My Life After Dying frontcoverMy Life After Dying: Becoming Alive to Universal Love
By George G. Ritchie, Jr., M. D., the author of "Return from Tomorrow" .
Introduction by Ian Stevenson, M. D.

$13.90 CAD / ~ $9.95 US

This is the story of the 20-year old Army private George Ritchie, who had died
pneumonia and returned from the dead to tell us about his experience.

His first book has sold over 200000 copies.

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The Alchemy of Love frontcoverThe Alchemy of Love: A Pilgrimage of Sacred Discovery
By Robert Boldman, who works in pediatric critical care.
His works have been widely published.

$17.95 CAD / ~ $12.95 US

Robert Boldman explores Mysticism as encountered in Christianity, Zen, Tantra,
Kundalini, Vedanta, and Shamanism. He reminds us that trust in our Self and Love are the
foundation-stones of Spirituality.

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