This page deals with concepts such as Heaven, devil, hell,
reincarnation, purgatory, eternal life, etc.
And, since all these concepts rest on what constitutes Reality, this page will also
perceived Reality versus permanent Reality.

Purgatory is part of the Roman Catholic
doctrines or basic teachings. This doctrine teaches that all souls stained by sins against
God must first be purged or purified of those sins before the soul can enter Heaven.
The scriptural basis for this concept rests on paragraphs like Matt. 12:32
"…whoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in
this world, neither in the world to come." Or more to the point in II Maccabees 12:45
"..Therefore he made atonement for the dead, that they might be delivered from their
sin." (Ref. Encyclopaedia Britannica 1982) Apart from these quotes, the doctrine is
derived from previous Jewish beliefs that any person will be judged according to their

In regards to the place or condition, duration, or what kind of
punishment, the Catholic Church is not adding any insight or suggestions. Other
Christians, Protestants, Eastern Christians, and Eastern Orthodox Christians see no
biblical basis for a purgatory at all. However, Hindu Religions describe astral planes
which are used by souls to further redeem themselves. The fact is, whether it is the
purgatory or an astral plane we are talking about, the concept more likely refers to a
condition than a place.

If Heaven is a place, chances are that Purgatory is a place to, but if Heaven
is a condition than the Purgatory should also be a condition. If it is a condition than
the experience should not be more real than any experience we have in a dream. Ultimately,
the question must come up what is real. Reality can only refer to a permanent situation
and from that point of view only God is real. Our world is subject to constant change and
can therefore not be seen as the ultimate Reality. It is said that God is omnipresent,
which means to be present everywhere at the same time. God is also said to be in Heaven.
If Heaven is a place somewhere, God would be confined to that place and could not be
omnipresent. If we take it as a given that God is omnipresent than Heaven has to be
omnipresent too. That in turn means that
1. God is not a person but a Spirit or Awareness and that
2. Heaven is not a place but a condition in which God Himself resides.

There are many references in the New Testament which make quite clear that Heaven is
indeed a condition and not a place. That is also the reason why we are told that Heaven
can be found here and now; that there is no reason to wait for death. For example: Matt
6:33 "First seek the Kingdom of God …" Further, we are not only told that we
can find it here and now but also where this everlasting condition of Bliss can be found:
Lk. 17:20 "The Kingdom of God does not come in such a way as to be seen. No one will
say, "Look, Here It is!" Or, "There it is!"; Because the Kingdom of

This is the condition found by any Saint, Sage, Mystic, God-loving person. Therefore,
the Purgatory, as well as Heaven, can be experienced right here on earth. Purgatory is
experienced through all our suffering whether it is physical, mental, or spiritual. As
experienced and described by many Saints, heaven opens up – experienced as Bliss, Peace,
and Beingness – when our mind is still (pure Heart), that means no thinking at all. How is
that done?
By following the first commandment, to seek God with all your heart, mind and soul!

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