Do you often feel overwhelmed by negative energy? Do people or situations frequently drain you of your emotional strength? If so, you may benefit from using a crystal stone for negativity.

These stones can absorb negative energy and release positive vibrations. They can also provide emotional protection against people or situations that tend to overwhelm us.

In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of using crystal stones for negativity and how to choose the right one for you!

What are Crystal Stones used for Positivity

When people think of crystals, they might automatically think of jewelry because that’s what you can do with crystals, but crystals are made out of quartz, which comes in different minerals and colors.

Crystals for negativity is not a new concept; many cultures have practiced it for thousands of years.

They’re much the same as crystals that emit energy that you can wear to help improve your mood or crystals that emit negative energy that you can hang in your home.

Crystal crystals come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. They are made out of clear quartz crystals that emit a high level of energy known to heal the mind and body.

Some crystals for negative energy can be programmed with your intentions or desires. For example, if you want to manifest something in life, you will need crystals for manifestation.

This process is very similar to creating a new habit or pattern of thinking. It takes dedication, time, and patience to make this energy within your life.

However, once these negative energies are programmed into the crystals, they will consistently emit negative energy until they are unplugged or cleared. That’s why it is essential to know how to remove negative energies from crystals.

Five Best Crystal Stones to Take Away the Negative Energy

Five Best Crystal Stones to Take Away the Negative Energy

After we became mystical beings, and as time went by, the concept of negativity emerged. It’s everywhere: in relationships, at work, or just when you’re browsing through your Facebook feed.

Everyone experiences it now and then – but how do we deal with it? We all know that “bad vibes” need to be thrown out the window, but how is that done quickly and simply?

Here are five of the most potent crystals stone to take away the negative energy:

Amethyst- Absorbs Negative Energy

This is one of the most popular crystals associated with spirituality. It has a powerful vibration that can relieve stress and bring about the inner peace we all crave.

Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst works best for this purpose when worn as jewelry (e.g., earrings or pendants). Also, placing several pieces in your home, office, or workplace has a similar effect.

In addition to stress relief, Amethyst is also known for reducing headaches and migraines. If you suffer from headaches/migraines, you can place a piece of Amethyst over your Third Eye Chakra (Ajna) on your forehead if you suffer from headaches/migraines.

It is one of the best crystals for protection as it works through the throat chakra and root chakra effectively.

How to Use Amethyst Stone

You can do this in two ways. If you want to remove all the negative energy from yourself – imagine that the pieces of Amethyst are absorbing all the negative vibes. Then, imagine that they’re releasing positive energy to you (sandwiched between your eyebrows is the best place to focus on).

And if you want to keep calm in the face of negativity – put one piece of Amethyst on top of your head and put another on your Third Eye Chakra. This way, you should feel the calming effects almost right away.

Tree Agate – For Finding the Strength to Carry On

Tree Agate is a beautiful stone that symbolizes stability and longevity. It supports us when we feel powerless and helps us find the strength to keep going. Tree Agate makes a lovely gift as it can be given to anyone – young or old, male or female.

Tree Agate Crystal

However, it’s recommended that you wear it as jewelry if you want to absorb the vibrations.

Tree Agate is usually tumbled, but raw stones (with holes drilled on them) are also available. You can hold them in your hand or put them somewhere in your home, office, or workplace where they’re easily visible. It is a master healer that helps you stay positive.

How to Use Tree Agate Stone

To find the strength to carry on – take a piece of Tree Agate and hold it in your hand. Then imagine that the energy from this stone is filling you with the power which can help you overcome any negative energy.

Once you’ve done this, place the stone somewhere visible where they’ll remind you of their power every day.

Black Tourmaline- For Psychoemotional Release

Black Tourmaline belongs to a group known as “stone dealers,” responsible for absorbing all kinds of negative energies. These are then transformed into positive energy and returned to the universe.

Black Tourmaline Crystal

This is why it’s so important to wear them as jewelry if we want to absorb negative energy even when we’re not meditating or working on our spiritual development.

You can also place Black Tourmaline stones in your home, office, or workplace – preferably in places where you receive a lot of negative energy the most.

How to Use Black Tourmaline Stone

If you don’t wear Black Tourmaline jewelry, you can take them in your hand (they must be tumbled pieces, not raw stones) and imagine that they are absorbing all the negative energy surrounding you.

Once it becomes full, gently release all the negativity by throwing the stone(s) away from you. Then repeat this ritual until the stone is once again pure black. You can also place the crystal across the front door.

Carnelian- For Deflecting Negativity

Carnelians are usually associated with deflecting negative energy and illness. They’re prevalent stones that look great as jewelry – especially in the form of pendants.

Carnelian Crystal

One of the easiest ways to wear Carnelian is on a long chain next to your skin (not over clothes). This way, you can get the benefits without worrying about getting dirty.

They’re small enough that you can fit several pieces into your pocket – although some people prefer wearing them on their hands instead. Carnelian stones are usually relatively flat, but they come in all shapes and sizes!

How to Use Carnelians Stone

To deflect negative energy or illness – puta piece of Carnelian inside your pillowcase. This is an excellent way to ensure that their power protects you while you sleep.

However, if you want to get rid of the negative energy somehow – put two pieces of Carnelian in your hand and rub them together. Then imagine all the negativity surrounding you (or someone else) slowly fading into the stones.

Black Jade- For Purifying Yourself

Jade is one of the most popular crystals in Feng Shui – and black jade is especially powerful. It has a very high vibration which helps us to avoid energy we don’t want and increase that which we do want. It’s truly a healing crystal grid that improves self-confidence and promotes self-discovery.

Black Jade Crystal

How to Use Black Jade Stone

Black jade can be used in many different ways: Place them around your house, wear them as jewelry or use them in your feng shui cures.

However, the easiest way to get their energy is by purifying yourself with black jade. You can do this by holding two pieces in your hands and rubbing them together vigorously while imagining that their power is cleansing you from head to toe.

Alternatively, you can use black jade to deflect negative energy – place one piece on either side of your pillow so that they protect you while you sleep. You can use this crystal as one of the best crystals for negative energy protection.

Are Crystal Stones Beneficial to Reduce Negative Thoughts?

Are Crystal Stones Beneficial to Reduce Negative Thoughts

There are lots of different opinions about this. Some people think that crystals can’t do anything – saying that it’s just the placebo effect.

On the other hand, many spiritual teachers recommend using crystal stones to cleanse yourself or cure bad energy ( whether you believe in them or not ). The best way to find out is by trying them out for yourself.

It’s worth pointing out that the power of new crystals is extreme – so it can be overwhelming if you don’t know how to use them.

For this reason, it’s best not to start using new crystal stones while they’re still in their packaging. It might be a good idea to read up on what type of crystal you’ve bought – and then place it somewhere safe for a few days. Once the energy has settled, it’s time to start using your new crystal stone!

What are the Tips for Cleansing or Purifying Crystals?

What are the Tips for Cleansing or Purifying Crystals

When you first get a new crystal, they’ll be compelling. This is because they’ve only recently been dug up from the ground, so their energy will be full of new potential. This is good – but it’s sensible not to start using them straight away.

Instead, it would help to clean the crystals in water before purifying yourself with them. It’s often safest to use glass or metal for this purpose because you want the crystal stone to be removed from its protective casing.

Put the crystal inside a container filled with fresh water. Make sure that the container is large enough to hold both pieces! Then leave them overnight to release any negative energy that might have become attached to them during the mining process.

If you want, it’s possible to add salt or sea salt to the water. This will intensify its cleansing power – but it can also make the stones feel a little bit too ‘sharp’ for comfort.

If you think your crystals are still holding on to some bad energy after cleansing them in water – rub them vigorously against a silk cloth until they feel completely smooth.

Benefits of Using Crystal Stones for Negativity

Here are some of the benefits you can expect to see by wearing or carrying any of these crystal stones for negativity:

  • You’ll remain calm in the face of negativity – which helps you avoid stress and anxiety.
  • You’ll be able to deflect negative energy from others – which means they won’t have a chance to hurt you.
  • The negative vibes coming from other people will have less impact on you – because your mind is protected by powerful vibrations.
  • Your mind will become more positive, clear, and focused – so your willpower increases, and your life improves.
  • You’ll find it easier to keep calm in challenging or stressful situations – because you can rely on your crystal stones to protect you.

The Bottom Line

Crystals for Negative Energy Protection

If you want to try out the power of crystal stones – then it’s not a bad idea to start with Carnelian and Black Jade.

Both crystals are suitable for shielding yourself from negative energy – and they’re compelling if you place them close to your head during sleep because this is where negative energy tends to enter our bodies.

However, whether or not crystal stones can reduce negative thoughts is a matter of debate – and you should bear in mind that they only work if you believe in them.

In this blog post, we have discussed the benefits of using crystals for absorbing negative energy. We will also provide a list of the best crystals for protection photos.