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Address: 14618 Tyler Foote Rd., Nevada City, CA 95959
Phone/Fax: 530-478-7560
Yoga Style: Kriya Yoga
Description: Ananda is a worldwide movement based on the teachings of
Paramhansa Yogananda. It includes communities, teaching
centers, the Ananda Course in Self-Realization, and more.

The Ananda Course teaches Yogananda’s path of Kriya Yoga.
Ananda was founded in 1968 by Kriyananda,
a direct disciple of Yogananda.


Address: 13150 Highway 9, Boulder Creek CA 95006
Phone/Fax: 831-338-2103 or 338-9850
Yoga Style: Kriya Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga
Description: Director: Doug Andrews
My wife, Brenda, and I lead an Ananda Center here in the redwoods of the Santa
Cruz Mountains. We share the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda within the framework
of Ananda with our community.  I teach the Ananda style of  Hatha yoga…..six
classes each week. In addition we offer courses in meditation as well as preparation
for Kriya Yoga initiation. Our center hosts a weekly meditation group as well as
kirtans and regular workshops on various aspects of yoga teachings such as Vedic astrology
and the Chakras.


Address: 673 N. PALM CANYON DR, PALM SPRINGS, CA, 92262, USA
Phone/Fax: 760-327-0094
Yoga Style: Hatha, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Integral
Description: A Yoga Center offering classes in Stretch, Hatha,
Integral Hatha, Ashtanga, and Kundalini.


Phone/Fax: 650-947-9642
Yoga Style: Iyengar Hatha Yoga
Description: The California Yoga Center is dedicated to offering hatha
yoga instruction in the tradition of B.K.S. Iyengar, author of Light on Yoga. CYC
classes and workshops are designed for students of all ages and levels.  This style
of yoga cultivates strength endurance, flexibility and relaxation. We offer yoga
classes, meditation and yoga workshops and retreats.
Directors: Ann Merlo, Elise Miller, Ruth Owen, Julia Roberts, Lisa Brill Robinson. The
California Yog Center CYC is located in the San Antonio Center at El Camino  Real and

San Antonio Road in Mountain View. 
We are next to the rear entrance to Sears, just down from
Star Rockets Cafe and next to GNC.


Castro Yoga
Address: 4450 18th Street, San Francisco, CA 94114
Phone/Fax: 415-552-9644
Yoga Style: Iyengar, Ashtanga
Description: Over 45 classes each week in traditions of BKS Iyengar,
Ashtanga (P. Jois), Ananda, general hatha class, medition, workshops. Weekly Introduction
to Yoga on Sunday afternoons.


Address: 1220 Pear Avenue, Suite I, Mountain View, CA 94041
Phone/Fax: (650)967-6414
Yoga Style: Traditional Hatha Yoga
Description: "Founded on the principles of health and fitness,
Center of Balance brings together the practice of yoga,
The Method (based on the principles of Pilates),

Meridian/Resistance stretching, and therapeutic massage,
offering a unique mix of training approaches for people

who want to lead healthier and more vibrant lives."


Address: PO Box 14584, San Francisco, CA 94114-0584
Phone/Fax: (415) 807-3947
Yoga Style: Kripalu


Address: San Jose, CA
Phone/Fax: (408)265-5663
Yoga Style: Hatha Iyengar
Description: Beginner’s, prenatal, postnatal, restoratives, and
"flow" classes and workshops throughout the San Jose/Mt. View/Morgan Hill area.
Please call or e-mail for more information.


Eric Small Yoga Program
Address: 17 Locations throughout 5 counties, Los Angeles, 90064
Phone/Fax: Phone: 310 479-4456
          Fax: 310 479-4436
Yoga Style: Hatha-Iyengar
Description: Program especially designed for individuals living with
Ideal for individuals with limited mobility and suitable for all

mobility and ability levels.


Address: PO Box 825, Larkspur, CA 94977
Phone/Fax: 415-256-8322
Yoga Style: Hatha Yoga, Meditation
Description: Professional Stress Management.
We offer custom-designed work-site wellness programs that teach mind-body tools and
techniques to reduce stress. 

Types of programs include: Stress/Energy Management Training, Wellness Retreats, and
Corporate Yoga and Meditation Classes.


Integral Yoga Institute
Address: 770 Dolores Street (at 21st St.), San Francisco, CA 94110
Phone/Fax: Phone: 415 821-1117
         Fax: 415 821-9035
Yoga Style: Integral Yoga, Hatha,
Bhakti, Jnana, Karma
Description: Integral Yoga services according to
Sri Swami Satchidananda:


Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco
Address: 2404  27th Avenue, San
Francisco, CA 94116
Phone/Fax: 415-753-0909
Yoga Style: Iyengar, Traditional Hatha
Description: We have 23 years’ experience
teaching people how to calm their minds, relieve stress and keep themselves healthy. 

Our highly skilled teachers will teach you how to use the Iyengar method of hatha
yoga postures to see the deeper side of yourself. Our institute also offers a two-year
Advanced Study certification program.


Address: 12 School St. Section E, Fairfax, CA, 94930
Phone/Fax: Phone: 415-459-7817
           Fax: 415-459-7817
Yoga Style: Iyengar, Hatha, Ashtanga
Description: The Laughing Mama Studio is a Multicultural Center for
the expressive, Moving & Healing arts. Situated in Fairfax, on sacred land, our
beautiful sun lit studio with suspended red oak wood floor and garden court yard with
waterfall, creates a special healing environment for self exploration, with a variety of
programs on dance, yoga, theatre, martial arts & meditation.


Address: P.O. Box 613, San Ramon, CA 94583
Yoga Style: Bhakti Yoga
Description: Healing, Initiation, Love


Address: Los Altos, California / Palo Alto, California
Yoga Style: Hatha Yoga (Iyengar style)
Description: Director: Leslie Sims
Classes, Teacher training, Books, Videos, and other services.
One yoga, many styles.  Moving the energy with the breath in postural alignment is
key to optimum health and athletic performance.


Address: 518 Pier Avenue (2nd floor), Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
Phone/Fax: Ph# (310)376-5354     Fax#
Yoga Style: Hatha Yoga Traditional
Description: Owner/Founder: Leeann Carey
Planet Yoga offers a unique environment in which to explore breath, movement, and self
discovery through the classical Hatha Yoga traditions and techniques. In our classes we
give hands-on, personal attention to our students. This sets us apart from other schools
who pack more students into a class than a single teacher can handle. We offer workshops
taught by visiting international teachers, an in-depth 6 week teacher
training/certification, and an annual retreat.
All Planet Yoga teachers hold certifications through various Hatha Yoga certification
programs and are chosen for their high level of knowledge of body mechanics, sensitive
nature, and commitment to their own personal practice. In short, we at Planet Yoga are
here for the spirit, practice, and life of Yoga.


Address: 1379 – 28th Avenue, San Francisco, CA  94122
Phone/Fax: Tel:  415-665-8560     
Fax:  415-661-9642
Yoga Style: Iyengar Yoga
Description: International Iyengar Yoga Workshops  
Weekly classes in SF Bay area  Exploring Yoga & Sound


San Diego Yoga
Address: 4134 Napier Street, San Diego, CA 92110
Phone/Fax: 619-276-8766
Yoga Style: Hatha Iyengar
Description: San Diego Yoga Studio has six certified Iyengar Yoga
Instructors, the co-owner has two levels of certification. 

The studio has a fun and positive atmosphere. The instructor’s passion and
devotion to Iyengar yoga comes through in their teaching. San Diego Yoga Studio
offers classes for all levels. 

Classes are 1.5 hours, except for advanced classes which are 2hours. Check out
our website for more information. 


Address: 412 Cedar Street, Mt. Shasta, CA 96067
Phone/Fax: 530-926-3332
Yoga Style: Agni Yoga, Tantric Yoga, Buddhism, Sikhism
Description: Founders: Karen and Mark Sullivan
School of Agni Yoga offers teachings and training in Agni Yoga, a modern, integrative path
drawing on inspiration from a wide variety of sources.
Essentially a tantric yoga, Agni Yoga also integrates insights and practices from
Buddhism, Sikhism, Esoteric Christianity and numerous other traditions. Teachings are
available through workshops, classes, individual consultations and instruction, audio
tapes and literature.


Address: 3880 San Rafael Avenue, Los Angeles, California
90065, U.S.A.
Phone/Fax: Phone: 213-225-2471     
Fax: 213-225-5088
Yoga Style: Kriya Yoga
Description: Founded by Paramahansa Yogananda; President
Daya Mata
Correspondence courses, Initiations, Retreats, Books, and other supplies.


Baptiste Freeman
Address: Gold’s Gym, 10
Fifer Drive, Corte Madera, CA
Phone/Fax: 415-924-4653
Yoga Style: Hatha Yoga Traditional
Description: The Baptiste Method of Yoga, including daily movement in
asanas [hatha postures], pranayama [breath], meditation [guided], hikes [gentle], rest,
periods of silence, and a fresh and healthy diet. Born into a lineage of master yoga
teachers, daughter of Magana and Walt Baptiste. Sherri is at the forefront of yoga
training and education in America. She integrates and brings alive the great Eastern
spiritual teachings with down-to-earth tools and accessible wisdom for every day living.
Classes, products, workshops, retreats and yoga vacations.


Address: 5950 Highway 128, Napa, CA 94558, USA
Phone/Fax: Phone/Fax: 707-966-2802
Yoga Style: Raja Yoga
Description: Teachings by: Shree Maa and Swami Satyananda Saraswati
Courses, Initiations, Books, and other supplies.


The Diablo Yoga Center
Address: 125 A Town & Country Drive,
Danville, CA 94526 
Phone/Fax: 925-838-7878
Yoga Style: Hatha Traditional


Address: 2872 Folsom Street (a beautiful tree lined block between
24th & 25th), San Francisco, CA, 01970, USA
Phone/Fax: 415-285-5537
Web: coming soon :)
Yoga Style: We’ve got several great traditions of yoga
Description:   A genuine ashram atmosphere with great yoga and
meditation spaces. First founded in 1972 by the venerable Sri Brahmananda Sarasvati (R.
Mishra M.D.) – Sanskrit Scholar, neurosurgeon, and phenomenal teacher and story teller.
  One of the key features of our process here is the Monday through Friday evening
agni hotri (fire ceremony). An opportunity for chanting, meditation, and community.
  Another pillar of our practices is the study of the ancient sanskrit language, and
we periodic short courses – perfect for beginners, and advanced classes for adepts.
  Drop by most any time for a visit, or simply contact us for a schedule of classes
and events. Our new email contact list is building now, and we’d love to have you on that
list too.


Address: 8 Mariposa Avenue, San Anselmo, CA   94960
Phone/Fax: 415-460-1232
Yoga Style: Kripalu Hatha Yoga
Description: Join us for heart-centered, intimate classes in Kripalu
Hatha Yoga, Feldenkrais Movement, Yoga Therapy, and The Yoga of Play. Ask about our
private sessions and yoga-related products, too! 


The Sennin Foundation Center for
Japanese Cultural Arts
Address: 1053 San Pablo Ave. Albany, CA 94706
Phone/Fax: 510-526-7518
Yoga Style: Shin-shin-toitsu-do
Description: We offer classes in the Shin-shin-toitsu-do system of
Japanese yoga, which was founded by Nakamura Tempu Sensei in 1919. Visits are by
appointment and fees are reasonable.


Address: Santa Barbara, CA. USA
Phone/Fax: (805) 898-0023
Yoga Style: Kripalu
Description: Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher
Kripalu yoga is safe, therapeutic, and nourishing to the mind body spirit;
yet is engaging and invigorating. The focus is internal: watching the breath, feeling the
body align into the energy of the posture, holding the posture and moving deeper into the
experience of yoga. We balance this with building strength, balance, flexibility, stamina
and fun. Timothy currently teaches at Gold’s Gym, UCSB, and the Goleta Valley athletic
Timothy is available for private lessons by appointment.


Yoga at Laughing Mama
Address: 12 E School St., Fairfax, CA 94930 USA
Phone/Fax: Voice: 510 548 5424       
Fax: 775 993 5145
Yoga Style: Hatha Yoga Traditional
Description: Teacher: Yogi Donn’e
A soft kinesthetic and energetic style of Hatha Yoga intended to open the body/mind, clean
out the samskaras, vasanas, and latent karmic propensities empowering our dormant deepest
creative healing potential as we link up with creation/creator – act as a living conduit
of love between unborn spirit and embodied being We will explore, discover and connect the
inner and outer ecology as one healing and self empowering interactive dynamic utilizing
breath awareness, asana, bandha, pranayama, mudra, visualization, and meditation.
Yogi Donn’e has studied yoga extensively in the USA and India and has been teaching hatha
yoga for over 25 years. Classes in Marin, Berkeley, and Middletown, California.

Jai Ma!


Address: 1306 Sonora Ave. Glendale, CA 91201
Phone/Fax: 818-265-9833
Yoga Style: Traditional Hatha, Iyengar
Description: Director: Michele Mooney
Yoga Types: Several styles of Hatha including Iyengar and Ashtanga Established: June 1998
Trained and certified instructors present Gentle through Advanced Flow classes in an
intimate studio setting. Prenatal, Yoga for MS, Infant Massage workshops and Thai Yoga
Massage workshops are also offered. Join us.


Address: 3808 Riverside Dr, Suite 101, Burbank, Ca. 91505
Phone/Fax: (818) 566-1166
Yoga Style: Traditional Hatha Yoga
Description: Yoga Body & Spirit is a quiet and charming studio in
Burbank/Toluca Lake. We have two spacious studio rooms, equipped with hardwood floors
and yoga props. We offer daily classes and workshops in various levels and styles of
Hatha Yoga.


Address: 1327 Harmony Court, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362
Phone/Fax: Voice: 805 496-1303     Fax: 805
Yoga Style: Kripalu, Integrative, Iyengar Hatha Yoga
Description: Private sessions and small yoga classes lead by Sandra


Address: 3507 Tully Road, Building F, Suite E-1, Modesto, CA 95356
Phone/Fax: Phone: 209-380-5955    Fax: 209/525-3776
Yoga Style: Kriya, Raja, Hatha, the Baptiste Method
Description: We focus on teaching the five fundamental laws of health
as found in the science of Yoga: Proper breathing, proper eating, proper postures, proper
meditation, proper thinking. Our goal is to assist our clients in reducing their stress,
improving their health and increasing the harmony in their lives. What we teach in class
is taught in such a way as to have practical meaning and application in one’s daily life.


Yoga with Christa Rypins
at Mountain View Zen Center
Address: 461 Castro Street (entrance on Hope Street), Mountain
View, CA, 94042
Phone/Fax: Phone: (650) 964-6540
       Fax: (650) 967-0838
Yoga Style: Hatha Kripalu
Description: Christa is a Kripalu Yoga instructor whose passion is
teaching simple techniques to revive and relax the body.


Address: 3333 Soquel Dr #F, Soquel, CA 95073
Phone/Fax: 831-465-1214
Yoga Style: Hatha Yoga Iyengar
Description: Donnis L Elmore, Dir
Iyengar Yoga classes daily. Yoga props for sale.



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