Alternative Medicine Research

The Natural Healing software is based on the original Wellness
As a single program the Wellness program is still the best program.
Natural Healing is the better choice when there is more than one area

of interest because it is modular and can be expanded
by adding programs from the Natural
Healing Collection

Natural Healing includes the following data-bases and information:
Tonics, Phytochemicals, Parasites, Medicine Cabinet,

Poisons/Antidotes, Rejuvenation, Immune-system,
and Color therapy with Auto-suggestions.

On the main screen search Afflictions, Symptoms, Herbal,
Nutritional and other remedies. There is a large collection of
diseases and natural remedies to search from.
Some articles and health warnings have been added.

A shareware version of the Natural Healing software
can be downloaded for demonstration.