Red Jasper is a gemstone of many historical ties and meanings that are believed to hold powerful spiritual and physical protection. The red jasper stone, in ancient Egypt, was associated with the fertility of Mother Isis.

Moreover, Native Americans accepted that red jasper stone was the blood of this Mother Earth. Many people also believe that the Red Jasper stone helps to drive away bad spirits, bring about rain, and even protect against spider & snake bites!

There are several types of Jasper stones available other than Red Jasper stone such as Biggs Jasper, Heliotrope (Bloodstone), Brecciated Jasper, Dalmatian Jasper, Black Jasper, Green Jasper, Yellow Jasper, Imperial Jasper, Kambaba Jasper, Mookaite Jasper, Morrisonite, Poppy Jasper, Ocean Jasper, Picture Jasper, Zebra Jasper, etc.

Today it’s familiar as a lucky charm stone and is preferred for red Jasper’s healing properties, and physical and spiritual energy, just like its stunning red coloring. Here let’s know all about this charming type of Jasper crystal, from its meaning, symbolism uses, and benefits, to how much this type of Jasper stone is worth having.

What Does It Mean By Red Jasper Stone?

Red Jasper stone is a form of the Chalcedony (a form of the quartz family). This means that red jasper is present everywhere in the world since quartz is among the most naturally occurring mineral available in the crust of Earth.

There’s almost nowhere on this Earth where you won’t find Jasper. The best deposits now include those in Russia, India, Egypt, and also the southwestern US.

Quartz is famous for its energy-enhancing and purifying properties, but the Red Jasper stone comes with fiery, powerful energy in it.

Red Jasper stone has been stated to protect from misfortune (mostly misfortune of a mystical sort), stimulate energy, and also represent strong faith in a religion or cause.

Its popularity extended from Rome and Ancient Greece to Christian Europe, where it turned into a famous religious stone.

As soon as you pair the red jasper with Bloodstone, it symbolizes the blood of Christ. Nowadays, Red Jasper stone is as famous as ever as well as is widely known and relatively affordable.

In case you seek an energizing and protective amulet, the Red Jasper stone is among your best choices and will help you well for several years to come, since it has helped people throughout history.

Overview Of Red Jasper Stones

This’s a rare gemstone. It’s found in many colors. It has both stripes and spots. All types of jasper have immunity to fight against diseases.

By wearing it, the seven chakras of the body remain balanced. Along with this, the ability to speak in a particular person is also developed.

This stone is used to increase and get the auspiciousness of the planet Sun. This gem is used as a semi-precious stone. If the person is not able to take the ruby ​​stone, then in that case he can use the red jasper, a gem of ruby. The use of sub-gems is also said to be as effective as the main gems.

Red Jasper stone is a highly praised ancient gemstone seen in various colors and shapes. It’s among the standard birthstones of individuals born in March.

This is understood as the ‘supreme nurturer since it supports through periods of stress obtaining tranquility to the person wearing the stone and providing self-confidence to handle their issues.

It also helps in counterbalancing the yin & yang in your body. It’s even a support stone throughout prolonged diseases as it re-energizes your body.

Stone Name

Red Jasper

Stone Color

Red jasper stone mostly comes in a rusty red color.

Stone Specifics

The Supreme Nurturer
Stone of Stability
Stone of Emotional Stability


Revitalize, Energy, Stability, Unity, and Honesty

Properties Of The Red Jasper Stone

Red Jasper stone promotes wholeness and tranquility. This healing stone sustains as well as supports you throughout stressful times, then encourages a relationship between you & the earth. These stone grounds as well as assist you in new beginnings and unifies all elements of life.

The Red Jasper stone can assist you to feel safe & secure in your physical selves that you dare to explore fully your spiritual selves. It can also help heal suffering feelings of guilt or shame, and break out of a “prey” mentality.

Red Jasper stone helps you to face the fear of failure and fear of success. It reminds you to help others as much as possible. Red Jasper stone encourages honesty as well as living honorably and drives away negative energy from your life.

Magical Powers Of Red Jasper Stones

  • Adds energy to our life force (just like adrenaline)
  • Can help with dream memory and also analysis
  • Helpful in difficult pregnancies
  • Teaches you to save yourselves and also to make better choices in life
  • Encourages you to be true to yourselves as well as be your authentic selves
  • Inspires a positive optimistic attitude

Zodiac Signs Who Can Wear Red Jasper Stone

Aries, Leo, Scorpio


Root chakra or Base chakra (Sacral)




Red Jasper stone is found in India, Russia, Canada, Australia, Czech Republic, Hungary, England, Italy, Mexico, Namibia, Scotland, South Africa, Slovakia, and the United States. This wonderful stone is found all over the world.

Mohs Hardness


Types of Red Jasper

  • Tumbled Red Jasper
  • Raw Red Jasper
  • Natural Red Jasper
  • Polished Red Jasper

Does Red Jasper Have Any Particular Meaning?

Although there is no particular meaning to this stone, however, a few people accept red jasper stone allows you to act on your desires, behaving like a blast of adrenaline for the root chakra’s power.

It is thought to encourage a more positive, joyful attitude by waking up as well as energizing your body parts that are sluggish and inactive. With Red Jasper’s help, you will find the motivation, energy, and inspiration to reach your maximum potential.

This red jasper stone’s linked metaphysical properties mean the evolution of the earth’s natural landscape is over the millennia. Thus, it reminds us that this planet is way more than just sand and dirt, as well as is our planet is life itself.

Also, it reflects the deep wisdom of nature as well as its eternal power to adapt & change as required. This’s why it is believed to be a great stone as soon as it comes to handling times of stress.

Red Jasper Meaning & Symbolism

Due to its outstanding natural artistry, the Red Jasper stone is sometimes referred to as a “Supreme Nurturer”.

It is categorized as a fundamental Earth stone as well as it is believed to have harmonious, warm energy that reverberates with our elementary selves.

In ancient times, Red Jasper gemstones used to worn by kings, shamans, and priests from numerous cultures due to the properties these stones are stated to have.

It is a component of the “Supreme Nurturer” symbolism that helps drop the aura of the wearer, it delivers comfort, security, and stability, and also comes with healing and strength properties. The presence of Red Jasper stone in your aura is implied to add peace, balance, and also wholeness.

The Red Jasper gemstone in Christianity is thought to be the stone on which apostle Peter may build his Church.

Also in other faiths, Red Jasper gemstones were sculpted and engraved with signs from the book of the dead ( Egyptian) and buried with mummified remains of people to provide them safe passage to the afterlife.

On the other hand, in Judaism, the Red Jasper gemstone was the 12th stone of the Jewish High Priest in the Breastplate.

Red Jasper Healing Properties & Benefits

Red Jasper is an extremely nurturing gemstone that closely comes tied to Mother Earth, and has long been helping all those who prefer to welcome this luminous burning red gemstone into their life.

Fetching about a feeling of balance in your physical and emotional wellbeing, here are all the fiery and bright properties, and Red Jasper benefits you will get when you wear them…

Red Jasper Physical Properties

Red Jasper stone is a favorably one of protective gemstones known for protecting against all types of threats. Its healing properties help strengthen your immune system to fight any illnesses while stabilizing and balancing your energy.

It is also excellent for cleansing your etheric body, supporting you well balanced physically and also in harmony!

In case you are physically active, Red Jasper helps you to generate muscle tissue, helping both the circulatory and respiratory systems. The stone also helps stimulate awareness and enables you to recall your dreams.

It’s suitable for persons recovering from a long illness, assisting to control the metabolic powers of the body as well as bringing them back to their best state more speedily.

Metaphysical Properties

Red Jasper stone is attached to the root chakras and thus it holds powerful protective properties. This helps you to feel grounded and comes with an uncanny power to stir up your life force.

This process is done by shaking fixed energy out of your energy points – the Sacral Chakra or Root Chakra to your Heart Chakra.

Thus, together with boosting your life force power, the Red Jasper stone is also famous for boosting your kundalini Chakra.

The kundalini Chakra can lead to spirals up through your body as well as causing deep spiritual awakenings.

Emotional & Mental Healing Properties

Red Jasper stone, also familiar as “The Endurance Stone”, allows you to keep your strength and focus regardless of the task you’re doing, particularly during times of stress.

It’s an excellent means for using as a vital element during your meditation as besides inviting endurance in tough situations it comes with strong spiritual effects too.

In case you’re crawling out of any chaotic time in life, then the Red Jasper stone can be utilized as a part of the sacred healing process.

It is a gemstone that’s deeply associated with the bases and tethers you to the earth, offering you the power to stand firm as you renew as well as revitalize your soul.

When you feel like going through a little on the unemotional side in your life, struggling to sparkle creativity and bring out your inner blaze of self-confidence, then the stone can help you to raise your passion and attachment levels.

We need an attachment to living fulfilling lives and the Red Jasper stone can reignite the sparkle in your life as well as offer your emotional stability.

Zodiac Birthstone

Among all the Zodiac signs, the Red Jasper stone works best for Virgo, Leo, and Scorpios. Leo comes as no astonishment with its red-hot howl and the lion’s energy.

A vivacious Leo person will receive maximum help from this stone. It is best for Leo because Leos are always willing to fill their life with affection– thus, the Red Jasper stone makes for the ideal match.

Red Jasper stone is even the birthstone for the Aries people. It fits Aries people like a glove, they’re both pioneers and warriors who are not afraid to handle all barriers set in their way.

Other Special Red Jasper Benefits

Here are a few other benefits of wearing or using the Red Jasper stone. Let’s have a look at the list of benefits of wearing or using the Red Jasper stones.

For Balancing Energy

Red Jasper boosts positive energies and acts while driving the negative energies away. It is incredible for maintaining a well-balanced feeling around you and within you.

This also removes the bile duct blockages to balance your energy as well as boost emotional stamina.

For Color Energy

The Red Jasper stone has a beautiful rich red color that boosts willpower and motivation. Red is familiar to be a color of boldness and strength, blood and fire.

Dark red crystals, for example, ruby, offer intense, lasting, deep, and durable emotional energy. Delinquent to most theologies, the red color is masculine.

Since its essence is suitable for passion, it is suggested for those people who wish to increase their passion and see the more in-depth side of things.

For Chakra Healing

It is perfect for healing, balancing, and cleansing all your chakras. Nevertheless, its main stress is the foremost base or root chakra. This stone helps to remove all the negative energies you sometimes experience, including emotional stress, worry, confusion, and anxiety, making it an ideal stone for disturbed people.

For More Wealth

Red Jasper has a color of courage, boldness, strength, and willpower, it assists in finances. It is a tremendous confidence builder too. Thus, this stone helps you in getting success in every field with confidence.

There is an explanation for why it’s a typical choice among the most successful entrepreneurs. This stone helps in revenue generation to let you have financial liberty.

Jewelry made out of Red Jasper gives you the power to stay systematized and solve issues, allowing you to turn the problem around and lift your economic burden of debt into an endless flow of abundance.

In case you aim for that raise, promotion, big client, or new business, the Red Jasper stone is one gemstone that can support you.

For Spiritual Energy

This gemstone is ideal for those people who are interested in spiritual quests, for example, communicative dreams or astral projections.

As soon as there is an inequality in your spiritual powers, you are going to feel detached from reality as well as distant from your place.

The Red Jasper stone restores balance, letting your physical body regain the stamina and strength it has lost. This means your spiritual power is restored in the form of protection. These are strong stones that let you sense your energy.

With the use of the Red Jasper gemstone, you will find yourself on the way to independence, and it will make you an ideal fit for unexpected leadership.

For Love And Relationships

In terms of love & relationships, the Red Jasper stone knows no limit in the advantages it offers. We have mentioned earlier that wearing Red Jasper stones allow you to boost your passion.

Thus, in case you feel as if your romantic stamina in the bedroom is falling, you can wear the Red Jasper stone to spice up things a little bit.

It offers a strong impact on your libido, and thus, can be utilized to improve potency and fertility too.

This boost even applies to spiritual relations for example familial relations and friendships. Certainly, its effects are not only restricted to romantic counterparts.

The Red Jasper stone’s healing properties protect both physical & emotional elements. It offers people in your neighborhood a deeper sense of what it represents to be in close relationships.

Where Does Red Jasper Come From?

The Red Jasper gemstone comes from several places all over the world, including India, Brazil, Germany,  France, the United States, and Russia.

You can see these stones in the veins and cracks of volcanic rocks! This means that the construction of Red Jasper stone gets restricted to the cracks & veins oozed by solutions containing water.

Such stones are often found in igneous rocks, along with the cracks they fill out often forming during the tectonic activity.

Since these activities go on for so prolonged, the cracks open again, shattering the red jasper and sealing the veins. This’s how brecciated Red Jasper gets formed. Iron oxide and embedded haematite cause the gemstone’s profound red color.

Although Red Jasper is a common and inexpensive gemstone now, it was highly valuable once. Red Jasper gemstone dates back to the 4th or 5th millennium BC as well as can be discovered referred to in the Holy Bible.

This gemstone was highly utilized in Medieval. Along with delivering a bond to God, Red Jasper was believed to heal those maintained by the demonic power. In the 4th century, wearing Green Jasper was believed to bring rain as well as cure snakebite effects.

A few of the most antique stone equipment were made from the quartz group, including Red Jasper. Red Jasper tools are such as axes, scrapers,  stone drills, arrowheads, and knives.

What Chakra Is Red Jasper Good For?

Echoing the stunning colors of life on this planet earth, the red jasper gemstone ties to the base or root chakra.

This precise chakra found at the base of your spine is conveyed to anchor you to the ground as well as help you stay stable.

It’s truly the foundation of your spiritual and physical energy as well as is accountable for your feelings of security.

Because it supplies energy to all our other chakras, in case it got blocked or it is out of control, your other chakras might be out of synchronization too.

How To Tell If Jasper Is Real

Real Red Jasper is an approvingly desirable stone. This stone is equivalent to fluorite and quartz, and a real jasper can be of any color.

Nevertheless, in discrepancy to one of the most general minerals, genuine jasper is symbolized in multiple patterns. A real jasper stone’s structures can correspond to even to natural landscapes.

These varied patterns of jasper stone make the stone truly exceptional as well as highly applauded by mineral collectors.

A real jasper gemstone is a quite hard stone (7 on the Mohs scale). Thus, the stone can’t be scratched easily by a knife or a piece of glass. All the duplicates are largely softer as compared to real red jasper gemstone.

Another noteworthy characteristic of real red jasper stone is its mysteriousness. Light can’t pass through a consolidated structure of real red jasper stone.

Jasper stone is a quite common material for cameos, beads, seals, vases, and also snuff boxes. Real rough jasper stones are mostly polished or cut into cabochons. It’s usually sculpted into cameos, that can be modeled as pendants.

Occasionally the red jasper stone is enough to polish to reveal its magnificence. Impurities in real jasper may cause a wide range of banding marks in the stone.

A real jasper’s color is explained by multiple mineral pollutants, which activate different colors. Mineral grades other than chalcedony and quartz, causing additional types of coloration in jaspers (after  Putolova, Yakovleva,1971) are next:

  • Black Jasper— Mn-oxides, Magnetite
  • Gray Jasper — К-feldspar, Albite, Sericite
  • Red, pink Jasper— garnet, hematite
  • Brown Jasper — Hematite, Goethite
  • Yellow Jasper—  goethite
  • Green Jasper— pumpellyite, chlorite, epidote, clinozoisite, actinolite, celadonite
  • Blue, violet Jasper — glaucophane-riebeckite, magnetite, hematite.

How Does Real Jasper Look Like?

Real red jasper stone will surely capture you by its eye-catchy color and fascinating design.

Here are a few factors for identifying natural red jasper for you. Let’s have a look at the list of factors below…

Design Of Real Jasper

If it is a real jasper then you can identify it by looking at its patterns. The patterns of real jasper are quite different from others. They can be a sequence of overlapping elliptical shapes set in a circular format, multi-colored, brecciated, veined, banded, or orbicular.

Color Of The Real Jasper

Real jasper stone occurs in virtually any possible color (maximum red hues), besides unnatural bright ones (bright yellow, acid purple, and blue).

Hardness Of The Real Jasper

A real jasper stone is hard enough. Since the Jasper stone is made using tiny quartz grains, it has the equivalent hardness (which is 7 on the Mohs scale).

Are There Enhanced or Imitation Jasper Gemstones?

Jasper gemstones are not enhanced purposefully as often as other stones are. The primary style of enhancement of Jasper stone you can envision is for the crystal to be dyed.

It can be performed either to get a specific artistic result, to enhance the tone of the body, or to replicate a different style of the gemstone.

Red Jasper imitations aren’t common as the real stone is quite easily available and affordable. Nevertheless, you may get glass or plastic imitations, so be careful about that.

Check carefully with your dealer as to the source of the stone and buy from a reputed store always.

Red Jasper Jewelry Care & Maintenance

Here are a few tips to care for and maintain your Red Jasper gemstone that will make sure your stone looks like a new one for several years to come:

What To Do

  • Store your Red Jasper gemstone in a different box away from other gemstones
  • Clean the stone using a soapy, warm water mixture using a brush or a soft cloth

What Not To Do

  • Don’t expose the gemstone to heat for a long time
  • Do not even soak the Jasper stone
  • Don’t use any kind of mechanical cleaners for example steam cleaners or ultrasonic cleaners
  • Do not use chemicals or harsh soap for cleaning

What Are The Red Jasper Stone Alternatives

Jasper stone is a chalcedony stone, so several other gemstones from this family will perform similarly. These stones consist of:

  • Black onyx stone
  • Agate stone
  • Sardonyx stone
  • Carnelian stone

In case you wish to have Jasper gemstone for its charm and beauty instead of for its healing properties and benefits, then you may be capable of finding gemstones that are stained to look just like Red Jasper stones.

Bottom Line

We aren’t doctors and we’re thus, not able to offer you medical advice. Healing stones must be used as a supplement to other treatments and not as a substitute for your medical check-up, treatment, or diagnosis. For medical guidance, please confer with a licensed specialist.

Just because a stone or crystal is believed to have healing properties and benefits, either mental, physical, spiritual, or emotional, it doesn’t mean that you will certainly benefit, or experience, any such effects.

Any info you obtain, whether written, orally, or electronically, connecting to stones and crystals should be done side by side with your needed medicinal therapy.

The use of crystals or gemstones as a wellness treatment is among personal preferences. While crystals/gemstones have been utilized historically, to reduce or control symptoms, the objects we recommend here, offer no assurance of results.


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