrations as well as self-confidence. One such crystal is the Obsidian. This absorbs your negative energy, just like how the black color absorbs all other colors.

This stone is made out of volcanic glass, or practically melted lava thus, it is believed to help absorb whatever is pulling you down or bringing negative thoughts or any harmful vibrations.

Provide Spiritual Protection

Crystals or stones are believed to provide you spiritual protection. Protection crystals like Buckleitne do not just look appealing—they can also provide you spiritual protection, and offer you a better sense of self-esteem by removing toxic energy.


Although science does not support stones as a healing power or bringer of positive energy, there is also no harm in trying them in case you have practical expectations about what stones can & can’t do. However, stones should never substitute medical treatments from a skilled professional.

Crystal Stone Properties and Benefits
Clear Quartz Amplifies positive energy, dispels negativity, enhances clarity of mind
Rose Quartz Calms emotions, promotes self-love, releases negative energy
Obsidian Shields against negativity, absorbs and transmutes negative energy
Jasper Provides grounding and stability, absorbs negative energy, promotes tranquility
Turquoise Dispels negative energy, promotes emotional balance, enhances communication
Citrine Repels negativity, attracts abundance and positivity, enhances self-confidence
Amethyst Transmutes negative energy into positive, promotes spiritual growth, provides protection
Moonstone Soothes emotional stress, promotes intuition, brings balance to emotions
Tiger’s Eye Provides protection against negativity, boosts self-confidence, enhances willpower
Bloodstone Cleanses negative energy, promotes courage and strength, revitalizes the mind
Ruby Clears negativity from the aura, promotes vitality and passion, enhances motivation
Sapphire Shields against negative influences, promotes mental clarity, stimulates intuition
Tree Agate Clears energy blockages, promotes emotional stability, encourages inner peace
Black Tourmaline Absorbs and repels negative energy, provides protection, enhances grounding
Carnelian Banishes negativity, promotes motivation and creativity, restores vitality
Black Jade Shields against negative energies, provides protection, promotes spiritual growth

Ways to Use Crystals For Releasing Negative Energy

Before getting to the list of 12 powerful protective crystals or stones, let’s first talk about the ways to use them for both spiritual and emotional protection and also to clear away all your negative energies.

Place Crystals Around Your Home To Block Negative Vibes

Place the most dynamic crystals around your new home, particularly by windows and doors. The ancients believed that spirits entered homes through their windows and doors and thus, placing crystals there will help prevent them from entering your home.

Make a Protection Crystals Grid

Another way to use stones to remove negativity is by creating a crystal grid. For this, you can simply purchase pre-made kits and use them to make your crystal grid.

For the grid, place the crystals in a sacred geometry pattern that channels their supernatural energy better. You can make a grid in front or around you when you do yoga or meditate for even better results!

Black tourmaline is a great powerful protective crystal to use throughout your meditation practice, as you envision what you are seeking protection from.

Wearing Them Absorbs Negative Energy

Another way to use stones to remove negativity is to simply take power with you. Instead of using it in a grid for some particular time, or keeping them at home, you can wear your stone as jewelry or simply carry them in your purse or your pocket.


No matter which way you choose to use them, the stone’s power will help you fight the negative energy and bring positivity if you believe in the crystal’s power.

Benefits of Using Crystal Stones for Negativity

Here are some of the benefits you can expect to see by wearing or carrying any of these crystal stones for negativity:

  • You’ll remain calm in the face of negativity – which helps you avoid stress and anxiety.
  • You’ll be able to deflect negative energy from others – which means they won’t have a chance to hurt you.
    The negative vibes coming from other people will have less impact on you – because your mind is protected by powerful vibrations.
  • Your mind will become more positive, clear, and focused – so your willpower increases, and your life improves.
  • You’ll find it easier to keep calm in challenging or stressful situations – because you can rely on your crystal stones to protect you.

What Are The Tips for Cleansing Or Purifying Crystals?

When you first get a new crystal, they’ll be compelling. This is because they’ve only recently been dug up from the ground, so their energy will be full of new potential. This is good – but it’s sensible not to start using them straight away.

Instead, it would help to clean the crystals in water before purifying yourself with them. It’s often safest to use glass or metal for this purpose because you want the crystal stone to be removed from its protective casing.

Put the crystal inside a container filled with fresh water. Make sure that the container is large enough to hold both pieces! Then leave them overnight to release any negative energy that might have become attached to them during the mining process.

16 Healing Stones For Positive Energy

Do you want to dive deeper into crystal mythology to bring positive vibes? Get the details of the crystal’s unique properties below.

The below-mentioned protective stone or best protection crystals will help you fight negativity for sure. Let’s have a look at the list of the Crystals for protection and fighting negativity in your daily life.

Clear Quartz Crystals For Protection

Clear Quartz is one of the best stones at doing what is in its name; this stone makes your mind clear from all negativity. It helps to clear your mind, permitting you to concentrate and focus instead of being diverted by all kinds of things around you.

It helps to regulate and store energy and thus, tries to help you remain balanced rather than being flooded by your emotions. It is a white crystal that is considered to be a proficient healer stone for fighting away negativity.

Used For:

  • Amplifying energy
  • Helping balance energetic system
  • Aiding your memory and concentration


Clear Quartz is sometimes paired with other stones such as rose quartz stone to help improve their abilities.

Rose Quartz Crystal

Rose Quartz stone is distinct from other crystals in a certain way. It comes with a much more limited focus. Ths stone keeps its powers oriented on the negative responses we have been sticking to. Moreover, the Rose Quartz helps to clear our mental impurities and thus works to get rid of fear, anger, depression, and jealousy we often go through in our daily life.

Used For:

  • Enhancing connection
  • Helping restore harmony and trust in relationships
  • Encouraging love, trust, respect, and self-worth
  • Providing calmness and  comfort during the times of grief


Just as this stone’s color may indicate, this pink crystal is all about passion and love.

Obsidian Crystal

The Obsidian crystal is made out of raw elements such as water, earth, and fire combined to create this volcanic crystal and its ability to drive away bad energies.

Black Obsidian lets us cut through negative energy metaphysically. This stone confronts negativity and also negative energy to work against it as well as bring positivity and positive energy.

Thus, this stone helps you to drive away disruptive emotions, lies, blockages, bad habits, and unresolved relationship issues, and eventually remove negative energies.

Used For:

  • Getting rid of emotional blockage
  • Shielding against emotional and physical negativity
  • Helping you find a true sense of self
  • Promoting the qualities of clarity, strength, and compassion


Obsidian is considered to be an extremely protective crystal. It may even help you digest emotions, baggage, and experiences, leaving you unburdened of negative blockage.

Jasper Crystal

A jasper crystal is a type of chalcedony. This is a cryptocrystalline layout of silica. The chemical formula of this is SiO2 as well as it comes with a hexagonal crystal design.

Jasper is an opaque, smooth, and impure stone. Even though it’s most commonly linked with the color red, it also comes in a wide range of other colors. A securer bet to identify this stone is to seek a crystal with a glossy surface as well as a speckled design underneath.

Used For:

  • Supporting you in times of stress
  • Empowering the spirit
  • Promoting courage, confidence, and quick thinking
  • Protecting you from negative vibes
  • Absorbing negative vibes


This smooth stone is known as the ultimate nurturer. Red jasper are extra useful when dealing with important matters, which is precisely what this crystal may be suitable for.

Turquoise Crystal

Turquoise crystal is a famous gemstone that has been pried in many civilizations. It is said to fetch peace, protection, and luck, and it is also among the birthstones linked with the December month. Turquoise crystal delivers more than just the attractiveness of its classy blue color.

Used For:

  • Helping balance emotions
  • Being a good luck talisman
  • Supporting spiritual groundedness


This blue stone is believed to heal your mind, soul, and body. As soon as it comes to your body, it is believed to depict the skeletal, respiratory, and also immune systems.

Citrine Crystal

The citrine crystal is the reddish to yellowish-orange fellow of the crystalline quartz crystal family. Natural citrine crystals can be fairly challenging to find. They’re quite rare but these stones form in the quite same manner that quartz crystals are.

It means that they are an associate of the quartz group. Quartz stones harden when oxygen and silicon atoms link together. These stones are often used to combat negative energies.

Used For:

  • Encouraging optimism, motivation, warmth, and clarity
  • Helping you get rid of negative emotions, such as doubt and fear
  • Encouraging creativity
  • Enhancing mindfulness qualities
  • Supporting concentration


Citrine crystal helps to bring joy, enthusiasm, and wonder to your life.

Amethyst Crystal

This is one of the most popular crystals associated with spirituality. It has a powerful vibration that can relieve stress and bring about the inner peace we all crave.

While it is most typically known for aiding people to fall asleep, the Amethyst stone can even help you confront your negative energies.

Meditating with this stone is what makes this stone among the best crystals for clearing negative energies. Use this stone before bed to ease worries and also things that bother you as you are trying to fall asleep.

Used For:

  • Bringing forth humility, spiritual wisdom, and sincerity
  • Helping rid your mind of negative energy and thoughts
  • Aiding sleep and also demystifying dreams
  • Promoting willpower & healthy choices


It can be useful to place the stone under the pillow to fight negative energies at night when you sleep. This purple crystal is believed to be extremely protective, purifying, and healing.

This is one of the best crystals for protection as it works through the throat chakra and root chakra effectively.

Moonstone Crystal

Moonstone represents relaxation, balance, love, feminine energy, and also fertility. People generally wear moonstone as a piece of jewelry to keep their life stress-free as well as balanced. You can also wear it to fight your negative energies and thoughts.

The Moonstone is a gemstone of inner strength and growth. It also helps to soothe emotional fluctuation and stress, as well as stabilizes the emotions, offering calmness.

This crystal improves intuition and promotes inspiration, good fortune, and success in business, and love matters.

Used For:

  • Soothing feelings of instability and stress as soon as embarking on further ventures
  • Encouraging inner strength and growth
  • Promoting positive intuition, thinking, and inspiration
  • Helping you to successfully move forward
  • Supporting good fortune and success


Moonstone is a gemstone known for fresh beginnings.

Tiger’s Eye Crystal

Tiger’s Eye crystal signifies the eye of this world. This stone lets you zoom in and out on your lives.

With this stone, you can zoom in and focus, as well as can combat negative energy by concentrating on your issues and solving them with positivity and optimism.

On the other hand, zooming out you can see the big illustrations so that you can understand the situations, letting us stay optimistic.

Tiger’s Eye crystal is excellent for feelings of overwhelm or depression as it allows you to solve the little problems while even seeing what it is all for.

Used For:

  • Guiding you to balance and harmony
  • Helping rid your body and mind of anxiety, fear, and also self-doubt
  • Helping you make conscious, clear decisions


This stone can be helpful for career aspirations or matters of your heart. In case you are in demand of a motivation or power boost, this golden crystal may be for the right option for you.

Bloodstone Crystal

Bloodstone crystal is a layout of Chalcedony as well as it is also familiar as Heliotrope. It is an incredible blood cleanser as well as a powerful healing crystal. This stone heightens intuition as well as increases creativity.

It’s protecting and grounding. Bloodstone helps to draw off negative environmental energies, helping to overpower influences for example electromagnetic or geopathic stress. This stone stimulates dreaming as well as is a powerful revitalizer.

Gives courage as well as teaches you how you can avoid dangerous problems. Bloodstone encourages idealism and selflessness. Helps in operating in the present moment. This stone helps to calm and revitalizes the mind, enhances decision-making, and dispels confusion.  Helping in adjusting to unpracticed circumstances. And also, reduces irritability, impatience, and aggressiveness.

Used For:

  • Encouraging the circulation of energy and ideas
  • Drawing off negative energies
  • Reducing irritability,  impatience, and aggressiveness
  • Promoting creativity, selflessness, and idealism


This powerful healing crystal lives up to its name. Symbolically, this stone is associated with blood-related physical processes, such as menstruation.


Ruby is famous because of its high durability, glowing red hue, astrological significance, and royal history. It’s a charming crystal and is recognized as the ‘King of Gemstones’.

Used For:

  • Restoring energy levels and vitality
  • Supporting intellectual pursuits
  • Bringing self-awareness


It’s associated with the Sun, the most influential planet in astrology.


It’s good for new love & commitment as well as is useful in encouraging loyalty and faithfulness. This one is also great for fighting negativity.

Used For:

  • Promoting a positive mood
  • Attracting prosperity, peace, and happiness


This’s among the stones that bring royalty and wisdom by fighting away negativity.

Tree Agate

Tree Agate is a beautiful stone that symbolizes stability and longevity. It supports us when we feel powerless and helps us find the strength to keep going. Tree Agate makes a lovely gift as it can be given to anyone – young or old, male or female.

Tree Agate is usually tumbled, but raw stones (with holes drilled on them) are also available. You can hold them in your hand or put them somewhere in your home, office, or workplace where they’re easily visible. It is a master healer that helps you stay positive.

To find the strength to carry on – take a piece of Tree Agate and hold it in your hand. Then imagine that the energy from this stone is filling you with the power which can help you overcome any negative energy.

Used For:

  • Finding the strength to carry on
  • Helps you stay positive


It’s recommended that you wear it as jewelry if you want to absorb the vibrations. Once you’ve done this, place the stone somewhere visible where they’ll remind you of their power every day.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline Stone

Black Tourmaline crystals belongs to a group known as “stone dealers,” responsible for absorbing all kinds of negative energies. These are then transformed into positive energy and returned to the universe.

This is why it’s so important to wear them as jewelry if we want to absorb negative energy even when we’re not meditating or working on our spiritual development.

You can also place Black Tourmaline stones in your home, office, or workplace – preferably in places where you receive a lot of negative energy the most.

Used For:

  • For psychoemotional release


If you don’t wear Black Tourmaline jewelry, you can take them in your hand (they must be tumbled pieces, not raw stones) and imagine that they are absorbing all the negative energy surrounding you.

Once it becomes full, gently release all the negativity by throwing the stone(s) away from you. Then repeat this ritual until the stone is once again pure black. You can also place the crystal across the front door.


Carnelians are usually associated with deflecting negative energy and illness. They’re prevalent stones that look great as jewelry – especially in the form of pendants.

One of the easiest ways to wear Carnelian is on a long chain next to your skin (not over clothes). This way, you can get the benefits without worrying about getting dirty.

They’re small enough that you can fit several pieces into your pocket – although some people prefer wearing them on their hands instead. Carnelian stones are usually relatively flat, but they come in all shapes and sizes!

Used For:

  • For deflecting negativity


To deflect negative energy or illness – puta piece of Carnelian inside your pillowcase. This is an excellent way to ensure that their power protects you while you sleep.

However, if you want to get rid of the negative energy somehow – put two pieces of Carnelian in your hand and rub them together. Then imagine all the negativity surrounding you (or someone else) slowly fading into the stones.

Black Jade

Black Jade Crystal

Jade is one of the most popular crystals in Feng Shui – and black jade is especially powerful. It has a very high vibration which helps us to avoid energy we don’t want and increase that which we do want. It’s truly a healing crystal grid that improves self-confidence and promotes self-discovery.

Black jade crystals can be used in many different ways: Place them around your house, wear them as jewelry or use them in your feng shui cures.

However, the easiest way to get their energy is by purifying yourself with black jade. You can do this by holding two pieces in your hands and rubbing them together vigorously while imagining that their power is cleansing you from head to toe.

Used For:

  • For purifying yourself


You can use black jade to deflect negative energy – place one piece on either side of your pillow so that they protect you while you sleep. You can use this crystal as one of the best crystals for negative energy protection.

Wrap Up

As soon as it comes to negative energy or toxic people, we have all experienced it in our life. It is exhausting. When negative energies such as jealousy, ill wishes, or hatred come within us we go through hard times to overcome that.

However, with a suitable gemstone, you can fight your negativity. To get the most suitable stone for negativity you should consider consulting a professional astrologer who can guide you to get the most suitable one depending on your birth time and other factors.

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