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What is meditation?

is continuous Concentration!

The three parts of Meditation are: Concentration, Meditation and Contemplation.
Concentration is to devote one’s Attention towards a single point: the point of
Concentration. The uninterrupted flow of one’s Attention, then, is Meditation.
Through continuous Meditation, one becomes One with the object of one’s
Concentration. That is called Contemplation and the resulting Trance is called Samadhi,
Holy Trance, Mystical Union, filled with the Holy Spirit, etc.

Pure Existence can only be experienced when the mind becomes still. Our
thoughts and speculations are like a veil covering our true Nature. A most serious problem
is when we identify with a certain mind-structure, the personality or ego, and the body.
Even so Meditation is used to unveil our true Nature, during Meditation, we might still
continue to cling to this false personality and fear its dissolution, thus preventing to
discover the indestructible Self.

Since we cannot simply order the mind to be still, we give it something to hang
on to. Words designed for that purpose are called mantras. The application of mantras
during meditation is called Mantra Yoga, Mantra Meditation or, since it leads beyond,
Transcendental Meditation. Effective mantras for Meditation may be AUM, OM, So-Ham, Aham,
etc. Mantras are repeated mentally for the sole purpose to calm the mind. Only when the
mind comes to a complete standstill are we enabled to identify with the silent observer.
Then we know that the Self is not body or mind but pure Awareness. As a result we do not
fear death anymore, since death only concerns body and mind. That which is born also dies
but Awareness is not the product of either body and mind; Awareness simply is. It compares
to waking up from a dream: Everything seen and experienced during the dream has lost its
reality after waking up but the dreamer continues to exist even after the world in his
dream has come to an end.

A technique for Concentration and Meditation:

During Meditation, and possibly even after, Jnana yogis simply concentrate on
the first thought that makes all other thoughts possible which is I. Without I there is no
you or anything else. For example, we say: I see, I hear, etc. I is the first thought and
if we hang onto this thought, and that is all that I is, then no other thought will arise.
This gives us a shortcut to the Stillness of the mind where the real I-am is experienced
as something we feel rather than think we are. It is the Knowledge and Bliss of I-am-ness
or Pure Beingness. Once Pure Beingness is established, Meditation has done its job.

For more detailed information on Jnana Yoga, see: Jnana

A second technique for
Concentration and Meditation

Awareness, the center of our Being, is the source for both our breath and the
first thought I. We can therefore reach the center simply by observing the in and outgoing
breath. This technique may further be reinforced by mentally repeating the mantram So-Ham (pronounced so-hum). Inhaling we repeat So and exhaling we
mentally repeat Ham. In time this will came the mind setting free Pure Awareness as the
observer and the real Self. This is who we are. Any type of Meditation is used to
establish who we are and nothing else. During Meditation we are trying to realize that we,
ourselves, are the Silent Observer.

More thorough explanations concerning various types of Meditation can be found

Awareness – The Center of

Alternate Nostril Breathing:
A preliminary technique that helps to balance the Life-force (prana) and assists
in calming the mind is called Alternate Nostril Breathing. Ancient Yoga text books state
that this technique helps to get rid of impurities in the finer nerve channels.
Close the right nostril with the thumb of the right hand and inhale slowly through the
left nostril. Then close the left nostril with the little finger and the fourth finger.
Exhale slowly through the right nostril followed by a slow inhalation through the right
nostril. Close the right nostril and exhale slowly through the left. This completes one
round. Ten rounds will complete this exercise. For more information check your Hatha Yoga
manual in the pranayama section.
All breathing exercises are only recommended to healthy persons, who should not exceed
their abilities. Since there is no breath retention, this exercise should be safe.

Herbs and Food of Interest for

For general benefits for the whole system consider:
ground Flax seeds (#1 on my list), Fo-Ti, ground Sunflower seeds, Sesame seeds. Healthy
food should consist of vegetables, nuts, fruit, legumes, yogurt, etc. Meat sources are
normally better restricted to chicken and fish.
Note: Flax only works as a laxative when taking the whole seeds. When ground or using the
oil, it fights cancer, high cholesterol, heart disease, lupus, etc.

Sardines contain Q10 and DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol). DMAE is an Antioxidant and  a
precursor to Choline. It is involved in the repair of cell membranes and might have
life-extending abilities. DMAE is brain food, elevates mood and increases memory and
concentration. Q10 is a coenzyme and also an Antioxidant. It increases all brain and body
functions, strengthens the immune system and is useful to counter a variety of diseases.

Nuts and fish are rightly called brain food. Nuts have many amino-acids.
However, Flax, Quinoa, and Bee pollen should be added to that list because they contain an
almost perfect collection of all the essential amino-acids. This is food that gives body
and mind the nutrition it requires.

To add even more fuel to the powers of Concentration, consider:
Gotu Kola, Ginseng, Ginkgo biloba, Calamus, Blessed Thistle, Vinca minor, Rosemary, and

Avoid long term use of Licorice root if you have high blood pressure since this herb tends
to increase blood pressure after some time. Avoid using Gotu Kola in case of ulcers since
this herb tends to aggregate ulcers.
Do not overuse or overdose on Calamus since this herb has emetic properties and may cause

Many more information concerning Health, Herbs, Nutrition, and Alternative
Medicine are found on our Alternative
Medicine & Natural Healing Software

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