Moonstone is a type of gemstone that has been used for centuries for its supposed metaphysical properties.

It is said to help with intuition, creativity, and personal growth. Moonstone is also a protective stone and is especially beneficial for pregnant women and new mothers.

Do you know about the benefits of Moonstone? This mystical stone offers power, protection, and good fortune. Moonstone is also known for its ability to promote intuition and psychic abilities.

If you’re looking for a stone that can offer you a little bit of everything, Moonstone may be the right choice for you!

In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of Moonstone and how you can use it to improve your life!

Moonstone Crystal Meaning

Moonstone Crystal Benefits


The Moonstone stands for creativity, mysticism, and happiness, making it the perfect gift for someone who has recently become an artist, writer, or embarked on any other creative endeavor. It’s also one of the ideal crystals to give as gift if you know someone looking for inspiration in life.

Moonstone means that the person wearing it will be blessed with increased intuition, inspiration, and the ability for spiritual growth. Moonstone is said to lift the spirit and bring sunshine into life. It’s also a great stone for all interested in astrology or other metaphysical sciences.

Moonstone stands for good luck, especially when traveling. In addition – Moonstone brings success and prosperity into people’s lives that work with creative arts. Let’s discuss Moonstone properties in detail!

History of Moonstone Gem

History of Moonstone Gem


It’s believed that Moonstone worked as amulets or enchanted gemstones for alchemists and magicians. It is a good luck stone, protector of travelers, and bringer of success in many aspects of life.

In ancient India, Moonstone was a sacred stone associated with Chandra – the god of the moon. In Hindu mythology, the Moonstone was formed out of moon rays. Let’s take a closer look at Moonstone’s origins!

Moonstone was mined in India for thousands of years, and there it is also named The Gem of the Moon. It’s believed to be one of the oldest gems on the planet and the first gemstone used by humanity.

In ancient times people used make-up out of moonstones to enhance their beauty.

Moonstone is a naturally occurring mineral that occurs as colorless and transparent stones, often bluish. The most valuable parts of the stones are blue spots or streaks on an otherwise white stone. Moonstone gemstones can be costly and hard to obtain in larger sizes and quality. Breaking or cutting moonstones is believed to bring bad luck.

Moonstone Healing Properties

Moonstone Healing Properties

Moonstone stands for the moon and provides gentle, subtle energy that is good for all kinds of emotional issues. It helps balance female energies (associated with the menstrual cycle fertility), making it the perfect gift for the girls. It also balances male energies bringing more understanding between genders, thus creating better mutual relations.

It is helpful with water retention issues. For that reason, it should be put in the bath or consumed by the person with water retention problems during meals.

Moonstone is also associated with helping to heal issues related to hormones and women’s reproductive system in general, including sexual drive. It means that it reflects the appearance of a new face on the water’s surface, which makes it the perfect stone for scrying. Moonstone is one of the best stones of protection from nightmares while bringing enhancement of dream recall and facilitating proactive behavior change.

The Moonstone is the stone of new beginnings – it creates positive energy, stimulates motherly feelings in women that are not mothers yet, and brings good fortune to everyone around them. Its crystals are known to help emotional control outbursts have a calming effect on perceived stress, which in turn is helpful with the nervous system and relieves headaches. Moonstone also allows people to make crucial decisions by keeping their minds clear, thus helping them achieve their goals. The Moonstone meaning also says that moonstones can stop nightmares and bring good dreams.

Moonstone Metaphysical Properties

Moonstone Metaphysical Property


The Moonstone is a new beginning, psychic awareness, and lunar energies. Many civilizations had used it for thousands of years for protection on journeys, especially at night, when it provided the light from the moon to the travelers. It is considered a ‘dream stone’ and brings prophetic dreams, especially when the new moon. Moonstones are also known as the bringers of good fortune to enhance Earthy pleasures, happiness, and abundance.

They help one keep in touch with their feelings and intuition and promote dream recall. Moonstone meaning teaches us to increase creativity, self-expression, and feminine energy.

It possesses lunar energies and contains all colors in the light spectrum, reflecting all of them when one looks through them. That’s why moonstone benefits are many – this stone enhances creativity in making jewelry. It also encourages manifestation in love relationships and business and may be used in dream and journaling sessions to explore intuition and inner realms.

Moonstone is a stone that reflects one’s emotions; thus, it brings deep inner healing when one meditates with it, helping to release old fears, sorrows, and traumas locked in the emotional body. Moonstone is also a protective stone. You have to cleanse the Moonstone after the full moon, as it absorbs the energy of the lunar cycle.

What are Moonstones Good For?

Moonstones have a strong connection with your subconscious mind so they can be very helpful in meditation. They help you access information about past lives and work as a tool to boost your psychic abilities. You can use them to become more intuitive and communicative in your life.

Moonstones also have a strong connection with astrology and can be used to boost your power in any area of life. They connect you to the energy of the moon (which is beneficial for cancer-Sagittarius zodiac signs) and strengthen your intuition and insight, which makes Moonstones good crystals to use during decision making. Moonstones help you dissolve the ego, so if that is what you wish for, these stones can be beneficial.

They also have a strong connection with lunar goddesses and feminine energy. If you feel that your body lacks this aspect of energy, Moonstones can help you balance it out.

Moonstones can connect you with higher realms and place you in a state of meditation. Therefore, they are an excellent tool for astral projection or dream interpretation.

Types and Colors of Moonstone

Colors of Moonstone


Generally, Moonstones are colorless. They may be gray or pale tan, or they can vary from very pale pink to intense peach. Blue moonstone jewelry is common among females, along with peach moonstone. It is also called a cat’s eye moonstone.

They are often available in white, yellowish, and grey colors, and some of them contain rainbow reflections inside them that resemble the rings of Saturn. The variety with rainbow reflection is known as Rainbow Moonstone. You will also find gray moonstone jewelry.

Another variety of Moonstone is known as labradorite, which has an iridescent sheen. When sleeping, you will have vivid dreams if you place labradorite next to your head. Also, it can increase one’s psychic powers.

Moonstones are present in Madagascar, Australia, China, India, Korea, Norway, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and the USA. The healing power of Moonstones makes them very popular, but their connection with the moon brings some other benefits.

For example, they are often used to create unique jewelry items to bring good luck and positive energy to your life. Moonstone amplifies your emotions during a complete moon.

Moonstones are suitable for people to carry around because they bring good luck and positive energy to people who wear them. You can also use the stone for making jewelry items.

Many women highly appreciate and love Moonstones as they amplify their emotions during a complete moon. So if you feel particularly connected with the Moonstone during this time, you may want to create a special talisman or amulet that will help you bring your emotions and lunar energy into balance.

Does Moonstone Really Work?

Peach Moonstone Healing Properties


Moonstone is a mighty stone used for healing from ancient times. And today, no one can deny its great ability to help people with different health conditions.

The moon activates the pineal gland in the brain, which stimulates the production of hormones responsible for sleep, moods, and fertility. So it’s clear why many psychologists recommend wearing Moonstone. It will help you wake up refreshed and have a good mood during the day, and improve your reproductive system.

Moreover, since it’s believed that water treated with Moonstone becomes energized, many people use this stone to purify their drinking water.

Moonstones are among the most valuable crystals for meditation because they help you relax and stimulate the crown chakra. They also provide you with protection, balance your energies and raise your consciousness.

Moonstone Benefits While Using

Physical Benefits of Using Moonstone


Moonstones help treat many different health issues, including bipolar disorder, digestive disorders, food poisoning, insomnia, fertility problems in women and men, hemophilia, thyroid gland problems, and menstrual cramps. Moonstones are also good for your eyesight because they can help you see in the dark.

People who wish to increase their psychic powers or gain telepathy abilities should wear Moonstones on their bodies. The stone will improve their sensory and extrasensory skills and strengthen their mental abilities.

Moonstones are believed to be particularly helpful for pregnant women because it influences their hormones and fetus development. So if you want your baby to be born healthy, you should wear a Moonstone during your pregnancy. It can also protect people from restless leg syndrome.

Controls Emotional State

Moonstone meaning also says that moonstones can stop nightmares and bring good dreams. Moonstone is a stone of dream initiation, success in love, relationships, and business. It is associated with the crown chakra because it enhances intuition, clear thinking, and presence, leading one to their inner truth. It keeps an emotional balance with fresh energy and high healing powers.

Promotes Sleep Cycle

Moonstone helps to cure insomnia and promotes sound sleep. It is beneficial for learning new information because it stimulates the learning process.

Enhances Your Feminine Side

Moonstone is a unique crystal for women, especially pregnant ones.

Besides this, it enhances creativity, sensitivity, and psychic development, thus making a great stone for emotional growth. It brings more balance between feminine and masculine energy.

Physical Benefits of Using Moonstone

Physical Benefits of Moonstone

Moonstone is a powerful healer that benefits the entire body by harmonizing and aligning all chakras, thus creating a healthy physical body. Moonstones alleviate many common ailments, such as headaches, menstrual pain, and PMS.

Moonstone can be used in self-healing practice by holding a moonstone point in one hand and placing the other hand on the area where one needs healing.

It can be helpful with allergies, high blood pressure, balance hormones levels, infertility issues related to the menstruation cycle. Moonstone is often beneficial to women who experience pain during menstruation because it contains lithium associated with reduced cramps. It can be worn as jewelry or placed in the environment to treat water and food.

Moonstone helps detoxify the kidneys, spleen, pancreas, intestines, liver, and blood.

Moonstone meaning also speaks about this stone’s ability to remove toxins from the body by stimulating digestive organs. Moonstone’s benefits for health include purifying the blood, increasing hemoglobin levels, balancing the thyroid gland, increasing libido in both women and men. Moonstones work best for eyesight improvement.

It transmits to its owner or user during contact with extraterrestrial life forms or entities.

Moonstone is an excellent stone for galactic communication – it enhances telepathic abilities and creates a cobweb of protection around you when traveling.

Moonstone Benefits for Creativity

Moonstones encourage manifestation in love relationships and business and may be used in dream and journaling sessions to explore intuition and inner realms. Moonstones also can enhance one’s creativity by stimulating imagination and inspiration.

Regulates menstrual cycle, alleviates symptoms of PMS Moonstone benefits for women include regulating the menstrual cycle, alleviating symptoms of PMS, reducing pain during menstruation, fertility issues related to menstruation cycles. It also helps with menopause symptoms, such as hot flashes.

Mental Benefits of Using Moonstone

Mental Benefits of Using Moonstone


Moonstone enhances intuition by helping one to understand the language of dreams, visions, and symbols. Moonstone energy is yin, reflective, receptive, and connected to our subconscious.

It also makes connecting with angels, fairies, and other ethereal beings easier. Moonstones are often connected with lunar goddess energies, especially when meditating in the moonlight.

Receiving a Moonstone necklace is believed to be a gift from the Moon Goddess, especially when it is in the form of a ring. Moonstone reminds you how important it is to embrace your natural cycles, eliminate negative vibrations, and promote hormonal balance.

People born under the Cancer sign (June 22 – July 22) will benefit most from the Moonstone’s energies and vibrations.

Moonstone is also said to be helpful for people who experience mood swings and sudden changes in their feelings and emotions. Moonstone protects pregnant women and their unborn children from negative energies. It stimulates Kundalini energy, so smudge sticks the moonstone jewelry for better results.

Meditating With Moonstone

When meditating with moonstones, it’s good to be aware that these stones absorb the energy of the lunar cycle.

That is why, when you are cleansing your crystals after the complete moon, you should place them outside in nature or under the light of the full moon to charge them. The new Moonstone will help get better results.

Moonstone is a stone that attracts abundance and prosperity; thus, you can use it in money rituals.

Moreover, it brings wealth and good luck when placed under the light of the complete moon. Moonstone is associated with water, so one should cleanse moonstones by leaving them near a running stream or a lake.

Moonstones are also crystals that protect from the negative energy of people around you; thus, it is suggested to keep them close to the skin. It is good to place Moonstones in your environment, primarily if you work or live in places filled with negative people or old structures which attract bad energies.

Carrying Moonstones in your pocket or placing them under your pillow at night will boost the power of these stones and make you feel more energetic throughout the day.

How to Use Moonstone?

How to Use Moonstone


Moonstones are powerful stones to use during the complete moon. They create a connection between you and your subconscious mind. You can activate this ability by placing them under your pillow or wearing them as rings.

You can also make a wish on the next full moon while holding your Moonstone because it will increase your chances of receiving what you want (just like with a wishbone).

Moonstone saves you during days of the full moon when the moon energy is most substantial.

The Moonstones are excellent crystals to use in meditation because they inspire insights and bright ideas.

Moonstones are also great to use during a complete moon because it protects you from the negative energy of the moon. Moonstone can work in different ways.

If you want to use it for meditation, place Moonstone on your third eye chakra or wear it as jewelry. You should also keep it under your pillow if you have problems with nightmares or insomnia.

Some people find it helpful to simply hold the stone in their hands during meditation because this method can be a lot more effective.

Since Moonstone is associated with the moon, it’s best to meditate with this crystal during full or new moon days. It will help to understand your deeper self and break old patterns that you don’t need anymore in your life.

Moonstones can also help improve eyesight if placed under the pillow or worn in jewelry.

Place your raw Moonstone next to your bed if you want to boost your psychic capabilities and lucid dreaming.

In Feng Shui, one should place their Moonstones in their home or office’s south or southeast area.

Wearing Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstones are very popular as jewelry especially rings. They stimulate intuition and insight, makings them a great crystal use during contact with other people. They also bring good luck in finding new friends and lovers.

Moonstone bracelets make a cool gift idea for both genders, especially during the full moon.

Place Moonstone necklaces under the shirt to keep them close to your heart chakra and body energy field. In this way, you will benefit from increased intuition and insight through Moonstone’s re-connection with your subconscious mind.

Moonstone earrings can help you access past lives. It is a great stone to use when you want to reach your full potential and manifest abundance in your life.

Moonstone is a trendy crystal in metaphysical circles because it strongly connects with astrology. It connects with the Cancer sign, making these stones the best choice for people born under this zodiac sign.

You can also place moonstones in your home if you want to attract more luck, abundance, and prosperity. They have the strong power to bring wealth into your life. You can wear moonstone jewelry with divine feminine energy with intuitive power and soothing influences. It’s better than many other stones that can bring balance. Moonstone varieties will help you choose the right one out of different gems.

How to Preserve Moonstone for Long-Term Use?

How to Preserve Moonstone for Long Term Use?

Moonstones are among the most stable crystals and can be used during all moon cycles.

Therefore, if properly cleaned and charged, these stones should last you a lifetime (or even more). They also don’t need any special care and can be worn as jewelry or placed in your home without worries.

Clean Moonstones regularly, especially if you use them for a long time. It is advised to cleanse them under lukewarm running water or in saltwater. You can also leave the stones on a windowsill during the day so that they will be re-energized by sunlight.

Moonstones have soft structures and are prone to cracks, so you must avoid dropping them. You can charge Moonstone in the moonlight. After the third night sky, it’s ready to use.

Tips For Cleaning Moonstone

Moonstones attract and radiate positive energy. You can activate them with sunlight or moonlight. However, they also need to be cleansed from time to time. You can cleanse them before and after each full moon. To do this, put Moonstone under running water (in a stream or lake)and leave it there for about half an hour.

Clean Moonstones after you have used them. You can do this by placing your stones outside, under the full moonlight, for at least one night.

Cleansing Moonstones with salt or saltwater is not helpful, but if you want to do that (for example, before an astrological forecast), do not place them under the sunlight but in direct contact with salt overnight. Moreover, use a soft cloth with warm soapy water for better cleaning. Use tap water for assistance. Never use the ultrasonic and steam cleaners or any dish detergent, high heat, the watery movement for cleaning the stone. Use a glass bowl to leave it overnight.

Final Thoughts

Astrological Benefits of Moonstone


Moonstone has many benefits that can be enjoyed by anyone who wears it. It is a powerful gemstone that can relieve stress and anxiety, boost confidence, and increase creativity. Whether you choose white Moonstone or any other favorite Moonstone, it will provide you with the desired experience.

If you are looking for a stone to help you feel more connected to your intuition and the natural world, a moonstone may be perfect for you.


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