Only accomplished Yoga Masters (Yoga = Union with God), Saints, Sages and Self-realized persons are genuine sources of
knowledge. While they might not wear a halo, they do know what God is. God, despite of the
widespread childish opinion, is not a person. God is neither a he nor a she. God is
Self-energetic Mass-awareness. All matter is nothing but a condensation of this unlimited
field of energy. Thus, our bodies are made of God’s energy and our awareness is part of
God’s Awareness. But that needs to be realized. All those, who accomplished this
realization, have the necessary qualifications to guide seekers. All other guides and
teachers of the Truth – without any direct knowledge of the Truth – are what the Bible
calls: "the blind leading the blind." Since we are better served to address an
alive person with our questions, this page introduces only "Contemporary Saints,
Sages, and Self-realized persons". The difference between Saints, Sages, and persons
who are Self-realized is not really there once we understand who or what the Self is and
how the Self fits in with this all-pervading field of Awareness we have termed God.

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Sources of Knowledge:

Daya MataRoy E. DavisShree MaaSri KriyanandaMa Yoga Shakti
Mata AmritanandamayiPandit R. Tigunait
Saints of the World –
Anandamayi Ma – Satya Sai Baba
Ramana Maharshi

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Picture of Daya MataDaya Mata (Faye
from Salt Lake City is now president of Self-Realization Fellowship
. SRF was founded by Paramahansa Yogananda who
brought the original Kriya Yoga to the West.

Faye Wright’s monastic name, Daya Mata, means "Mother of
Compassion." Daya also means kindness. Dr. Binay R. Sen, the former Ambassador of
India to the United States and Director of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the
United Nations, stated once: "Those who, like myself, were privileged to
have met Paramahansaji find reflected in Daya Mataji that same spirit of divine love and
compassion that so impressed me on my first visit to the Self-Realization Center almost
forty years ago (Calcutta, October 20, 1990)."

Her book, "Only Love," shows Daya Mata in a deep state of
Samadhi (Holy Communion) on page 152. Yogananda’s "Autobiography of a Yogi" also
shows Daya Mata in deep blissful communion with the Divine.

Contact Self-Realization Fellowship at:
3880 San Rafael Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90065, U.S.A.
Phone: 213-225-2471; Fax: 213-225-5088; WebPage:

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Picture of Roy DavisRoy Eugene Davis
is a direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda and the Spiritual Leader of Center
for Spiritual Awareness (CSA)

He has been teaching and writing books since 1956: Books
by Roy E. Davis

Roy Davis is known for his keen intellect, as are most accomplished Yogis, and he has
complete understanding of all major scriptures, especially the Bhagavad Gita and
Pantanjali’s yoga-sutras.

You can contact Roy Davis at his Center for Spiritual Awareness, Lake Rabun Road,
Lakemont, Georgia, U.S.A.

Phone: 706-782-4723; Fax: 706-782-4560; E-mail:;


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Picture of Shree MaaShree Maa teaches various Yoga disciplines with an emphasis on Bhakti Yoga in the
tradition of the great Ramakrishna Paramahansa.

Please, see her interview in "Awareness – the Center of

The depth of her realization is expressed in her radiant Stillness and
quotes like the following:

"We are all One. May everyone see that we are all
(from Daughters of the Goddess, by Linda Johnsen, Yes
International Publishers).

Contact Shree Maa at Devi Mandir, 5950 Highway 128, Napa, CA 94558;
Phone/Fax:707-966-2802 E-mail:
WebPage of Devi Mandir

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Picture of Ma Yoga ShaktiMa Yoga Shakti is
a teacher, philosopher, and Guru. She has received her M.A. degree in Political Science.
For her educational role in Yoga, which she began as early as 1959, and for demonstrating
the unity of Bhakti, Gyaan, Karma and Radja Yoga, she has received several honorary

It is said that selfless service is Divine Wisdom at work. If that is true it is surely
reflected in Ma Yoga Shakti’s deeds. To her many accomplishments belongs a girls college
she has founded and where she served as the principle for many years.

Contact Ma Yoga Shakti at the YogaShakti Mission Inc. in:

  • New York, 114-41 Lefferts Blvd. S. Ozone Park, NY 11420 Phone: 718-641-0402
  • Palm Bay, 3895 Hield Road N.W., Palm Bay, Florida 32907 Phone: 407-725-4024
  • E-mail:
  • Web:

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Picture of AmmachiMata Amritanandamayi,
also called Ammachi, is from India and has visited the United States on several occasions.
That we are dealing with a genuine Saint becomes clear when we observe the spontaneous
transformation and healing of seekers around her. Ammachi helps us understand that
Self-realization is nothing else but the Realization of God within.

From time to time, Ammachi tours Seattle, San Francisco, Carmel, Los Angeles, Santa Fe,
Dallas, Chicago, New York, and Boston.

To find out if she might some day be at a place close to you, contact her Center in
California: M.A. Center, P.O. Box 613, San Ramon, CA 94583

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Picture of Pandit TigunaitPandit Rajmani Tigunait,
Ph.D. received his higher education from universities in Benares, Allahabad and the
University of Pennsylvania. Pandit Tigunait is a Sanskrit scholar and a disciple of Sri
Swami Rama. He is also an expert in Indian philosophy, author of more than seven major
books, instructor in Ayurveda and Spiritual Director of the Himalayan Institute in
Honesdale, Pennsylvania.

Contact Pandit Tigunait at the Himalayan International Institute of Yoga Science and
Philosophy, RR1, Box 400, Honesdale, PA 18431.
Phone: 1-800-822-4547 E-mail:

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End of Page I
Yoga Masters, Contemporary Saints, Sages, and Self-realized Persons

Anandamayi Ma – Satya Sai Baba – Ramana Maharshi

Great Saints of the World
(Page II)

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New from ZentrumPublishing:

– the Center of Being

A Manual for Self-Awareness with Proof for the
Existence of God.

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Yoga: The systematic path to Self-awareness and knowledge of God.
Jnana Yoga,
Kriya Yoga, Kriya Yoga Tree, Radja Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Bhakti
Mantra YogaYoga and Science ( Scientific Studies of the benefits of
Yoga and Meditation.)

Ramana MaharshiSamadhi ( Savikalpa, Nirvikalpa, and Sahaja Samadhi)
What’s New
(News concerning Yoga and Metaphysics)
Yoga Centers in Canada (States will follow shortly)
Guidelines and Explanation for Spiritual Growth and
Self-awareness  –   Concentration and Meditation – Alternate Nostril Breathing –
Herbs of Interest for Yogis
Gurus and Disciples
From a genuine Guru-Disciple relationship to the
display of cult-like behavior
When yoga masters fail
Shifting our state of
Triggering spiritual insight, revelation,
experience, and change through contemplation of key statements.

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Spiritual Growth
What is Spiritual Growth?  –
 Spirituality:  where to begin?  –  Best Attitude for Spiritual
Growth  – 
Testing for Spirituality – Is there any spiritual comfort for the aged, the
terminally ill, or anyone facing or fearing death?

The fastest Path to God
Religious Concepts revisited
(This page deals with concepts such as the
nature of God, Heaven, devil, hell, reincarnation, purgatory, eternal life, etc.)
The Soul:
Definitions – Beliefs – Proofs
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Saints and Sages
Masters of Yoga:   Saints, Sages, and
Self-realized Persons

(Daya Mata, Shree Maa, Roy Davis, Ma Yoga Shakti,
Ammachi …)

Related pages: Ramana Maharshi – Anandamayi Ma – Satya Sai Baba –
Shankara – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
– Paramahansa Yogananda
Saints of the World

(An extensive listing of the Great Saints of the World: Christian,
Hindu, Sufi, Buddhism…)
Sainthood (Page II): What are
Saints?  –  Brief Descriptions of
Saints (Page III)

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Metaphysics and Yoga: Metaphysics is
to Yoga what Theory is to Practice.
On the Nature of God

Proof for the
Existence of God
(This is
a growing text page. For newer proof go to Awareness)

Self-Knowledge (A short outline, based on Shankara’s treatise, for advanced

Shankara – Vedanta

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Books and Programs
Books and Programs

– The Center of Being

Awareness is a complete guide to
Self-awareness with a unique new proof for the existence of God.
Wellness – The
Program on CD-ROM
This is an extensive Data-bank covering herbal,
homeopathic, nutritional, and other remedies.
Books by Roy
Eugene Davis
Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda

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Links and
Alternative Health Links

List of
Metaphysical Book Stores in Canada
(States will
follow shortly)
Our main
links page

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