RamakrishnaCoverFrom the cover of the book:

"The Way to God" as taught by Sri Ramakrishna is an exploration
of Sri Ramakrishna’s central teachings. Sri Ramakrishna’s message to humanity is found in
his words which were recorded by his disciple M., and later published in book form which
was then translated into English as "The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna".

"The Way to God" offers inspiration and practical guidance to
spiritual aspirants of all religous persuasions.

"The work presents the wisdom of Sri Ramakrishna with the utmost
precision….We have here, for the first time in the history of Ramakrishna studies, a
summa philosophica of the Master," says the Statesman of Calcutta.

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Wellness for Body and Soul (HomePage)
Yoga: The systematic
path to Self-awareness and knowledge of God.

Jnana Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Kriya Yoga Tree, Radja Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Bhakti
Yoga, Mantra Yoga
Yoga and Science (
Scientific Studies of the benefits of Yoga and Meditation.)

Ramana MaharshiSamadhi ( Savikalpa, Nirvikalpa,
and Sahaja Samadhi)

What’s New
(News concerning
Yoga and Metaphysics)
Yoga Centers in Canada (States will follow shortly)
Guidelines and Explanation for Spiritual Growth and
Self-awareness  –   Concentration and Meditation – Alternate Nostril Breathing –
Herbs of Interest for Yogis
Gurus and Disciples
From a genuine Guru-Disciple relationship to the display of
cult-like behavior
Shifting our state of Awareness:
Triggering spiritual insight, revelation, experience, and change
through contemplation of key statements.

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Spiritual Growth
What is Spiritual Growth?  –  Spirituality:  where
to begin?  –  Best Attitude for Spiritual Growth  –  Testing for
Spirituality – Is there any spiritual comfort for the
aged, the terminally ill, or anyone facing or fearing death?

The fastest Path to God
Religious Concepts revisited
(This page deals with concepts such as the nature of God,
Heaven, devil, hell, reincarnation, purgatory, eternal life, etc.)
The Soul:
Definitions – Beliefs – Proofs
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Saints and Sages
Masters of Yoga:   Saints,
Sages, and Self-realized Persons
(Daya Mata, Shree Maa, Roy Davis, Ma Yoga Shakti, Ammachi …)
Related pages: Ramana Maharshi – Anandamayi Ma – Satya Sai Baba

Shankara – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
– Paramahansa Yogananda – Ramakrishna
Saints of the World

(An extensive listing of the Great Saints of the World: Christian,
Hindu, Sufi, Buddhism…)
Sainthood (Page II): What are
Saints?  –  Brief Descriptions of
Saints (Page III)

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Metaphysics and Yoga: Metaphysics is to Yoga what Theory is
to Practice.
On the Nature of God

Proof for the Existence of God (This is a growing text page. For newer proof go to Awareness)
Self-Knowledge (A short outline, based on Shankara’s treatise, for advanced seekers.)

Shankara – Vedanta

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Books and Programs
Books and Programs

– The Center of Being

Awareness is a complete guide to
Self-awareness with a unique new proof for the existence of God.
Wellness – The Program on CD-ROM
This is an extensive Data-bank covering herbal, homeopathic,
nutritional, and other remedies.
Books by Roy Eugene Davis
Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda

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Links and SearchEngines
Alternative Health Links

List of Metaphysical Book
Stores in Canada
(States will follow shortly)
Our main links page

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