Babies are quite sensitive, and that’s why setting different spaces for the baby is an essential aspect to consider while you bring home the new member of the family.

Many parents know intuitively to do this by filling the nursery of the baby with loving signs or painting the walls of their baby’s nursery with soothing shades.

Here let us tell you that some Crystals can be a great way to set your baby’s space too, which lets the baby feel nurtured, protected, and loved, as well as feel a sense of excitement, joy, and vitality for their new life that has just started.

It’s often not considered about, however, your baby has experienced an extraordinary journey from the time you conceived it, to the time it’s born – and also a long journey before your baby is conceived on this planet.

In case you trust in past lives, your baby’s first SEVEN years of life are more about incorporating from their past life into the present one.

However, if you are not a believer in past lives, this idea also applies to the conventional energies they combine during this time. The initial few months need the most energy for babies as this integration starts.

Along with the integration of the past life, the initial SIX months are quite a spiritually energetic time for your newborn. They’re consistently encircled by a considerable group of guides, angels, and loved ones supporting them during this procedure. This may prove to be overwhelming for the baby, and thus crystals can assist manage and/or slowing down these energies in the baby’s life.

Besides helping your baby, crystals can even help you in various ways. Undoubtedly you’re too going through a huge amount of sentiments you have never undergone before, and you might feel like your mind and/or heart could burst at any moment.

In such a situation, crystals in the baby’s nursery can help you to manage these sentiments, and also help you properly process the overwhelming emotional bond and new energy with your newborn baby.

So, let’s now continue reading this article to know more about the best crystals for babies and know how they help you and your babies get rid of negative energies.

Can Kids Wear Crystals?

Yes, of course, kids can wear crystals! Kids are always fascinated with various colors (especially bright ones), textures, and energies of genuine crystals.

Based on your kid’s behavior, kids may be great for wearing crystals in the form of jewelry like bracelets.

In case your kid is a little too mischievous and rough, stick with a sturdy chain necklace instead of a stretch cord bracelet. Pick tougher stones as well as ones that are highly protected in wires and cages.

On the other hand, when your kid is caring and gentle with their jewelry, then you can offer them any piece of jewelry containing crystals.

Stones like Carnelian promotes self-esteem and offer strong heart energy to both new mom and babies.

Types of Crystals To Place in Your Baby’s Room

While any kind of crystal works just fine, there’re different crystals that we would like to recommend while using with newborn babies for stimulating energies.

If you are using crystals for newborn babies then we highly recommend not to wear their jewelry instead you can keep crystals in your baby’s nursery.

So, here are the types of crystals you can keep in your baby’s room.

Geodes or Clusters

You can keep large geodes or clusters in your baby’s nursery. It will be better if you place this type of crystal near a window where the moonlight or sun rays can glimmer off the many surfaces of the stone.

This light source can captivate your baby’s attention. Not just that, the energy emitted from the large cluster will make a noticeable effect on the room’s energetic environment.

Raw Stones & Polished Stones

There are raw stones that often come with sharp edges, and there comes polished stones that are completely polished to bring a shiny appearance.

Although both raw stones and polished stones work similarly we prefer using polished stones for babies. This is because polished stones are shiny enough to attract your baby’s attention and they are harmless for your baby.

Egg-shapes or Round Spheres Stones

Another sort of crystal that you can place in your baby’s room is Egg-shaped or Round Sphered Stones. The egg shape of the crystal represents fertility and new life, and these are smooth, gentle to touch, as well as soothing to look at.

On the other hand, the circle shape permits the power to shine in all directions, supplying the room with adoring energy.

How To Use Crystals For Babies?

Crystal energies are a natural, non-invasive, and beautiful way to soothe the mind and the body. There’re several different ways to use crystals for your babies and young kids.

For this, you can either buy jewelry made using crystals, let your kids wear them or simply put these somewhere in your home.

Any way you choose to use them when you’re using crystals with children make sure your kid does not try to swallow them as this can lead to some serious choking hazards.

There are some different ways to use crystals and stones for babies and young kids. Here’re some of the most useful ideas as soon as it comes to using crystals for your children:

  • Keep crystal under your kid’s pillow or keep it on their nightstand. This will help your kid sleep peacefully at night or even during naps.
  • Tie crystal or gemstone beads onto your kid’s shoelaces.
  • Crystal jewelry with tiger’s eye crystals works wonders for older kids by improving their self-confidence.
  • Place crystals or gemstones in your kid’s bathwater to assist them in relaxing and settling down.
  • Make a dreamcatcher with gemstone beads with your kid.
  • Help your kid build a stone or crystal grid.
  • Put crystals in a backpack pocket of your kid’s bag
  • Line crystals up on a shelf of your kid’s room
  • Create mandalas in your kid’s room
  • Makeup stories for every single crystal’s personality you are having for your kids
  • Place crystals on their chakras
  • Make gemstone elixirs

List Of Best Healing Crystals For Babies

Crystals are excellent for kids! Kids are attracted to sparkling things, and crystals or gemstones beckon them with magic.

Children are also open to the magical energy the Universe has to offer them. This blend makes kids excellent candidates for the crystal.

In case your child doesn’t mentally comprehend the force of energy, they’ll at least feel it. Your baby may not understand why they’re drawn to certain gemstones, but simply like their favored teddy bear, they’ll take comfort in the vibrations of the crystals.

Younger kids should be handled by a grown-up while they are playing with or wearing crystals. So, here is the list of the top 9 best crystals for babies and young kids.

Blue Lace Agate Crystal

  • Color: Aqua, Blue
  • Origin: Discovered mainly in Namibia, initially South West Africa
  • Good For: Child stillness and protection

Blue Lace Agate crystal is one of the prettiest gemstones you’ll ever see. With Blue Lace Agate’s delicate patterns and bands that look like arrangements and waves that appear like lace, this crystal can truly delight to your babies.

There cannot be a parent who is not anxious about the safety of their babies. Negative energies come without notice and can affect lives seriously.

The Blue Lace Agate crystal is an amazing protection gemstone for newborns in this regard. Not just will the stone give protection, but also it’ll also calm your baby down.

How to Use Blue Lace Agate Crystal?

Place your Blue Lace Agate crystal near where the baby plays or sleeps. Ensure you keep the stone out of your baby’s sight.

Amber Crystal

  • Color: Golden, Brown
  • Origin: Amber crystal comes from around the Baltic Sea shores, from today’s Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, southern Sweden, Russia (Kaliningrad), Denmark, and Northern Germany.
  • Good For: Help calm your babies

The Amber crystal is a semi-precious gemstone that has a warm-hues shade that radiates like the Sun rays as well as carries tremendous energies.

In case you have not seen it already, babies love to stay in a form of restlessness. Amber crystals are worldwide known for bringing calmness and tranquility even to your babies. It also helps in developing parent-child relationship.

How To Use Amber Crystal?

Avoid using crystals as a chain to avoid choking hazard. Rather, placing crystals near where your kid sleep appears more reliable and useful.

Moonstone Crystal

Color: Off-White, white, it comes in blue color too
Origin: Sri Lanka & Southern India
Good For: Soothing and calming for children

Moonstones crystals are the gemstones that bring the powers of the moon. It’s one of the good crystals to remove all the negative energy and it can clear bad vibes in a place where you keep the stone. Like the moon can make the waves change on this Earth, this can do the equivalent with your baby’s emotions.

The moonstone crystal will bring the moon’s light to your kid and will inspire all chakras of your kid.

How To Use Moonstone Crystal?

Place the crystal under the cot/bed of your baby. This helps your baby’s mind calm down and offers better sleep.

Rose Quartz Crystal

Color: pretty pink
Origin: Madagascar, India, Germany
Good For: Bring a sense of unconditional love

The Rose quartz stone represents love as well as it’s a stone that welcomes calming, soothing energies into your home.

The presence of titanium or manganese in the crystal gives the rosy pink color. This stone makes it ideal for new mothers who are understanding how to bond with their babies. It is also one of the best healing stones that help the mother too.

How To Use Rose Quartz Crystal?

Rocking or nursing your baby near the Rose Quartz stone appears to be soothing and calming.

Amethyst Crystal

Color: Pink, Purple
Origin: Uraguay, Brazil
Good For: For promoting positive energies

Amethyst crystal gemstones is the most famous type of quartz that is thought the most protective and powerful stone. This stone help to spread positive energies that’ll keep your kid away from bad energies and having your kids away from distress is essential. It is the stone that’ll have these things sorted.

They’re well-known around the globe for babies as well as the well-being these crystals bring. In case elevating positive energies and protection are what you are looking for, then pick this one for sure.

How To Use Amethyst Crystal?

Place the crystal near your toddler’s bed where your baby sleeps or plays. This will increase their energies significantly.

Black Tourmaline Crystal

Color: Black or White
Origin: Africa, Brazil
Good For: Powerful soothing

Black tourmaline comes with many associations and properties that make the stone a special gem. It is typically pitch-black, making the crystal more striking. The Black Tourmaline crystals soothe down your baby’s mind and give them a feeling of protection. Its of one the best stones to protect against black magic.

Among one of the most popular baby crystals, this powerful soothing stone will keep your kid safe from all negative energies.

How To Use Black Tourmaline?

Place the crystal under your baby’s cot and allow the stone to work its magic.

Carnelian Crystal

Color: Yellow, Golden, Red
Origin: Russia, Brazil, Germany
Good For: Bring a sense of protection

Carnelian crystal is from the Chalcedony family. It’s best known for promoting self-esteem as well as having an open-minded perspective on life.

This is great for young kids. In case you just want a single stone to get for the kid for their insecurity, then Carnelian would be it.

How To Use Carnelian Crystal?

As this is for young kids, you can make chains or protection bracelets using crystals and then wear the piece of jewelry to your kid.

Tiger’s Eye Crystal

Color: Yellow, Brown, Golden
Origin: Burma, India, Brazil
Good For: Bring good luck & strength

The Tiger’s Eye crystal is the type of crystal that your child will like since it really appears cool! It is a must-have stone in your crystal collections for children. This crystal can really boost your child’s inner strength as well as their luck.

It’ll bring bravery to try new things as well as the enthusiasm to do whatever your kid thinks is good, without thinking about what others might think of them.

How To Use Tiger’s Eye Crystal?

Place the crystal near the bed of your kid to have the crystal energize your kid while they sleep at night.

Blue Calcite Crystal

Color: White, Blue
Origin: Mexico & South Africa
Good For: Soothes & brings peace

Blue Calcite crystal is a very emphatic crystal as soon as it comes to relaxing and soothing the emotional body. Infants are prone to have an uneasy and restless attitude often.

It can be your baby who just cannot stop crying as well as hope a stone might fix that. The Blue Calcite crystal will relax your child down as well as will let various positive energies into the child.

How to Use Blue Calcite Crystal?

These crystals for infants work nicely in your baby’s bedroom. Simply place the crystal anywhere where it is challenging for your child to reach.


Overall, having gemstones at home near your babies as well as toddlers is quite secure. A good crystal to place in the baby nursery during the initial few months, ensures proper blood flow, metabolism, and oxygen supply to the brain.

Keeping stones in your baby’s room is also good for the baby’s sleep as the stone will be stimulating supportive energy in your baby.





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