In our anxiety-producing, chaotic world, the house delivers a retreat to refresh your energies, get a sound sleep at night and absorb negative energy. A protection stone can help you keep the home protected as well as celebrate your life to its fullest.

For centuries, gemstones, which are stunning rock formations, have stunned human beings. While you might like to keep them as a piece of the decor of the house, not many people know that different crystals hold different vibrations, and also helps change the energy index of the home. Natural crystals and tumbled stones offer healing properties and bring positivity to your house.

So, let’s now know in detail about some of the most common and effective crystals to cleanse, energize, and also protect your new home.

What Are Crystals For A New Home?

Crystals or gemstones are stones that are formed once minerals combine in a precise pattern – and this pattern is precisely what defines the type of the particular crystal (not its outer form).

The blend of pressure and the heat underground shapes crystals from some liquid minerals – which is a procedure that sometimes takes millions and millions of years.

Crystals for Protection And To Absorb Negative Energy Of The Home

The dark crystal that helps to create a protective border around both yourself and your home are obsidian, black tourmaline, and also Amethyst crystals.

The first 2 are useful for making you feel safe and secure, while even protecting your house from all toxic people and evil energies.

On the other hand, the Amethyst crystal helps to connect to your best and highest mind, allowing you to possess your space.

Here is a brief detail about each crystal for life force energy and positivity in your house…

Black Tourmaline Crystal

The black tourmaline crystal is a powerful protector and healer.

Black Tourmaline crystal stones is powerfully connected to our base chakras (our earthly roots) which help us to feel secure and safe in our home upon this earth.

This gives you deep-rooted self-confidence to see and embrace yourself, speak your reality, and also set your path to spiritual healing.

Black Tourmaline also can pave the way to success by keeping negative energy away from you.

Obsidian Crystal

This crystal is also known as “Volcanic Glass”. The Obsidian crystal is made out of molten lava. By nature, this stone works quickly as a protective guard from negativity around your house. It absorbs bad vibes and should thus be cleaned frequently.

Obsidian crystal is a fantastic truth-teller and stunning crystal, so it can assist you to get to the base of what is bringing negative influences into your home and thus, spread positive vibes.

Amethyst Crystal

Mystics in the medieval periods used Amethyst crystal to treat more or less everything from acne to spider bites. This purple stone is one of the best protective crystals that is widely famous and readily available in several different forms.

It is known for both spiritual and emotional protection. Amethyst crystals can break addictive or anxious thought habits and help you to move into higher consciousness.

This stone’s high vibration effectively blocks stressful, negative energies and also stimulates the serenity of your mind. Placing an amethyst crystal under your pillow or on your nightstand will protect you against nightmares.

Crystals for Positive Energy

Below are the top 3 best crystals for bringing positive energy to your new house.

These crystals are great to fight all negative energy around your home and thus bring positive energy and vibe to your life.

Smoky Quartz Crystal

Smoky quartz crystal is a kind of crystalline quartz. It comes in a wide range of colors.

Smoky quartz crystal is known to help with enhancing overall wellbeing, abandoning old wounds, releasing unwanted emotional thoughts, bringing stability, bringing positivity, and also grounding.

It’s known to connect you deeper with the Earth and thus bring positivity to your new home.

Labradorite Crystal

This crystal is often referred to as ‘aurora stone’. This is because when you hold it in light, the stone’s blue-green shimmer will be reminiscent of the Aurora Borealis, which is the northern lights. Labradorite Crystal’s healing properties are all concentrated on thumping into your depth of creativity, positivity, higher consciousness, and connection.

Pyrite Crystal

Pyrite crystal is an iron sulfide mineral and a metallic luster. This is a stone for bringing positivity, and purity into life and also unblocking creativity.

At its core, Pyrite is all about offering protection. It is a gemstone that wants to protect and shield its wearer.

Beyond the protective vibrations, Pyrite is not just about blocking however, it’s also savvy as soon as it comes to gathering the right type of positive energy into your house.

Crystals for Comfort And Cleansing

When it comes to comfort, gemstones are the ideal way to combine supportive earth power with our 6th sense of instinct.

The gemstones we are mentioning below that will surely offer you soothing, warm, positive vibes in your home.

So, let’s check out the crystals for comfort and cleansing below…

Citrine Crystal

The citrine crystal is a yellow to a reddish-orange fellow of the crystalline quartz family. It is believed that citrine crystal possesses a solar quality of power, as its colors are equivalent to that of the sun.

It makes the crystal a good gemstone with a lot of healing properties for both physical and emotional ailments, offer your comfort, and cleanses your house as well as your body, mind, and soul.

Carnelian Crystal

Iron oxide is mainly the source of this orange crystal’s color. Carnelian crystal captivates in a similar way that the fiery sunset’s flash or the first flare of autumnal splendor does.

It symbolizes warmth, bold energy, comfort, and also the joy that pauses as much as it stimulates and empowers.

Tree Agate Crystal

This stone helps people look inside for self-analysis, which may also result in a tranquil demeanor. The keywords with this green gemstone are ‘stabilizing’ and ‘grounding’.

It is like kicking off the shoes to feel rooted to the earth under the feet, aiding you to feel supported. Thus, this stone is great for keeping in your new home.

The Science & Logic Behind Crystals And Their Use

Crystals have mostly been ignored as pseudoscience, even though some studies indicate they may deliver a placebo effect.

A more aged analysis presented at conferences in 1999 & 2001 but not issued in a peer-reviewed journal recommended that any healing miracles associated with stones were probably an outcome of the power.

Crystals are made using different compounds or elements, which your body reacts to in various ways.

Gemstones are minerals that generally hold energy, and as human beings are made with energy, we can thus exchange energy with those crystals when we use them. These crystals are utilized to enhance the position of many everyday things in our life.

To be true, there is no scientific evidence backing the use and effect of crystals, but it is all in a person’s mind. If you believe in crystals, you can try them on to see the results yourself. However, we can’t even completely deny the effects of crystals.

The positive effects are all because of the mindset of the wearer. If we try to explain this with logic, we must say that the crystals are made out of earthly minerals and properties that indeed help to calm and cool down our bodies.

Additionally, if you believe in crystals, then wearing them you will feel more confident. Thus, your calmness and your confidence boost your energy and positivity. And that is why you see positive changes after wearing a crystal. That is what science and logic believe.

How To Choose The Right Crystals For A New Home

There’re no particular rules here for choosing the most suitable crystals for your new home.

Maybe you simply choose a crystal just because you liked the shape and color, the way they spark, or the way you feel about them but you do not understand why.

In simple words, that is because the stones call to you, and it is all good for you. That is your intuition talking.

It is also necessary to keep in mind that like your mood the choice of your crystal will change. Sometimes, you may find yourself attracted to a certain crystal. As soon as that happens, just go with it! Hold it.

Connect to the vibration of the crystal. In case it feels correct, take it home to research its uses. Whenever in mistrust, go with your intuition.


ALWAYS buy crystals from a reputed shop or website.

Where To Keep Crystals In The New Home for More Energy?

In case you are searching for a method to enhance the perspective of your room, while elevating the interior design, then crystals must be your go-to option.

Not only do crystals come with ‘perceived powers’ but they are a great mode to decorate your home. Crystals are colorful, and soothing and also go with nearly every decor pattern.

Here’s our ultimate guide to equipping your home with crystals for better results.


Best Crystals: Black Tourmaline, Amethyst, Rose Quartz

In case you wish to cleanse your bedroom, place a black tourmaline crystal in four corners of your bedroom. In case you are having trouble sleeping then place an amethyst crystal on your bedside table or under your bed.

And finally, bring love, joy, and romance to your bedroom using rose quartz. Improve the vibration by placing 4 crystals at each leg of the bed.

Child’s Room

Best Crystals: Obsidian, Celestite, Hematite

In case your kid has nightmares, then the obsidian crystal will absorb bad energy from your child’s new room.

Celestite is particularly one of the beneficial crystals for kids that are not capable of integrating into the world surrounding them for no apparent reasons.

Hematite, on the other hand, comes with a grounding, calming quality, while celestite nurtures and soothes your little one.

Front Door

Best Crystals: Jade, Black Tourmaline

Add Jade crystal to welcome good luck and wealth to your new home. Protective and cleansing, black tourmaline crystals are ideal for entry to your house.

Place black tourmaline crystals on the window, console, or shelf near your new home’s front door.

Living room

Best Crystals: Amethyst, Selenite, Amber

Add amethyst crystal for good contact and selenite crystal to cleanse. If you feel like sitting back & relax then Amber crystal is best for you. Simply place an Amber crystal on a tray on the coffee table of your living room.


Best Crystal: Clear quartz

It helps to clear the bad energy in the bathroom. You can even add rose quartz crystal when you are bathing to make a nurturing atmosphere.


Best Crystals: Rose Quartz, Carnelian, Citrine, Celestite

Add the Rose Quartz crystal for nurturing energy and driving away from the negative vibes from your home. Carnelian crystal is an energizing, uplifting crystal, so it is a great gemstone for increasing your inventiveness.

Need to concentrate in life? Pop some citrine crystals on your benchtop. And finally, Celestite crystal will improve your well-being and health.

Study Room

Best Crystals: Shungite, Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Citrine

For balance and protection, place the Shungite crystal next to the electronic components. Amethyst is fantastic for concentrating and opening your senses, while Black Tourmaline crystal is compelling by blocking any negative vibes. Need help focusing? Place a citrine crystal on your desk to increase focus.

Benefits of Crystals For A New Home


Crystals can help you to bring all types of energies and also the emotional climate inside our home that we’d like to associate with our new houses.

Let’s now talk about the endless benefits of using crystals in your new home for protection, positivity, energy, and cleansing of both your home and your body, mind, & soul.


No matter whether a home is new or old, it must feel safe.  Especially in case you have moved from the old setting to a new one that made you feel unconfident, crystals like black kyanite or black tourmaline can set a protecting boundary around the house.  For better results, you can place them on the front door of your new house.


Moving to a new house is not only hectic but also very scattered. When you shift to a new place you need to bring back the energy and offer some balance to your new space. For this, consider some Aragonite crystals. Place them in a room where you are most active, such as the living room or kitchen.


For your or your kid’s education, you can use Carnelian crystals. These are generally used for progress in knowledge. Place 9 Carnelian crystals in the North-East direction of your new home to promote an open-minded approach.

Peace Of Mind

House is where we replenish and regroup.  To achieve a peaceful house, consider having Amazonite Crystal in the busiest rooms such as the living room to boost restful peace.


To financially prosper, it’s recommended to place Citrine Crystal in the Southern-East direction of the home. Citrine is familiar as the Merchant’s Gemstone as it’s thought to best stones that welcome money in your life. thus, one can even place the stone on top of their cash box or simply carry a small stone in the purse/wallet/pocket always.

Fame & Recognition

To earn fame & reputation, the Clear Quartz Pyramid Crystal can be put in the southern direction of the home. This’ll help enhance your status as well as allow you to be on the track with raises and promotions.


New houses can always aid from a little additional love. So, to increase love between your family members in the new house, use Rose Quartz Crystals. This crystal grid not just boosts your relationships, but also reminds you that home is where you care for yourself.


To succeed in your career as well as to boost career prospects, you should place clear quartz crystals in the workplace of your new home. Keeping it in your study room will facilitate decision-making as well as aid in your intuitive responses.

The Best Crystals For A New Home

Cleansing, energizing, and protecting are essential for not just the home but also your family members. Some may feel it as a little bit extreme when you move into a place.

Still, you want to ensure that the previous resident’s energy is removed completely so that you can begin fresh in the new home. So, here are a few most common and effective crystals to have in your new home.

Amethyst Crystal

Origin: This stone came from the Greek a-methystos. The meaning of this stone is “not drunken.”

Characteristic: The varied purple or violet-colored treasured gemstone from the quartz family is commonly identified by its fascinating blend of slippery prism formations as well as piercing boundaries within an earthy and raw rock exterior.

Amethyst stones is also believed to impact one’s dream cycle. It impacts so much that lucid dreaming isn’t unusual. For enriched and heightened REM outcomes, try discovering a home for this healing stone someplace within the sleeping quarters.

Benefit: “Not drunken” is certainly a fitting name for this stone. The amethyst is believed to boost the clarity of mind, patience, calmness, and also balance. So, it is one of the best crystals for your new home.

Black Tourmaline Crystal

Origin: This stone is among the oldest gemstone. Ancient magicians relied heavily on black tourmaline crystals, known as schorl then, to guard them against evil and negative energies that can appear when throwing spells. The Black tourmaline crystal is linked to the root chakra.

Characteristic: Normally a short, rough stone in shape; as well as an unclear licorice coloring. The Black tourmaline crystals are generally worn around the neck, like the talisman, because of the view that it absorbs negative energies and anxieties. You can also place them around your house to receive the same result.

Benefit: A protecting and grounding gemstone that not just acts as a protection against negative powers, but also dispels as well as transforms anxieties, fears, and also obsessions into positive vibes.

Rose Quartz Crystal

Origin: The Rose quartz crystal dates back to around 7000 BC. The Rose quartz crystals have been discovered in the region once called Mesopotamia (which is now called Iraq).

Characteristic: Rose quartz crystal is identified easily by its amazing pastel pink color. It generally grows in the truss formations, as well as can even be grainy as soon as found in its most actual form. The Rose quartz crystal is sometimes prescribed as hospice support to assist in boosting serenity, peace, and also a tranquil setting in both your new and old house.

Benefit: The Rose Quartz crystal supports several forms of love such as self-love, romance, familial love, unconditional love, and platonic relationships. It can even be used to entice love, for charms and spells.

Nevertheless, its powers aren’t limited to heart-opening and compassion. It’s also utilized for calming fears and helping to perform through emotional concussions, depression, and also physical injuries.

Citrine Crystal

Origin: Natural Citrine crystals can be discovered in Russia’s Ural Mountains and also in Madagascar. Maximum Citrine crystals, which are heat-treated Amethyst crystals, mainly come from Brazil.

Characteristic: Citrine crystal comes with an overall shiny look to its lemon-yellow color. Natural citrine crystal is pricey and quite rare, so ask where the gemstone came from before buying. In case you put a natural citrine crystal in your wallet, you’ll never find yourself running out of money again, that’s what people believe.

Benefit: Just like the famous proverbial saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” the citrine crystal is believed to manifest abundance.

It’s linked to dispelling doubts, and mental clarity, and also reaffirming your self-worth to get about expansion, success, and also personal power in life.

But with such power there comes responsibility. The Citrine crystal is just as deeply associated with benevolence and the idea that both success and prosperity are best if shared.

Smoky Quartz Crystal

Origin: Smoky quartz crystal is Scotland’s National Gem and it has been regarded as a sacred gemstone there.

Characteristic: The smoky quartz crystal stands out amongst the dark crystals due to its translucent properties. It even owes its various shades of brownish-gray to black to how it soaks light.

No matter where you place the smoky quartz crystal in your new home, you can be assured that it’ll happily prosper. Different from other gemstones, the smoky quartz crystal is flexible to any setting.

Benefit: Said to clarify as well as help remove serious negative energies or evil powers, this gemstone is best used in times of decision-making, confusion, and also prioritizing.

Just like black tourmaline crystal, it is also grounding. It’s perfect for individuals who require that additional push to stand their ground.

Cleansing & Activating Your Crystal

After you receive a new crystal, it is essential to give it an energy cleanse. There are various steps to cleansing the crystal.

You can simply dip the crystal in saltwater which is the most effortless method for cleansing crystals like Rose Quartz, Black Tourmaline, and also Shungite.

Nevertheless, some crystals tend to get damaged by saltwater (an all-around rule of thumb, do not use salt water to cleanse a crystal under 7 on the Mohs scale of the mineral hardness.

Cleansing these crystals by light exposure to the full moon is highly recommended.

Bring the stones inside after keeping them under sun rays for a few hours. Another option is to dip them in the palo santo smoke.

Experts suggest you cleanse your stones at least once per month, as they’re constantly absorbing energy from your home. Note that Citrine crystal (and a few other stones) doesn’t need cleansing.

Here’re a few methods for clearing your stone properly. They’re all useful, so go with the technique that suits you best:

Use Sea Salt As Cleanser

Leave the crystal in the sea salt water overnight as well as add basil, lavender, or dried sage to improve the cleansing effect of the bath.

Use Other Crystals As Cleanser

Certain stones are associated with cleansing such as clear quartz and carnelian crystals are believed to truly cleanse other crystals. So you can use this method too if you have clear quartz and carnelian crystals.

Place Crystals Underneath The Full Moon

If you wish to cleanse your crystals, wait till the next full moon and place the crystals you would like to purify on your windowsill to absorb some of the refreshing energy of the lunation. This way, you will be able to cleanse your crystals.

Bathe Crystals In Moon Water

Distilled water, when left to sit under the full moon energy, is named moon water. You can soak your crystals in this moon water to complete the cleansing process of the crystal.

Wrap Up

While using crystals has become a prevalent practice, it is essential to know that there is presently no scientific proof to support its usefulness.

Still, the perceived advantages of crystal may result from the placebo effect. Nevertheless, many individuals swear by the usefulness of crystals.

There is certainly no disadvantage in giving crystals a try as a substitute treatment. Moreover, keeping crystals in your house will enhance the beauty of your interior.

So, in case the crystal does not bring any positivity, at least it will enhance the beauty of your interior. Thus, either way, placing crystals in your new home is beneficial!





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