Photo of Ramana Maharshi
Picture of Sri Ramana Maharshi courtesy of Sri Ramanasramam

Ramana Maharshi is an outstanding example of how someone, who is
ready to realize the Truth, can realize the Self even without the assistance of an
Guru. Because, the Guru, or true revealer of the Truth, resides always within at the
center of our Being. However, if a Self-realized Being is present, the presence alone is
sufficient to assist any serious seeker in his quest and assure success. This is possible
because pure Awareness is now able to express without the previous restrictions of the
mind (ego).

Ramana Maharshi was born in 1879 as Venkataraman Iyer in the
village of Tiruchuli in South India. At the age of twelve, his father Sundaram Iyer died
and Ramana went to live with his uncle Subba Iyer in Madurai. His classmates remember that
Ramana had a strong tendency for religious ecstasy even as a student. Others remember his
abnormally deep sleeping habits that led to playing tricks on the young Ramana while he
was asleep. Apart from that, Ramana was also described as strong and intelligent.

Ramana’s life took a drastic turn when he was about sixteen years
of age. A powerful fear of dying suddenly attacked Ramana but instead of running away,
which he thought was no option, he decided to face this fear and investigate. Imitating a
corpse, Ramana laid down and distanced himself from body and mind, pretending to be as
dead as possible. Ramana entered the condition of silent Beingness and from thereon knew
himself as pure Awareness. All fear of death had vanished once and for all.

After this event, Ramana Maharshi had lost all interest in
continuing a normal life. Feeling a strong attraction to the Holy Hill Arunachala, Ramana
moved there and soon people who met him sought his advice on many matters. The most
important questions centered around how others could follow where seekers felt Ramana must
have gone himself.

In answering their concerns, Ramana Maharshi recommended the
concentration on "I" or the meditation on "who am I?" as a shortcut to
the realization of the Self.

For more information about Ramana Maharshi contact the following
Jnana Yoga Centers:

  Sri Ramanasramam, Tiruvannamalai, South India 606 603.

  The Arunachala Ashrama Center, 66-12 Clyde Street, Rego
Park, Queens, NY 11374, carries a mail-order catalogue, listing many books, photos and
videos of Ramana Maharshi. Phone: 718-575-3215 

  The Arunachala Ashrama Center, 1451 Clarence Road,
Bridgetown, Nova Scotia B0S 1C0.
Phone: 902-665-2090  Email:

For more information on jnana yoga, visit: jnana yoga

For more information on other yoga masters, visit: yoga masters

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