Long trips by plane or car can quickly become stressful. Whether you are going on vacation or for work, traveling sometimes puts you in a heightened state of excitement, hence stress.

If it is a moment of celebration for many, it is not the case for all because of this feeling of insecurity and sometimes homesickness which does not help. Crystals can protect us in many ways.

In this article, I am going to tell you about these Crystals with miraculous virtues that you will no longer do without on your travels.

Discover a selection of crystals to slip into your luggage before the big departure. So, see below the 17 best crystals for safe traveling.

What Are Crystals For Travel?

Crystals for travel, protection, and success can provide an energetic layer of support as you begin your career or invest effort.

Each of these crystals for travel, and protection work in a unique way to provide you with the wealth and opulence you seek and crave.

Combining the energy of these stones of protection and success with your own intention is the most effective way to open your life to welcome a generous flow of protection and success.

Why Use Crystals For Travel?

Whether at home, at work, or during your travels, you are exposed to negative energies.

You will meet toxic people whose energy can drain yours. You may also encounter people who can hurt you, either physically or emotionally.

So you need to protect yourself from unwanted vibrations. One way to do this is to use Protection Crystals. Crystals can help deflect negative vibes and create an energy barrier between you and the outside world.

In this article, we are going to talk about the best protection crystals and how they can help protect you. We’ll also give you some tips on how to use these stones so you can make the most of their protective powers.

How To Use Crystals For Travel?

Contact with the skin and the mineral is ideal. You can hold the stone in your hand and put it on you during a meditation session.

“Fixing” the stone to the body is also possible as a pendant, or hanging it with plaster to energetically support a specific area of ​​the body, for example.

Usually, some corner in the house is allocated for this, but someone prefers to carry stones with them. To do this, they can be put in a fabric bag in which they will not be scratched or lost when carried.

Another great place for crystals is your bedside table because this way you can feel the energy of the stones while you sleep. Or you can keep the crystal on the desktop near the computer: this way it will take away negative energy and protect you.

Wear Crystals In Jewelry

Some people forget that it is quite possible to constantly carry the stones everywhere with them. Indeed, they do not always fit in bags or pockets. You also have the option of wearing them on your body as jewelry.

A Bracelet With Crystals Of Light

A jewel is effective as it draws a beam of clarity wherever you go. It is often composed of stones of light such as clear quartz, selenite, or even citrine. You can wear them as a bracelet to see only the positive side of each situation. Specialty shops sell this kind of jewelry if you do not have the ability to tinker with it.

A Collar To Preserve Your Energy Fiel

If the stones of light are worn as a necklace, they will clear your energy field. You can choose one of the stones mentioned before to constitute your jewel. You also have the option of buying a necklace with stones of light from a boutique specializing in lithotherapy.

Best Crystals For Travel

For thousands of years, the importance of stones and minerals has been known to kings and queens and many other civilizations around the world. They are found in tombs, adorning the arms and graves of great leaders.

These gems were used as lucky charms in ancient Indian, Egyptian, Mesopotamian and Greek organizations. According to certain holistic beliefs, precious stones have the power to positively guide aspects of daily life.

Whether you like it or not, there is no harm in using pretty crystals to reduce stress, solve a sleep disorder, and even attract love. See below the best crystals for safe travel.


Amethyst is an extremely powerful protective stone with a high spiritual vibration. It has strong healing and cleansing properties.

An effective mood stabilizer, a powerful healing stone, amethyst is extremely calming to the mind, helping you feel less distracted and focused.

Traditionally protects against ill-wishers or psychic attacks by transforming energy. The amethyst stone will help you reach a higher state of consciousness and spirituality.

It is a powerful remedy for any type of emotional negativity. On a physical level, the relaxing energy of amethyst helps relieve hypertension and muscle pain.

It is particularly effective in releasing tension in the upper back, neck, and shoulders.


Studies have shown that Shungite is an antiviral and antibacterial stone. Improves physical health, restores emotional balance, and recharges stress into powerful energy.

Wear it or place it on an EMF source – near computers and mobile phones – to neutralize their negative impact on sensitive human energy systems.

Since Shungite instantly absorbs negative energy and toxins, it must be cleaned frequently. Wash it thoroughly and place it in the sun to recharge. And your gadget is ready to use again.

Known as the miraculous stone in this age of technology, Shungite purifies our environment. A Shungite pendant or bracelet protects against electromagnetic waves when you pass through a crowd hanging on to their cell phone.

It turns out to be a perfect shield against the radiation caused by all the electronic equipment that surrounds us.


Celestine stone is a natural stone that has many virtues to alleviate physical ailments. Indeed, it participates in the needs of the body.

Thanks to its energetic power, the celestite stone, therefore, helps to treat hearing problems or eye problems. Thus, it improves vision. It also has the virtue to help the thyroid.

In addition, the soothing function of celestite stone helps muscle relaxation. Indeed, it relaxes the back muscles in particular.

In addition, its energy slows down the aging of tissues. Celestine also contributes to the disappearance of nodules in organs and tissues. It also has virtues to help the proper functioning of the lungs.

In fact, it allows for better breathing, it regulates the lungs. Celestine is then a very effective stone to align the chakras, to rebalance them.

Attached to the throat chakra which corresponds to the fifth chakra, celestite is a natural mineral that acts on disorders related to this organ. Thus, it accelerates the regeneration of tissues after an operation on the tonsils for example.


Sardonyx is a unique stone. Even if you have the most beautiful gemstones in your collection, you absolutely must have this one.

Each mineral is unique in this family. Sardonyx stone is considered a sacred stone. Its appearance is quite opaque and it always contains parallel bands of a light color.

Sardonyx can prevent the onset of certain disorders by strengthening your immune system over the long term. The stone is essential to preserve and improve its 5 senses.

It stimulates taste, hearing, touch, sight through the eye and smell without you noticing it immediately. Therapists often use Sardonyx to relieve certain hearing-related diseases.

Sardonyx stone has several uses. It adapts relatively well to your needs. For it to be really effective, we advise you to wear it as a bracelet or in the form of jewelry.

A powerful stone of protection, the sardonyx stone brings stability and as well as happiness to the couple. This stone will help to find the balance in love. She attracts friends and luck.

For its virtues on the physical plane, the sardonyx stone responds to the quest for an existence that has meaning, “I exist and I am”.

It strengthens the will and the character, it also brings stability. Sardonyx overcomes hesitation. It promotes food assimilation and elimination.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is a natural ornamental stone, which is distinguished by high decorative characteristics. Group of eye quartz.

Unlike marble or diabase, it can be used not only in landscape design, but also to create interior decor items (vases, boxes, etc.), jewelry, and ornaments. Ancient people used the tiger’s eye to protect against negativity, attract good luck, and treat various diseases.

This wonderful stone combines the energy of the Sun and the Earth, bringing stability to the awareness, and ensuring the integration of the spiritual and physical principles.

The tiger’s eye helps to balance between extremes, moving from the world of duality – good and evil, good and bad, dark and light – to a practical compromise.


Renowned for its great beauty and for its magnificent blue color, aquamarine stone has been invested in lithotherapy for several centuries by a large number of different civilizations, with many positive virtues.

It would intervene positively on our health, as much as on our mood and on our brain, bringing many benefits on the physical, intellectual, or psychic level.

This is the mineral about which legends are composed. A beautiful gem of a blue hue fascinates with a play of colors reminiscent of sea waves.

It is unique that large stones of gem quality are often found in nature. Transparent minerals are easy to cut and do not crack during processing – high hardness effects.

Aquamarine soothes you from the anxiety of flying and protects you from drowning if you plan to travel on water. Indeed, this mineral has a great power associated with water.

If you want to experience calm and serene travels, especially abroad, you can wear Aquamarine as a bracelet or a necklace, for example. Aquamarine will also protect you from external negative energies.


Sodalite initially favors people with a calm, phlegmatic character. It should also be worn by those who want to stabilize their emotional state.

The magic of sodalite helps a person cope with unnecessary emotions, harmonize consciousness, and tune in to interaction with higher forces. Adepts of magical and meditative practices are suitable for raw minerals, as their energy is closer to nature.

Sodalite calms panic attacks and neutralizes anxiety. Keep it in your pocket, and at the first sign of anxiety, place it in your chest area: breathe slowly and deeply (more about breathing here), and direct all your attention to breathing.

Great for helping you overcome your phobias. If you are an overly sensitive or anxious person, it will help to release the basic fears and hyper control and increase self-acceptance and self-esteem.

The use of sodalite as an amulet can awaken psychic abilities in a person, so the mineral is popular among practicing magicians.

Sodalite beads help to find a way out of the most difficult and confusing situations, and a ring with this stone attracts sincere love and respect from the owner.

Smoky Quartz

A brownstone, smoky quartz is one of the most popular crystals in nature and with lithotherapy enthusiasts. it clarifies the mind of the wearer and gives him a fair vision of his objectives to avoid failure or disappointment.

Formerly worn as an amulet to protect against danger, this crystal diffuses soothing energy around it and sends bad vibes back to the light to get through difficult situations serenely.

Smoky Quartz is an extremely effective crystal for grounding and clearing. It quickly draws off toxic energy. It also protects by blocking geopathic stress and electromagnetic smog.

The stone helps with elimination and detoxification at all levels. He will teach you how to leave behind all that you no longer need. This stone helps to patiently endure difficult times while maintaining composure.

Yellow Jasper

Reduces stress, and turns off the fight-or-flight response. An all-around healer, it delays toxicity, rebalances cells, and boosts your immune system. When shocked, the stone acts as a refuge, which allows you to remain calm and concentrated.

This soothing stone supports you through difficult times, and serious illness, and regulates physical or emotional pain. It can also give you an “overhead” view of the situation. Wear it during any major injury or just to keep your life running smoothly.

This mineral of great beauty also attracts fortune. This stone is also used to restore self-confidence. It brings delicacy and enthusiasm.

It is also a great help in decision-making and using common sense. It also protects its owner from bad external influences.

By wearing the yellow jasper stone, you can find the necessary motivation for your professional projects. It can be your ally to face the challenges of life by bringing courage and willpower.


Moonstone or adularia in appearance looks like a white or transparent crystal with light blue tints. It is used as an inexpensive craft material. The gem got its name because of its characteristic external features.

In ancient times, the magic of any kind of adularia frightened wizards. They thought that the mineral could rob them of their powers of witchcraft. So strong are the magical properties of the moonstone.

Long considered a traveler’s stone, it enlightens the mind while bringing good luck to its owner. Moonstone has soothing properties and makes you forget the fatigue caused by jet lag.

This protective mineral is essential especially for water travel, as it protects you from drowning.

The story goes that night traveler used it to protect them. Also know that Moonstone will also prevent you from misplacing your personal items if you keep them in your luggage.


Labradorite is a semi-precious stone with a dark base but iridescent color play. Although they do not display the same color scheme, they are technically the same stone. Both have unique properties that are used for protection and durability.

It has a beneficial effect on the possibility of conceiving a child, and also preserves love and attraction in couples living together for a long time.

In general, labradorite has a positive effect on the entire body, it helps to improve both well-being and mood. There is an opinion that the stone can cure serious mental disorders.

The gem is able to relieve stress and normalize the nervous and mental state, it sets the body and spirit in a positive way, and also stimulates blood circulation and thereby improving skin color.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz, which got its name due to its delicate shade, has long been considered a symbol of sincere love and harmony. Rose quartz is a variety of the most common mineral on the planet.

The word “quartz” is of German origin, but this mineral was known not only to Europeans. Rose quartz jewelry was made and worn by people in ancient Mesopotamia – more than 9 thousand years ago.

Gentle and loving, Rose Quartz is the perfect healer of the heart and nourishes emotions. He is a master at healing emotions. He teaches you how to love and appreciate yourself. Wear one on your heart and love will always be with you.

This beautiful crystal releases unspoken emotions and heals heartache by transforming an emotional state that no longer serves you.

It soothes grief and promotes self-forgiveness and self-esteem. It perfectly relieves stress, calms, and stabilizes the condition.

Therefore, talismans with a mineral are recommended to be worn by people who are insecure and with low self-esteem.

In addition, the mineral helps to remove obstacles in the way of romantic relationships, strengthens alliances between people, helps to tune in to good and positive and develops the creative abilities of the owner.


Fluorite structures thoughts and makes the mind clear increases creativity and improves communication. Clears mental influences if you need to get rid of outdated beliefs and views, both your own and others. Used to enhance intuition.

In addition, it is a protective crystal, especially on a mental and psychological level, but it also protects against a computer and electromagnetic radiation.

If you do find yourself in a situation where someone is actively trying to drain your energy or harm you, Fluorite can help you avoid the effects of such harm by protecting your energetic identity.

This stone essentially provides invisibility to your aura, so any negative energy directed at you will have a hard time finding you.

There are some dangerous people and energies in the world that we need to be aware of and protect ourselves, and fluorite is great for that type of protection.


Malachite symbolizes calm, transformation, and protection. In lithotherapy, it invites self-transcendence and risk-taking.

Discover the history, the components, the texture, and the energies of malachite, and let yourself be hypnotized by its spirals and its sublime shades of green.

Known to be a protective stone for the traveler, malachite acts by preserving from danger. Source of positive energy, you will learn to better appreciate your travels.

When good vibes surround you, you will arrive at your destination calm and in a great frame of mind, ready to make the most of your stay. If flying makes you nervous, having this stone will help you relax.

Malachite gives a person self-confidence, and eloquence, attracts good luck in money matters and business, and also warns the owner of danger.

The stone also helps creative people, calming thoughts and relieving stress. Malachite allows you to cope with fears and find the right path – both literally and figuratively.


Turquoise is a blue stone with fine brown veins used for millennia and associated with many legends. Symbol of protection against negative energies, turquoise is an explosive mixture of two contrary elements, water, and fire.

It is often found as a blue, green, or bluish-green gemstone. Turquoise is known as the traveler’s stone and acts as a protective shield during travel.

The stone is ideal for those with a creative career, including writing. Also known as the Stone of Beauty, it helps find beauty even in the darkest places.

Turquoise is advised to be worn by those who suffer from insomnia and those who are tormented by nightmares. It is especially beneficial for the heart, lungs, liver, and stomach.

Turquoise strengthens eyesight, relieves headaches, treats colds, and promotes skin regeneration. It has a positive effect on the vocal cords and the thyroid gland.

Since ancient times, there has been an opinion that turquoise worn around the neck stops bleeding and heals stomach ulcers.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a popular type of tourmaline, but did you know that it is actually a separate mineral? The correct mineralogical name for black tourmaline is schorl. Tourmalines are a family of individual minerals that are closely related.

Black Tourmaline is a powerful grounding stone, electrical in nature, connecting the human spirit to the Earth. The energy that sustains it aligns similar “centers” in the body, allowing healing light to pass through the entire system.

It promotes a sense of strength and self-confidence, allowing a clearer and more objective view of the world, and empowering those who have to live and work in difficult conditions.

It provides protection from radiation and the harmful effects of environmental pollution, and is also very useful in clearing and neutralizing one’s own negative thoughts and internal contradictions, transforming all this into positive, useful energy.


Hematite is one of the most popular and inexpensive stones used for crystal healing, and it is especially useful for protecting you from accidents and spiritual beings who want to harm you.

Hematite stone in lithotherapy has strong energy and a strong potential to anchor, protect and balance the body and the spirit. Rather oriented on the yang, this stone harmonizes the meridians while harmonizing the yin.

Place it on window sills and near doors to keep negativity out of your home. Wear it to work to focus on your work and be protected from any office gossip or anyone who might distract you and cause problems.

Since ancient times, hematite has been actively used in their rituals by magicians and sorcerers. But this was not the peak of his popularity. Among the warriors, stone gods were often used, which they took with them on campaigns and battles.


Delays, pollution of all kinds, accidents, traffic, and crowds, this is what awaits you throughout a trip. Since the dawn of time, travelers from all civilizations have been able to take advantage of the properties of precious stones.

Even today, we include these crystals in our luggage in order to leave with peace of mind for the holidays. From now on, leaving the house without your magic crystals is out of the question!


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