Usually, a gem or a product with it is given to us, or we buy it ourselves, or it is inherited. In any of these cases, on the way to you, the stone comes into contact with a large number of different people: geologists, jewelers, sellers, and former owners.

Even if these are all wonderful people, their energy is alien to you, you need to get rid of it. That is why you need to cleanse your crystals. But to cleanse you need to know the right process. So in this article see how to cleanse crystals.


How To Cleanse Crystals?

There are several a few different ways to help remove dirt, excess negative energy, and other people’s information from the mineral.

For each specific stone, it is necessary to select the method that will not harm the crystal, will not disrupt its structure, will not cause clouding, and will not lead to the loss of the aesthetic appearance of the jewelry.



How to Cleanse Crystals

Steps Description
1. Identify First, identify the type of crystal you have. Some crystals should not be placed in water as they can dissolve or tarnish. Look up the specific type of crystal you have to ensure you know the best cleansing methods for that particular type.
2. Intention Set your intention. Think about what you want the cleansing process to accomplish. This might be releasing negative energy, resetting the crystal’s energy, or something else entirely.
3. Water Cleansing If your crystal can be cleansed with water, hold it under running tap water or immerse it in a bowl of sea salt water. Allow the water to run over the crystal for a few minutes. Remember to avoid this method for sensitive crystals.
4. Sunlight/Moonlight You can also cleanse your crystal by leaving it out to bathe in the sunlight or moonlight. Sunlight can be more energizing and intense, while moonlight is more gentle and soothing. Be aware that some crystals can fade in the sun.
5. Smudging Use sage, palo santo, or other herbs to smudge your crystals. Light the smudge stick and let the smoke envelop the crystal. This can help cleanse and purify the crystal’s energy.
6. Sound Cleansing Use sound to cleanse your crystals. This can be achieved through the use of tuning forks, bells, or singing bowls. The vibrations of these sounds can help to realign and cleanse the energy of the crystals.
7. Visualization Visualize a light surrounding the crystal and pulling out any negativity. This method relies on your intention and energy to cleanse the crystal.
8. Recharge After cleansing, allow your crystal to recharge. This can be done by placing it in a window sill to absorb sunlight or moonlight, burying it in the earth, or placing it on a selenite plate.
9. Use After your crystal is cleansed and recharged, it’s ready to be used again. Remember to cleanse your crystal regularly to keep its energy clear and pure.


For example, direct sunlight will cause some stones to lose transparency, sea salt can cause imperfections on polished edges, and very low temperatures will cause cracking. So, see below how to cleanse crystals.

Cleaning Crystals With Sunlight

The easiest way to minerals is through the bright rays of the sun. First, jewelry, amulets, and talismans are carefully washed with warm running water, then rinsed with cold water, after which they are left under the influence of the sun for 2-3 hours.

For this procedure, it is better to choose an open space: a garden, a front garden, a forest clearing, and an open balcony.

Decorations with stones are hung on the branches of trees, and shrubs or placed directly on the ground, closer to the roots.

In extreme cases, you can place them on the windowsill, the glass will not become a significant obstacle to the effects of rays on the stones. The main thing is that the weather is good, without rain or clouds.

For a more thorough complete cleaning procedure “sunbathing” can be extended for 7-10 days. This is especially true if the stone was inherited from a deceased relative, was in the hands of a bad person, or was used to cure a serious illness.

Cleaning Crystals With Water

Another easy way to remove unwanted energy from stones is to hold the stone in running water. This method is also convenient because, in addition to “erasing” negative information, it charges the crystal with positive energy.

It is best if it is a spring, a river, or another open body of water with a constant flow. A gem or jewelry is lowered to the bottom for 2-3 hours. You can use consecrated water, or draw water from a spring and bring it home. As a last resort, put your jewelry in some kind of container or just hold it in your hands and put it under a tap.

There are stones that make special demands on the temperature of the water: for example, citrine can only be washed in cold water. In general, all stones are sensitive to temperature changes, so a stone that has been lying in the sun for a long time and has warmed up cannot be washed immediately.

General principles for cleaning stone in water:

  • Natural springs are preferable to tap water.
  • Minerals do not need to be wiped after bathing.
  • In a river, sea, or pond, the stone should lie for few hours.
  • If you plan to wash the mineral under the tap, hold it in your hands under running water for 5-7 minutes.
  • You can also put it in a container and put it under the stream for 10 minutes.

Cleaning Crystals With Sea Salt

Among the positive aspects of cleaning amulets, pendants, and key rings with sea salt, it is necessary to note the fact that in this case the stones are cleared of both ordinary household pollution and all the negative energy.

Sea salt contains a large number of active minerals that will absorb negative information and cleanse the energy structure of gems.

There are two ways to clean with salt:


First, in a cup of glass, or ceramics, you need to prepare a saline solution. Warm sea salt water can be used to dissolve the salt more quickly.

After waiting until the solution has cooled, the products are immersed in it and left for a while, preferably overnight.

In the morning, the jewelry is taken out, washed under running water to wash off the remaining solution from the surface, and allowed to dry in the open air.


In this case, any deep dishes, even those made of metal or plastic, will do. The amulet must be put on the bottom and completely covered with salt.

The duration of this procedure can also be 10-12 hours. Some stones, especially those with high-quality polished surfaces, should not be exposed to sea salt. To clean them, you can use an alternative, non-contact method.

Take a dish or a deep, spacious bowl and pour salt into it 1 cm thick or more. In a small dish made of glass, put the jewelry or stone to be cleaned and place on a layer of salt also overnight.

Even in this case, the crystal will be exposed to the beneficial, cleansing effects of the salt.

Cleaning Crystals With Fire

Astrologers are sure that cleaning with fire is necessary for all jewelry with stones that have been inherited by you. This procedure must be performed during the period when the Sun is in the constellation Aries.

To perform this action, you need a lit candle. It is taken in the right hand, the decoration is placed on the table and circular actions are performed over it with a candle:

To enhance the effect, when performing the procedure, a prayer is said, for example, Our Father, or a special cleansing crystals phrase: “Let it burn in the fire, everything that harms me.”

After cleaning is completed, the other stones are left in the open air for a while. It is desirable that at the same time the rays of the sun fall on them.

Cleaning Crystals With Moonlight

In order for the procedure to be effective, several points must coincide at once:

  • The waning moon, which will take negative energy with it;
  • Good weather, the sky should be clear, cloudless;
  • A place that will be under the moonlight for several hours, the longer the better.

It is best to leave the decoration outside, but you can also put it on the windowsill. In some, especially “difficult” cases, when the stone has been under the negative influence for a long time, a cleaning session can be carried out 2-3 nights in a row.

For stones that are “not afraid” of water, salt can be combined with saline cleaning with the influence of the moon.

Cleaning Crystals With Herbs and Flowers

In this case, you will need fresh (dried) herbs, leaves, flowers, and petals. They can be collected and dried on their own or bought at a phytopharmacy.

Put the prepared herbs in a container, put a stone, and decoration, and completely fall asleep on top. To enhance the effect, substitute a container with flowers, and herbs under the moonlight.


This procedure is a bit like an aromatherapy session. You will need a mixture of medicinal plants, such as juniper, cedar, and sage, but you can use one of these, or some other.

Put some herbs in a fireproof dish and set it on fire. Plants should not burn and smoke strongly, it is enough that they smolder slightly, emitting small wisps of smoke, through which you need to carry a stone, amulet, or talisman several times.

At the end of the cleansing session, to calm the energy of the crystal, add a few lavender petals to the herbal mixture.


Other minerals can be used to cleanse stones from negativity. Usually, druses are used for this – crystals of amethyst and crystal grew together, which are transformers and emitters of energy.

They purify not only stones but also the aura of people, and the surrounding space. Magicians even call them crystal (amethyst) brushes.

In order to purify negative energy from the jewelry, it is enough just to hold it next to the friends for some time, for example, during the night.


If it is not possible to take the decoration to a summer cottage or personal plot, then you can use a flower pot with a houseplant. The mineral or decoration should be placed on the surface of the earth and sprinkled with a thin layer.

After 15 minutes, remove the product and gently rinse it from soil residues, dust under warm running water, and leave it to dry in the open air.

Before performing the procedure, make sure that the stone is not damaged, and there are no cracks and chips on it, into which the smallest particles of soil could penetrate.


This method of purification requires preparation: the so-called “singing bowls” are needed for the ritual. Usually – crystal or Tibetan.

This is a special kind of ancient musical instrument. You will not find them in an ordinary family, but those who are interested in meditation or mysticism are well acquainted with them.

It is believed that the sounds made by these objects help the stones restore their natural vibrations.

Many esotericists believe that you can do without bowls: any pleasant sounds known for their cleansing properties can expel someone else’s negative energy from a gem.

Reiki Session

The fact that stone purification is possible without special devices is proved by a Reiki session. Just take a stone in your hand, mentally wish it to be cleansed, and blow on it three times.

No adaptations and preparations – only a positive attitude, the absence of strangers nearby, and an ardent desire to help your stone.


The cleansing elixir is prepared in advance. It’s easy: just place the carnelian mineral in clean water and leave it for 15 days.

The resulting water is an elixir for purification. Pour it into a spray bottle and treat any stones that need cleaning. So you can clean any stones except those that cannot be wetted.

How To Understand That The Stone Has Been Cleansed?

Believe me, you will not be mistaken and will immediately see the difference between a stone that has been cleaned and one that needs it. A weighted stone is heavy, wet, and cloudy.

Sometimes it even smells bad. And the negative energy that he absorbed into himself is simply impossible not to notice.

Sometimes, without thinking about the reasons, you just start to “avoid” the once-beloved jewelry.

A “pure” mineral, on the contrary, pleases: it looks new, has a smooth smooth surface, and bright color – it seems to glow from the inside.

Taking it in your hands, you will definitely feel a surge of strength, vivacity, and a good mood. And to the touch it is dense and cool – no comparison to what it was before the cleansing procedure.

You will also definitely feel how it works if you suddenly find yourself in an unpleasant situation.

How To Activate Your Crystal

Stones cleared of negative energy must be charged, that is, accumulate positive energy in it, which comes from the Universe. The most ideal days for performing the procedure are the days of the summer solstice.

Charging uses natural light like sunlight or moonlight. Take your “treasures”, take them outside, into the garden, into the forest, spread them out, and let the sun warm them with its warmth, transfer its strength. Try not to have anyone around.

But since the summer solstice is only 3 days a year, you can use moonlight to charge the healing crystals. To do this, the moon must be in the phase of the full moon.

Take the stones out into the street and hold them in such a way that the radiation from the “night light” falls on the stones.

Another interesting way to lunar recharge: fill some bowl with clean water, go out into the open air with it and “catch” the moon rays so that the moon is reflected in the water.

After that, immerse the gem in water and leave it there for a while. After removing it from the water, do not wipe the crystal, let it dry naturally.

A purified, charged mineral cannot be worn immediately. Let him lie down for a bit, “rest.” Please note that stones can only be charged after cleaning.

When Should You Cleanse Your Crystals?

There are no established rules for the timing of cleaning stones from negative energy.

Usually, a sensitive owner understands that something is wrong with his mineral: it becomes cloudy, darkens, changes its temperature, you no longer feel satisfied when putting it on – on the contrary, you experience discomfort, you may even experience weakness or dizziness.

These are all signs that the stone is tired and needs to be cleaned.

The frequency of performing cleaning procedures depends on how intensively the jewelry was used, and what is its energy load.

For example, with constant wear, after a conflict situation, a quarrel, or an unpleasant conversation, the stone must be cleaned as soon as possible.

If you have a lot of jewelry, you often change it or wear it from time to time, then the regularity of cleaning can be 1 time per month or even less often.

In most cases, a close energy connection is established between the owner and the stone, and the person himself feels the need for a cleansing procedure.

Paying attention to the magical properties of other crystals, taking care of their energy purity, do not forget that in the healing process of wearing jewelry, they become contaminated with simple, ordinary dirt, dust settles on them, microorganisms enter, and so on. Therefore, they must be constantly looked after. Make it a rule:

  • After wearing, be sure to wipe the stone and the entire product with a soft, clean, dry cloth;
  • Store your jewelry, key chains, rings, and earrings in a closed box;
  • Do not subject them to mechanical or chemical attacks.

Why Cleansing Crystal Is Important?

The cleansing of crystals act is very very important. It is useful to wash the stones with clean water to remove dirt and dust from them.

Simultaneously, you send off your otherworldly mindfulness and intellectually get ready for the following stage, to be specific the energy purging of stones.

Getting the energy free from stones isn’t all that substantial. In any case, you want to comprehend that stones gather natural energy from various sources and hold it for quite a while.

Similarly, that gems can be accused of positive energy, negative energy can likewise be put away inside a stone. For instance, you have worked with a precious stone to safeguard yourself from adverse impacts.

You might try and have pictured a gem engrossing the negative energies around you. After the precious stone has invested some energy in your presence “retaining” these weighty energies, you may automatically start to feel and experience them. That is why it is so important to clean your stones.

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