Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Are you plagued by nightmares or restless dreams? If so, you may benefit from using crystals to promote good dreams.

Many different crystals can help with this, but some of the most popular include Amethyst, rose quartz, and clear Quartz. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of using crystals for good dreams and provide a list of tips for getting the most out of their healing properties!

How Do Humans Dream?

We experience sensory input through the five senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell) during our normal lives. Our brains convert these sensations into pictures, sounds, or other stimuli.

With dreams, it is believed that this data gets replayed to us during sleep to allow the brain to sort through certain memories for filing away into the long-term parts of our brains. In this manner, our sleeping dreams help sort through the experiences of a day and store them away for retrieval.

Are Crystals Helpful for Good Dreams?

Best Crystals For Dreaming


Some people who practice dream control have considered using crystals to aid in the process. The goal is to hold a specific crystal while going to sleep and then affect your dreams. If you have a dream journal, this is a great way to tie your dreams to the real world.

Sleeping with crystals is an easy way to allow them to work on you energetically. However, sleeping with them is not necessary to gain the benefits.

Many people who use them for that reason do so because they don’t feel comfortable sleeping with them in their pockets or around their necks as jewelry, and some people just like to sleep with them close by as a “blanket” of energy.

Crystals absorb and emit energy based on surrounding temperatures, so it’s best to keep them in a place where the temperature is moderate, like on your nightstand or under your pillow.

Make sure they are wrapped in something soft so that if you roll over on them while sleeping, it does not leave a painful bruise, and clean any crystals often with soap and water and dry thoroughly before storing.

Crystals for sleep can be beneficial if you have trouble falling or staying asleep. Some crystals can help with stress, fear, and other emotions that may be keeping you awake at night, as well as those that will help induce sleep.

Moreover, restful sleep helps eliminate negative energies while eliminating the night terrors and bad dreams. The best crystals help improve sleep quality and promote better sleep patterns.

Do you know the pillow on the bedside table is said to facilitate lucid dreaming? YES! The crystals ensure a better night’s sleep without needing too much energy.

What Kind of Stones is Helpful for Good Dreams?

Multiple crystals are available to enhance sleep quality and eliminate any unreliability. You can seek medical advice for other conditions.

Getting a peaceful night’s sleep is helpful for better sleeping patterns and relaxation. You can place crystals beside or under the bed for healing emotional turmoil. From too many crystals, here is the typical type of stones used for a good night’s rest:

Purple Chakra

Purple Chakra Stones can help balance all of the chakras but are especially useful when one is having problems in the root/base or third eye chakras. They may be accommodating for balancing hidden fears and anxiety about the future.

Purple Chakra Crystal

Green Chakra

Green Chakra stones help the heart and solar plexus chakras. This makes them especially useful for depression, anxiety, and stress relief. They may help balance out emotional issues such as self-esteem and addictions of all kinds (especially food addictions).

Green Chakra Crystal

These stones also encourage one to make essential changes in life that will ultimately lead to spiritual growth.

Yellow Chakra

Yellow Chakra stone is perfect for balancing the logical & mental sides of the mind. While some dreams or visions may be helpful in future planning, they can also become quite confusing if not understood fully.

Yellow Chakra Crystal

This allows one to make sense of otherwise irrational information and incorporate it into daily life usefully.

Pink Chakra

Pink Chakra stones are the most gentle chakra stone, promoting love and peace. It may be beneficial with anxiety brought on by relationships or separation issues. It can also help break up old patterns one may have fallen into in past lives that are now causing problems in this lifetime.

Pink Chakra

List of 10 Crystals For Good Dreams

Crystal healing promotes relaxation with calming energy and mental clarity. Furthermore, certain crystals can induce deep sleep and let you have more lucid dreams.

You can feel relaxed and get the inner peace you wished for with protective energy with high vibrational stone.

Here is a list of ten crystals for good dreams:

Amethyst Crystals

One of the most popular stones to use for sleep, Amethyst is known to ease depression and anxiety, which may cause nightmares. It is also known to reduce or block geopathic stress.

Amethyst Crystal

Besides this, it promotes a good sleeping pattern and reduces emotional trauma to help you sleep peacefully without recurrent nightmares.

Amethyst is also helpful with insomnia, migraines, headaches, and general pain relief. Lay the Amethyst under your pillow or place it on a bedside table. YES! It will promote relaxation with a decent sleep schedule.

Black Tourmaline

This stone protects against negative energy and removes electromagnetic smog from a sleeping environment. It also guards against psychic attacks while you sleep. Black tourmaline is one of the best stones for overcoming stress.

Black Tourmaline Stone

It promotes good sleep by calming overactive minds and focusing attention on inner growth. Black Tourmaline can also be used to protect from bad dreams and prevent nightmares.

It is a stone that helps one remain grounded and centered, even when experiencing difficult emotions. It is a great crystal associated with the Third Eye Chakra that affects rest, sleep, and dreaming, making it the perfect choice for restoring a healthy sleep pattern.

Clear Quartz

One of the best healing crystals provides excellent cleansing abilities for any other stones placed on it during sleep time. Clear Quartz enhances spiritual growth, bringing higher awareness into the physical body.

Clear Quartz Crystal

It works on all levels of the mind and spirit to encourage meditation, is a powerful energy transmitter for any healing modality, and can be used to amplify both body energy systems and gentle thoughts. It can dispel nightmares by giving calming energies during sleepless nights.


Hematite is considered an excellent energy stabilizer. Its gentle grounding effect brings about a deep, relaxed sleep. It also helps with dream recall, valid for lucid dreaming and astral travel.

Hematite Crystal

It can be used on the body’s energy centers and chakras in the subtle bodies to assist with re-balancing after psychic work or spiritual practices.

This stone is beneficial for calming hyperactivity of the mind while you sleep, which may reduce nightmares. Hematite is also helpful for pain relief during sleep.

This crystal meditation helps eliminate vivid dreams through its unique crystal grid. You will get more restful sleep with better feminine energy.

Kunzite (Larimar)

This stone opens the heart chakra and aligns it with the throat chakra. It also helps one see their life in a new way, making positive changes in their lives much more accessible. Kunzite stimulates latent psychic abilities, making these skills available for application in daily life.

Kunzite Crystal

It helps with balancing responses and reactions to others, and it is a stone of spiritual love and forgiveness, assisting one in moving past the “why me?” syndrome after trauma or crisis.

It can help you release guilt about your own perceived faults and awaken psychic perceptions that may not have been accessible before. It induces positive energy with rejuvenating sleep making it one of the best sleep crystals.

Smoky Quartz

This stone blocks geopathic stress. It can reinforce the immune system and ease insomnia, depression, anger, and nightmares. It is excellent for use in past-life therapy. This stone removes anger and negative thoughts,

Smoky Quartz Crystal

replacing them with feelings of peace and tranquility. Smoky Quartz is also helpful for pain relief in the physical body.

Place a piece in your pillowcase or under your bed. It’s a peace stone that aids in soothing nightmares caused due to poor sleep, making it helpful for light sleepers.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is known for its gentle calming effect on emotions. It reduces stress and tension, which can be significant in helping one to fall asleep peacefully. This stone also helps with guilt, fear, and anger.

Rose Quartz Crystal

It opens the heart to unconditional love and all that that entails. Rose quartz can be used in any psychic work; it is helpful in past-life regression and for dream recall.

This stone will encourage restful sleep with soothing energy at the dream stage if you are a light sleeper.


Moonstone is an excellent crystal for traveling across time and space during astral travel. It is linked to the moon and may help guide one safely through the astral dimension when no moon is present.


It can increase clairvoyance and bring a sense of peace to a bedroom. Moonstone assists in dealing with things that may be causing stress by encouraging emotional expression.

It also encourages restfulness and alleviates nightmares, especially those caused by menstrual problems or stress from change. It’s a calming crystal for a good night’s sleep with effective crystal grids.


This stone helps one to be in control of your own emotions. It is a great cleansing crystal for clearing away stress and helping with regular sleep patterns. It can also help balance the yin-yang energies, making it useful when engaging in spiritual practices that require meditations on both sides of this spectrum.

Calcite Crystal

meditations on both sides of this spectrum.

Calcite can be used to clear away nightmares, especially those brought on by stress or past life issues. Get a better night’s rest and induce relaxation with this calming crystal.

Tiger Eye

This stone is a great aid for grounding and centering your energy. It may help relieve stress caused by the pressures of daily life and release any anxiety brought about by nightmares or daydreams that disturb standard sleeping patterns.

Tiger Eye Crystal

Tiger Eye may assist one in understanding the difference between dreams and reality. It helps link with the earth during astral travel and is especially helpful when exploring past lives or working on deep psychic issues.

Benefits of Using Crystals For Positive Dreams

Much has been written about crystals in recent years. The reason for this is their alleged healing properties. Many people know them as talismans or good luck charms, but they are also used to treat diseases and psychological complaints, including nightmares, because of their therapeutic potency.

Have you ever wondered whether unique crystals can help your dreams be more positive? If you can’t tell because your dreams are usually dark and negative, it’s time to introduce the idea of having crystals for good dreams.

When this is done right, choosing the best stones for their purposes could go a long way to end nightmares and bring more restful sleep.

The way this is done is simple. And it starts with choosing the suitable stones that you could carry or wear for this purpose. This would be like having your own positive energy flow because of these crystals.

However, the one thing to remember is that there are no hard-and-fast rules for choosing the right crystals. It would depend on you, your needs and wants, and how you usually feel when you wear or bring specific stones with you.

For example, if you want to get rid of nightmares regularly experienced by your child, it might be best to go for moonstones. These are known to produce calming energies that could help relax a person.

And given that children can easily get stressed over the smallest things, it usually takes only a few minutes of holding or wearing a piece of moonstone in their hands before they could feel its impact.

How to Use Crystals For Better Dreams?

The color of a crystal will determine how that mineral can be used to achieve different goals. Each color vibrates and resonates to a different level and therefore affects us on different levels.

Crystals, Stones, and Minerals have been an integral part of many cultures throughout history for healing and spiritual purposes. Every culture has used stones and crystals for different purposes.

For example, the ancient Egyptians used stones to help transition after death, while Native Americans have long revered stones as protectors and healers.

Today many people use these stones in their daily life for similar reasons. Many crystal lovers swear by their healing abilities, while others believe that they can bring a person a sense of well-being and help them achieve a specific goal.

There are many different ways a person can use crystals for good dreams. Many people wear their stones, while others keep them in the bedroom or near the bed itself.

Some choose to sleep with their stones until they develop a relationship with that stone and may have other preferences.

It is important to remember that no two stones are the same or will work for a person, in the same way, therefore a person may need to experiment with different stones until they find what works best for them.

Furthermore, it is also good to know how a particular stone was used before by others to take that knowledge and apply it to themselves.

Crystal lovers will often carry a stone around with them in their pockets or pin one to clothing, which works well if they are trying to achieve something in daily life.

In many cases, someone may gain a sense of calmness after carrying a specific stone around for some time.

A person may also choose to keep a specific stone under the pillow or near the bed itself, allowing them to dream more vividly and remember those dreams during their waking hours. This can be helpful if a person has recurring nightmares and wants to change them around.

Most people who use crystals for better dreams will charge their stones before every use. To charge a crystal, it is vital to hold the stone in both your hands for around 5 minutes.

It is believed that this will help amplify the vibrations of that particular stone so that it can achieve its purpose.

Many people who are new to using crystals forget that these stones come with their energy and should be kept clean at all times.

Many people will cleanse their stones regularly just to ensure that they are purifying their stone and removing any negative energies that it may have picked up along the way.

When Should You Wear Crystals to Have Good Dreams?

The crystal must be cleansed before being used. Use a soft cloth or cotton swab moistened with water to clean the stone after each use. It may also be exposed to sunlight for an hour but never close to heat sources.

However, if you are not comfortable cleaning the stone, it’s best to keep them in their jewelry box. It is also recommended that you have a pouch to store all your stones or crystals, so they don’t accidentally get mixed with other items.

The next thing would be to choose a proper place to store these stones until bedtime. This should be somewhere close to you, and it should be convenient. A nightstand drawer or a bag that you can bring during sleep works just fine.

When the actual time comes for trying these crystals for good dreams, wear them or place them next to your pillow before going to bed.

The way this would work is simple – wear the stones so that they stay close to your skin; place them underneath or right beside you on the bed.

You may even want to carry some with you during sleep, but this might be difficult as it would mean that you’d need a pouch for this purpose.

When you wake up, the same thing can be done – wear the stones again and keep them under or near you. You can do this for as long as possible, which is usually recommended at least throughout the night and morning hours so that they can work on making your dreams better.

The actual results may not be felt immediately because it would depend on how sensitive you are to energy changes. But if you keep doing this regularly, there’s a big chance that you can let go of nightmares and replace them with good dreams.

Final Thoughts

As we know Crystals are the best way to get restful sleep. So in this blog, we discuss the best Crystals for good dreams. We know it sounds kind of out there, but you can find some pretty cool ones!

If this is the first time you’ve heard about crystals for better dreams, then here’s how they work. You need to hold them in your hand or wear one on your body before going to bed at night.

The idea is based around the concept of energy healing, and by wearing these stones, you will be clearing any negative energy from yourself before sleep sets in.

People swear by it, so who am I to argue? Give it a try if you want some fantastic restful nights and see what happens with no more nightmares!


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