Magical attributes have been part of the daily existence of people since ancient times when danger lurked around every corner.

The threat came from disease, wild animals, physical injury, or war. And at this time, we also seek to find safety from evil people and negative situations through the help of magical little objects.

Security is one of the most important human needs. It is impossible to enjoy any of the joys of life if you do not feel safe.

Since time immemorial, amulets and talismans have been protecting against bad luck and evil spirits. So, in this article let’s know about some powerful crystals for black magic protection.


How Do Crystals For Black Magic Work?

You can feel the power of the Earth’s minerals when you take one crystal or place it next to your body. That is why healing crystals are considered treasures of the Earth. These are stones full of energy that you can use.

This is one of the types of energy of a person and the environment that surrounds him. It gives us activity, strength, good mood, health, high efficiency and good luck in dealing with people.

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Gemstone Black Magic Protection Common Use Synergistic Pairings
Black Jasper Creates a shield against negative energies. Wear as a pendant or bracelet. Amethyst for increased protection.
Fluorite Establishes a protective psychic shield and purifies the aura. Place in living areas or carry in a pocket. Smoky Quartz for grounding and balance.
Amethyst Transforms negative energies into love energy. Use during meditation or keep it under your pillow. Black Tourmaline for enhanced energy transformation.
Smoky Quartz Acts as a barrier against emotional and environmental stress. Wear as jewelry or keep in your work area. Black Jasper for increased grounding.
Black Tourmaline Forms a protective shield around the body, repelling dark energies and psychic attacks. Place near entrances or wear as a pendant. Selenite for spiritual cleansing.
Pyrite Shields from negative energy, deflects harm and danger. Keep in your pocket or use in a crystal grid. Agate for stability and grounding.
Agate Surrounds the user with a field of supernatural energy. Use in jewelry or place around your home. Carnelian for increased vitality and motivation.
Rose Quartz Provides an aura of love and positivity that repels dark forces. Carry on your person or use during meditation. Aquamarine for calming and soothing energies.
Selenite Creates a protective energy grid around the body, deflects external influences. Use during meditation or place in your home. Black Tourmaline for powerful protection.
Carnelian Protects against envy, rage, and resentment, banishes emotional negativity. Carry in your pocket or wear as a bracelet. Rose Quartz for emotional balance.
Aquamarine Creates a protective layer around the aura, prevents spiritual and psychic attacks. Use during meditation or wear as jewelry. Fluorite for enhanced mental clarity and protection.


The more positive energy a person has, the more successful, cheerful, and healthier he is.

It radiates good vibes and positivity. There are several wonderful protective stones that will help you get rid of negativity, protect you and act as a kind of filter that brings peace into your life.

Stones can be energy accents at new homes and invite energies to clear, activate, ground different qualities in your life and connect with Spirit. Stones and crystals can be great space customizers for your place. They contain the energy of the Earth and can keep the vibrations of your living space high.

When properly functioning, your aura is a powerful barrier to the negative impact of other people’s thoughts and prevents energy loss. Crystals strengthen and protect your aura, rejecting any attempts to penetrate your energy.

How To Use Crystals For Black Magic

For many centuries, talismans and amulets have been and remain a source of psychological protection for many people who believe in magic. These signs and beliefs exist in every culture and have flourished for centuries.

Moreover, the same symbol can have different meanings in different cultures. In addition, each magical element has its own energy and performs a function inherent only to it.

To program it, you need to hold the crystal in your hands, close your eyes and take three deep breaths. The more you touch your gems, the more you can tap into their energy.

Put in your wallet or pocket. Put one in your pocket or purse. Use it as a touchstone throughout the day to help you understand its power.

11 Best Crystals For Black Magic Protection

For many centuries, talismans and amulets have been and remain a source of psychological protection for many people who believe in magic. These signs and beliefs exist in every culture and have flourished for centuries.

Each stone, gem, or crystal is graded according to its shape, hardness, size, or quality; moreover, they also have a metaphysical meaning, which is considered to be their personality. So, see below 11 for black magic protection.

1. Black Jasper

Black Jasper will help you achieve stability in your life. It will make you feel physically and emotionally strong.

This will help you connect with your higher vibrations and keep yourself to the ground. The energies of Black Jasper are also excellent at working with manifestation.

It is an exceptionally cleansing and uplifting stone that will remove anything unwanted and give you what you need to get through the hardships.

This jasper is a great helper in the practicality of your life. This will keep things streamlined, but it won’t make your life boring.

It will absorb all negative energies and change them to be more beneficial to you and your life. It will bring you positivity and good luck when you find yourself in any confrontation. This stone will also support your efforts in your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual pursuits.

Black Jasper will inspire you to become more organized in your life. This will help you get rid of the clutter so that you realize how truly blessed you are. This will help you get rid of what no longer works and cut ties with people who only hurt or hurt you.

2. Fluorite

The stone has been used since antiquity for the manufacture of medium-sized types of dishes, vases, caskets, as well as in jewelry. It was often valued above gold for its unique qualities and beauty.

Fluorite is known as a stone that helps calm a person with nervous excitability, normalize blood pressure, and adjust sleep.

Also, the stone is used in the treatment of sclerosis, and epilepsy, in the process of recovery after a stroke.

Fluorite affects the body in terms of strengthening the immune system and promoting tissue regeneration. With the help of fluorite, headaches, toothaches, and joint pains are removed. It is recommended for wearing by weather-dependent people.

First of all, esotericists use its protective properties. It is believed that this stone is able to absorb negativity, both directed at a person from the outside, and his own, internal.

The mineral is able to transform energy in such a way that its owner is always full of strength and ideas – it is not for nothing that fluorite is called the stone of scientists and creative personalities.

It is indispensable for people in search of inspiration, but it also strengthens analytical skills.

3. Amethyst

Amethyst is a stone of peace of mind. The delicate and transparent stones soothes your mind and fills you with serenity when you need it.

Amethyst is able to protect against psychic attacks imposed by another person or even by oneself.

In ancient times, this stone was used to protect against thieves. There was even a custom to put an amethyst in a glass so as not to get tipsy.

Perhaps that is why the idea arose that it protects against all kinds of addictions, including alcoholism. When elevated to the rank of cardinal or pope, the priest was given an amethyst ring.

This relic was designed to strengthen the spirit of the priest, to help him in the fight against worldly temptations.

This is the stone of the chakra of the third eye of Ajna and crown Sahasrara. It makes a person more insightful while protecting him from gloomy destructive thoughts.

This is a powerful amulet that protects its owner from evil spirits and damage. It is believed that a person who wears an amethyst cannot be affected by the rites of black magic.

If a negative impact has already been made, the crystal is able to purify the aura and envelop the person with a shield of protective light. The mineral contributes to the growth of spirituality, the development of intuition, and paranormal abilities.

4. Smoky Quartz

This stone is extremely receptive to energy and is a mind healer. The crystal acts on a vibrational level, it balances and harmonizes the energy needs of the owner.

This is why quartz is considered to be a very precise stone, as it can provide exactly what you need from it.

Its one of the recommended crystals that can capture the negative energies around it and designate them, in which case the tip of the stone becomes translucent.

This is another beautiful stone protector from the negative environment. It has a beautiful golden hue that can sometimes be brighter than opaque. If you have a citrine stone, keep it around when you sleep. You will have excellent deep sleep without nightmares.

This stone has incredibly powerful energy in order to drive away evil spirits, but it has the ability to affect the nerves.

If you are a person of strong emotions and cannot handle them, wearing citrine will make you feel anxious. If you are emotionally healthy and can control yourself, then you can use this stone as a defense.

5. Black Tourmaline

This is an infamous stone, about which legends and myths have been circulating for centuries. In fact, it is used by farmers or people who are looking for protection.

This crystal is believed to protect people from evil magic, as well as from cattle and their milk.

Black tourmaline is a very effective stone if you want to ward off bad luck or negativity. It has also been used since ancient times for security and protection. Black crystals are often seen as protective and carrying the weight of authority.

Black tourmaline is known to be one of the most effective and powerful stones that have healing properties and protect you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Black tourmaline should always be by your side so that you always have good health, happiness, good luck, and optimism. This stone will help you in many ways. The negative ions of black tourmaline will stimulate clear thinking and nonchalance.

6. Pyrite

Pyrite, resembling gold in color and brilliance, was endowed with magical properties in ancient times. It is believed that the mineral is patronized by Mars and Neptune.

In ancient Greece, pyrite was considered a symbol of the god of war Ares, so the warriors carried it with them as an amulet, which was supposed to give them courage and strength, and protect them from death in battle.

Since ancient times, the properties of pyrite have been used to extract fire, later pyrite ore began to be used as a raw material for the production of sulfuric acid, and iron sulfate.

After the pyrite ore is roasted, the cinders are used as a source of iron. Pyrite is known to be used in the preparation of certain types of concrete, cement, and mastics.

7. Agate

This is a great variant of Agate that contains interlayers of carnelian. The agate eye is believed to be a crystal of virtue that allows you to discover true happiness in your life.

It is usually used to reinforce clear choice, as it limits hesitation, thus providing protection and courage to the wearer. You can put it in your home to protect you from crime or the evil eye.

Agate is a “guardian” stone. In ancient times, it was believed that this mineral can prevent storms and lightning, and protects against slander and the evil eye.

Charms were made with agate to protect children. Healers were often used to get rid of diseases and facilitate childbirth.

The magical properties of agate are such that it balances masculine and feminine energies, helping to achieve spiritual balance.

Therefore, its distinctive property is a powerful energy flow. It is believed that if you constantly wear agate jewelry, you can develop the gift of clairvoyance.

8. Rose Quartz

One of the most expensive and beautiful varieties of quartz is rose quartz. A mineral discovered by people about ten thousand years ago.

It’s one of the primary gemstones of love, spiritual harmony, eternal youth. This stone is revered today by jewelers, esotericists, and healers of the whole world.

Since ancient times, rose quartz has been considered a powerful antidepressant. This mineral helps to get rid of emotional experiences and copes with stress, and depressive states.

Camotsvet normalizes sleep and eliminates causeless anxiety and depressing thoughts. For this, the rose quartz is worn on the chest, near the heart. At night, the stone is recommended to be placed under the pillows.

Since ancient times, pink quartz has been famous as a protector. It was believed that this flower contributes to an easy pregnancy, facilitates childbirth, and relieves post-natal depression.

It is believed that rose quartz muffles the owner’s negative features, activating the positive ones. The stone cleanses the inner world of a person from malice and envy, thereby freeing up space for kindness and compassion.

However, it is worth remembering that camo flowers need rest. Long-term continuous use wears out the mineral. Then the owner lives under the power of illusions, losing the ability to realistically assess what is happening.

9. Selenite

Selenite is a stone that evokes thoughts of night, comfort and sweet dreams. It is a translucent crystal that glows with a gentle glow when the rays pass through it.

In all cultures, the mineral was considered associated with the feminine and the Moon.

It is also believed that the stone favors the emergence of the gift of foresight and telepathic abilities.

This gem helps its owner find his soul mate and protects family life from storms and crashes, bringing harmony and peace to it.

The magical qualities of selenite acquire special power during the full moon. And if you wear it together with a silver amulet, the beneficial effect of both gems becomes many times greater!

10. Carnelian

Carnelian is a mineral that has been called “frozen sunset”. There were legends about the origin and magical properties of the stone.

Poets admired him. In fact, the gem is just a variety of volcanic chalcedony, but its rich, rich color fascinates and attracts attention.

It is a stone that represents courage, confidence, initiative, assertiveness, sociability, and dramatic ability. It also represents analysis and precision, then stimulates your appetite or awakens awareness of the senses and encourages celebration.

This will help you feel comfortable with the people around you. Moreover, it is considered to be the most beneficial crystal when it comes to healing trauma, emotional wounds, and stress.

There are other useful properties of red carnelian. The stone protects against negative energy directed in your direction and significantly reduces the number of quarrels and disputes with friends and relatives.

No witchcraft and evil forces can harm you if you wear this gem. Damage, evil eye, intrigues, and conspiracies will bypass you. On the contrary, when wearing this mineral, you will increase your amount of strength, so you can overcome any obstacle on your life path with ease.

11. Aquamarine

Ancient peoples considered aquamarine a gift from the god of the seas, Poseidon. According to one of the legends, sailors discovered the first stone.

If you are one of those who are attracted to stones by their color, then you will surely love aquamarine. Its unusually beautiful blue color allows you to see the sky and the sea in the stone.

It is this stone that is considered protective for those who are closely connected with the sea.

Aquamarine brings calmness, a feeling similar to what you feel when listening to the waves. This stone, in addition, can be considered protective.

Aquamarine protects you from bad energies and allows you to get rid of the oppressive feeling of dissatisfaction, despondency, and distrust.

The stone has protective properties, protecting a person not only from lies but also from energy drunkards, damage, the evil eye, and other negativity. Best of all, this task is handled by a green gem. However, it is dangerous to wear such a stone all the time.

But light, pale shades are safer. Such samples also help to get rid of intrusive, unpleasant relationships. Any of the aquamarines will save not only from the negative from the outside but also from oneself – a person will not hit extremes, especially when making important decisions.

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