What really happens after death? This question has haunted mankind since man first started to wonder what was after death. Many religions claim to know the answer, but what about those who don’t believe in the Holy book, Jesus Christ, or the hope of eternity?

People usually turn to their religious beliefs when they are scared of what happens after death; no matter what religion you follow, there is always someone who can tell you what it states will happen after death.

Is There Life After Death?

People die – every one of us is certain of that. We’d all stopover in a funeral home at some point. That’s ridiculous. You don’t realize how little personality a person has until you see their dead body. The physical corpse will decay, but the mental condition will be maintained by good karma’s power and the spirit world.

The Concept of Souls

Concept of Souls

Low-intensity stimulation is required to switch a newborn from active to passive mode. If a karmic system is becoming exhausted after executing a specific procedure, the body may quickly and easily locate another body. When a guy has completed his karmic debts and paid evil deeds for this lifetime, he dies the same way. This human being might eventually meet another body.

What Happens When You Are Deceased?

When a person dies, the energy that was animating what we know as “their body” is no longer there. You can watch what happens when you break an object like a window, for instance; what had been held together with tension suddenly shatters. The same thing happens to animate objects when their karmic power is removed. The particles move so quickly that what appears to be a solid object becomes rendered as fluid.

When the human body dies, tissues and organs begin to break down in this way immediately after death. The skin on the affected individual’s head turns a pale yellow-green, owing to discolored blood cells spilling out of damaged vessels and falling into the capillaries and small veins.

What Happens to Your Physical Body Temperature When You Die?

After the baby has been feeding for a while, its body temperature begins to drop. It then adapts to its surroundings before temperatures begin to fall. After that, rigor mortis (“the stiffness of death”) – “the stiffness of death” – sets in, beginning in the eyelids, jaw, and neck muscles and working its way into

In many traditions, it is believed what we think of as “matter” is actually static energy, and what we think of as unbendable space is actually vibrating energy. Snap your fingers right now. Do you see the white bright light coming from your finger? That’s what happens to humans when they die.

The Process of Death

The process of death is governed by what we on earth know as “the law of conservation of matter and energy”. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only changed. When you break an object or kill another person, the mental state called karma associated with that action will return to you sometime in the future.

The same action which you performed, repeated under the same circumstances with what we call “identical conditions”, will return to you as what we call “results”. Every human being has what is called a “karmic burden”, and this karmic weight is what causes death.

The five basic elements that make up human beings (earth, water, fire, wind, and space) return to what we call “the natural intermediate state of being” after death. The atoms remaining on earth will form the body of what we know as another living creature. People who think they’re “reincarnated” are actually what is known as “fused”.

Usually what we consider to be “mortal remains” would become what we call “cremated”, and what is left behind will be what we know as “ashes”. There really aren’t remains. These ashes contain what we think of as carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and calcium atoms which were once a person’s physical body.

About Heaven and Hell

Process of Death

Heaven is what you might think of as a very pleasurable dream. Hell is what you might think of as an extremely painful nightmare. When darkness falls upon the spirit world, people wake up from their sleep in what we can only imagine being pain or pleasure, depending on what they’ve done.

And what is heaven? Heaven is what happens when you repent what you have done in your earthly life for what we call “the sake of the gods”. Hell is what happens when you don’t repent during what we call “a life review”.

How Long Does it Take to Awaken After Death?

Death can be really quite quick. When an infant is born, what we call “its karmic system” needs time to develop what we call “a fully functional set of faculties”. It takes about what we’d call “five months” before it can what we call “fully awaken”. If the baby dies before that point, what happens to its consciousness what we call “depends what you’d think of as.

Near-Death Experiences and Meeting Jesus Christ in the Afterlife

“A little boy’s body was lying on what had been his bed. I hurried over to him, knelt beside the bed, lifted what had been my son in my arms, and rocked him back and forth, back and forth… And then suddenly I was looking down into that beautiful little face again. It wasn’t a hallucination or a dream. It was real. The body was gone, but what had animated it and what we call “life” was still there.” – Elisabeth Kubler-Ross on what happens after death

A man describes what he saw when he died on the operating table: “I left my body… and watched them cut me open like I was on the ceiling… I didn’t feel anything.” When he awoke, the surgery was over.

“I had what you might call an out-of-body experience. All of a sudden my spirit or soul or whatever you want to call it just came right out of me and went up through the roof.” – what happens after death

“All of a sudden what we call “the scenery changed.” I felt what you might think of as “warm all over,” and what happened next was what we’d call “yet another surprise.” What had been dark suddenly became light, what had been what we call “solid” turned into what we know as “indescribable beauty “. I saw what we call “a city all set on a hilltop.” The buildings were what we would think of as “crystal clear, but without glass.” They what we consider to be “glowed with their own light.” If you can imagine what it’s like during what we know as “the best times in life”, that’s what I saw. – what happens after death

“The sense of what we think of as “time” had vanished… what happened was something that we consider to be “beyond time.” There were occasional “flashes of light”…”- what happens after death

Some people have claimed to have met God and Jesus Christ in the celestial kingdom. There are others who have died for several hours and testify to having been fetched by two angels.

What A Person Remembers About The Moment They Die

We each have what we would call “our own spiritual world“. If what happened after death is what we’d think of as “good”, then the person would be happy in what we consider to be their “spiritual homeland”. If what happened to them was what we’d call “bad,” they might wander around what could be called an “earthly city or village.”

People who have what we consider an “after death experience” often what we’d call “remember what happened to them”. If the person what we think of as “dies peacefully”, they will what you might know as “see a light and begin to head towards it.” But if the person what we would think of as “suffering what we’d call a painful, tragic death”, they would what we consider to be “see what we think of as the most terrifying thing that possible.”

Sleeping Until the Final Judgment? How Different Cultures and Religions View Death

In some cultures, what we think of as “believe what happens after death” is what we would be what you might call the “final judgment.” These people what we know as “claim to see what happens after they die, but some believe that what’s seen is only a part of the whole story”… While others are not sure what to what we’d call “believe what happens when they die.”

Other what people what think of as ‘religious’ what are what would be called the believers in reincarnation. After you what may know as ‘die’, if what’s seen is considered to be an “incarnation” or a “resurrection” or a “rebirth,” then the person what we know as “goes through what we consider to be another cycle.”

Other what people what are what would be what you might call the believers in what was called ‘soul sleep’ believe that what happens after what is considered to be “death” is what we’d think of as “nothingness.” The person feels nothing, knows nothing.

Preparing Your Soul for the So-Called Afterlife

What Happens After Death Philosophy

People “prepare for what happens after death” in different ways. Some people would think of being ‘religious’ as the best way or having a “good life,” while others turn to “seek guidance from what is considered Buddha, Allah, God…”

However, what we’d think of as “call the average person” or having “no religious affiliation” is what you might call a “spiritual person.”

What happens after death may have nothing to do with religion. What would be known as the so-called “true spiritual” is to be “unafraid of what happens when we die.”